GMA LIVE (10.17.13)

Josh, Sam and Lara chat with "The Morning Show" team at Fusion.
18:55 | 10/17/13

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Transcript for GMA LIVE (10.17.13)
Okay. You know IRS saying -- -- now that there's a saying don't say anything extra -- within -- at home. I'm sorry I like yeah. I don't -- on the actor -- I don't sit over there this is the secret this is the secret of just how wonderful you are because you can't. Had to be as glamorous. And is beautiful and as stunning as you are not. And then -- go IQ and -- people like you. And when you are it's just you're clumsy you -- are getting their theory and it's wonderful laugh that -- I don't know that Josh thinks that fat right now. And the World -- It's you can't sit anything extra and I -- very excited I was giving a speech in California this weekend and we actually like pretend like we have no towels and here I got any anybody. I -- -- now with the budget. We cannot afford talent stage I'll take -- project -- You know what this is actually a fitting and we're beginning to go -- -- said the day was insane it's one of those show. -- buckle up. Here -- gal -- -- I love those days -- off the air what you don't see in just. Told him so much chocolate news. In the Big Three to bang -- Hello aren't all out it's like bowling and I could have done much -- -- -- the ball a lot of people asking on Twitter and social media. The purple -- today. Our forensic -- it is -- your spirit day it is fighting LG BT bullying and it's it's a wonderful cost. And excuse to break up the purple and and I and I might add you guys look. Fabulous and again that's -- I don't know if I'm honest I sit here you need to break that -- -- -- -- purple if you Tyler Kanye yeah but penniless and you tie teacher. Clinton's Sam dropping it meandered wanted to thank you for -- -- can tell you -- he was so excited to get on Apple's iPhone we're almost on the bike shorts by -- Smell it. I know you wouldn't you know personalities like left an illegal total either way I don't know you're not wearing a man wearing a bright outfit here. Honestly said you are shameless. And it's decides it's terabyte. You can't take it back on social media -- You know Irish most of all let's not what I can't wait you don't candidates -- parties I can't wait for Sam Champion status updates from the weekend it has become. They don't -- -- please don't ask don't -- -- Sam you have lucky I'm Miami. Our friends from -- infusion Arafat -- and an opulent what I need to close so ask can you not planning love you know. Public events that particularly whites beaten. -- no it's not wrong. All right so actually pretty BJ get -- here. Is this -- yeah I don't know why don't why do you. I challenged my clutching a -- a few percent of its 2% milk is what is this below our magic straws magic starter not to get the -- liquid out. Well. I think you just see you decide to socket could look at. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah. -- is planned. Prejudiced but it's delicious. Yeah. It felt the FDA advisory not clear in the -- -- -- out. Get -- other kids to drink smells exactly and not all of these sugar and calories that that -- coming up you know the authority flavored ones back to the disease sugar free -- No there there is some popular -- I think there's seventeen calories. In the struck him a lasting a lot better results cycling your shorts I cannot minutes of work. You be ready -- that's -- -- -- time. He never again want to get up the bike today. Look at those burning calories you know army elevates this week but I don't diet -- -- -- -- -- national TV -- and burn -- why wouldn't why wouldn't you multitask. Burn calories also it was awesome about this it's awesome that tastes good. Yeah. Okay home. I don't love all of that was not my fault and no later meltdown and now and it's and while Malkin lovely -- when -- crash we've -- -- quickly goes -- and OK and all of the popular yard -- here and his of the trading. You -- and I it's not suggestion it was vintage you're updating vintage pieces yeah I had you know would you -- series of -- of call the princess. -- viewed three great I mean for. I am partial to -- to the -- has sport. What do you mean what do beautifully he did for that try and you can bet she -- the U the Bruins you. -- Annan fans saw no reason why we wanted to do this and that not only I loved your story and it's it's her of Stanley he's an eight everybody's got something like yes I also feel like you've gotten old stronger something that you may not like the Bruins -- -- -- can -- giants fans. You can or you just -- -- draw a unicorn or whenever whenever you may be the idea of anybody Camdessus served as you can go by he's a little -- for nothing you can -- -- now just we want people think outside the box no pun intended -- -- was about it -- your question for her yeah. You are just wanna. I feel like yeah I don't love it I got I don't think every yet what my father would be known since I was ten years old and these memories just irreplaceable little old trunk with the moral -- the browns and where you're going and where Liu exhibit your piece in the basement with the recruitment and alien hybrid. I didn't make it -- ever more now on knowledge and in the days now and I -- -- Sharon demanded that a try and. You're as of as of new -- -- -- I want to ask his last Sunday. Tom Brady doesn't Tom Brady -- in the big poppy does have -- probably doesn't spend what four and a half hours was that the group one of the great four and a half -- transistor density and New England top rate. Actually it would be too -- yeah. -- -- -- -- all of my life right now hold you bring them before higher of course and I am also wrote most of this -- of the -- you know the blossom bombing