GMA LIVE (10.24.13)

Tory Johnson reveals an exclusive deal and Kate Upton discusses this year's "Movember" campaign.
3:00 | 10/24/13

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Transcript for GMA LIVE (10.