that teens are doing -- Yeah and everyone just came together as one thing and sports brings it. Sports does bring and it's been Boston it was good on that this at Boston really strong that -- -- -- thank you. And AL is awesome guys and I'm -- -- and our friends from the morning show on fusion. And -- yeah. Yeah. I don't scenario do you I don't know another yeah. Well it's always devastating to a degree were sort of not doing your job is as much a feeling it's Miller very close including a cussing us. -- clear -- -- we always fill Malcolm W and about -- ended June Miami last week in mind he's. And -- telling is that. In front of us thought I had no gym for awhile son went. The suit -- -- in Miami lady and guy working -- really harness he directs you really intensely in this roller. And a good for both sales of -- -- what what was it can we just get a recreate Albert Belle. -- any credible I don't know how to lie then make -- likes him I'm swords the really bad time but I need to introduce myself and you as it. -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah okay. Did you I'm not really not yet but it doesn't look -- -- afternoon. You know homicide. You know -- look at the hard -- Anaheim sweating so whatever it is and -- husband for a light lunch -- tree bark and their clock. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I get -- Vision of the Charlemont and it's a good morning to -- Tell us all about yet and where people can find it won't -- know what to say you guys are confident expiration perhaps because. You have so much fun you really are very good -- and that just comes across the -- you know we're trying to hang out as much as fossil watch a little golden girls with vision on every night before you poster bed. I'm and business. Try to you -- communicate you what -- young person's going through today and in doing he would wait and I'm have to make fun of ourselves as well yeah. We also were only -- -- -- again. I'm very open about my personal life and I feel I didn't even think for yourself because -- -- -- -- seriously I'm not telling you learn everything we'll let the guy. I think it's so true that TV today is different from the old to be an old TV people made up lives they had made -- but you know they were fake on TV they were -- the serious whatever it is. And then they would hide their lives off camera now you get real people doing tell you real information and everybody's going -- -- to get. And to get authentic part -- -- joined the scenes of what it's like to do what television show for example that great shot of a three Abbas -- -- artwork that they've been together for the show. I immediately notice that the graphics people love him to death but they had Photoshop -- -- has shocked -- to have my -- your -- I think yeah nice that I would think think sixteen record of starting the red army. It's -- -- -- Kyra arms you know -- I don't pretend they didn't they can smell thorny problem child and I'm. Exactly at an -- that's what I that is the only thing I would say than anything happened organically processed just the authentic or people see right through -- and I -- count. It and you mind here nobody I -- yeah -- saying yes yeah. I want to talk about how we get together -- how we get along but what that actually breeds is the ability do. To know how that kind of poke at each other that we're not -- -- -- -- -- the real friends of his like okay now like we you know -- -- really -- you know how far from the deli taste. When are you have to. I am reminded -- how -- -- -- there is highly targeted -- If it's true because it's it's that it's the authentic part but you also know where not to go people -- you know what's not funny you know it's not nice and and I think you know being real being funny being nice. Meat is everything right now and in getting information. I mean correct me if I'm wrong I never thought about. Working on. -- -- show but it was you who are able to explore all facets of this job you can talk about serious things didn't even talk about really -- gangs but. Only -- -- realize how artists act accessible way and. I think the world's changed I think this is where people get their information they get it in the morning and not only do they get all the headlines and we wake up and you have him on Twitter you had a mom FaceBook -- the headlines are. You want the talking points for the rest the -- with your friends and you want to know what the opinions are you don't want judgment. -- and -- TV news has changed and people are getting everything. Just a multi. We won't show that the I -- when I started reading about that it's of them for millennial -- four yes. It's for one America's going to be and guess what it is now and what it credit crisis we will be. Now especially that what's the craziest thing that's happened -- -- on camera so far. The criteria. Yeah. I'm. I think all the time. And gone horribly wrong and then reluctantly went out the -- -- -- -- government shut down in quiet. Yeah yeah one word and all -- people just dying -- -- -- but now you know you know we won't candidate. -- -- you can't have everything it is the only yeah -- -- -- -- Although I really think we'll let you -- you -- -- on the show how many actually quit the show all -- I was walking and everybody trying to get through the word and yeah and it's yeah. -- -- a big hit. It's another word for -- -- we -- Nobody and I might -- with -- With the hunt not terminal. I wouldn't be independent when my own yeah. -- -- -- -- -- -- I don't -- -- he -- You know it's it's what you do yeah. Penny you got tired -- which is good brutal. Yes. I don't know I don't like it now minorities like -- in itself it's not exactly why we should move on because I can just see this -- happening every. Everybody -- yeah. It isn't -- and petty finally did these. Can you help me with friends -- -- so we're going to be spared south. That Medicare does -- fast I'm not supposed to say yes I'm not to stand near enough -- -- always -- yeah we're just outside talking. He didn't have something against -- yet perata and yeah down yeah. How to try enchiladas are all Leone not -- there's a lot of dancing down there prepared -- do you ever seen you dance. Nobody have a great arms so I bet I'm going to hire expense are not well graphics card apparently -- -- A film -- Get news and all of it coming -- It's got all we have. -- is feeding us finally learned -- for about time I might add free pizza all everything comes to us usually they'll catch today's play of the day. -- Just this prank vs frank Jesse -- to decide to give free pizza in Philadelphia but whether that was pure -- people. That's. Bruce I want -- Someone with Morgan. It's only funny and actually gave him pizza and yeah I agree it's. Good. Guys thank you then they don't like I don't know what do -- dynamite yeah. Are not we're not animals. I think in his -- -- -- gives you. We just wanted to it's -- good definitely you know I can't -- -- by the time we did I love -- I love the gang. That's that's and we really fun that. And I got a got a big day I love you to death next time just bring us freebie -- but I've got my -- No idea -- that there is no such thing. But -- the ladies in his -- so does this video become a moral and a baseball fanaticism and it has been my. What's wrong what's -- take -- and I couldn't get healthy together with -- defendant defend the take away is where. They'll find you yeah just there's no such thing as -- -- -- -- ask a couple hundred news -- And I I actually looked at that we're for a long wait there. That was a long way to get -- that I love her popular -- -- -- the smallest assuming we got outside and look at it could have got talked and I think about it. -- -- got me very special guest who stopped for a -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah -- himself mr. -- -- man of the you know under the name -- that's on the boy's name though is that really fat. It you know admittedly he's a real but I don't know his name is David hopper and so in my belly or -- -- And it became dollar fine and literally that's he's -- -- now. The idea that's as it usually -- and we don't like Madonna just don't like Madonna. It's not Duff Goldman hosting the Godiva -- we'll show down. The New York City line food festival tomorrow night right -- we're -- -- -- and decorate some of his favorite cake flavored truffles which I have try at all. They're delicious Erica Ashley -- as you do you take this and this is really fun. His job then there metaphorically is that is far from hot -- -- -- August last -- you do I wrote. I don't Lucille Ball that very famous episode. -- -- -- -- very important we get so we definitely look. My hands on Josh start their own -- all right we've got to get married again BMW litigated the gates now we did take good take a fortune -- -- now this is like Easter right I think. Yes and then you pull these out just like this. Great so the event tomorrow night is -- dessert. Is Godiva truffles showdown didn't we have eighteen pastry chefs all of them. Are making desserts that are inspired by these trucks and you actually came up with the -- -- forgive for the cake truffles what I did was I did the I cure rated the cake truffles to. Collections that we have a lemon chiffon via a red velvet chocolate lava cake. We have a -- and I heard -- vacate the birthday cake. As my camera and the -- Higgins is pink line everyone didn't need be sold I don't try to predict what it tastes like -- engaging the guys and now that on that one. I have a good Godiva -- it's a great idea to do my house warming get dumber than a century. So to -- -- so this is a fun thing I'd like this isn't something anybody would have at home now all right this is kind of it's just up. Talking you can do is in the microwave it's how we -- I mean you know it's like -- -- -- -- -- -- they used on future. Which is really nice chocolate so you want -- you want -- kind of you know use like and I take away anything and this is similar to what's gonna yeah. She would put rainbow sprinkles on -- totally like she gets. Many different kinds of utilized in any period of course because of him just yeah what are you doing -- is going to -- -- CNN or not and I've done now. I have Sam Arianna -- have -- right -- life for another candidate then yeah that's a cash get a better deal with a short on. And -- -- his -- cycle certainly got it but I would -- I would be doing this this is why we can't have me work for. Revenue that this game and then you try you try to get a job with the -- -- today and -- are trying to become a child -- marijuana what I. As Peggy let us know -- -- Yeah I'm just saying they're two great jobs -- -- jobs available. Yeah walking near future endeavors to -- I don't need it doesn't -- Obama. You're the best -- he might give us ladies -- As the nuggets fans paying them vaccinated mental -- but it appears that we are not happy -- -- just because of these other. That is. You know I -- -- diving jump right there but didn't veggies -- -- -- there. Don't let the enthusiasm I -- good. -- -- -- -- Nobody out I don't I don't let. The remind us what I. I felt okay BI -- party is tomorrow night ATP suggest. Everybody's doing a -- inspired by one of the troubles. Everybody Chicago's previous super blast it's an art -- in -- customer and is the New York City for the month and it. As of this city -- now we can get any better I honestly I'm and -- can't we thank you dive. Wednesday with -- I'm Sam. -- -- -- -- -- --

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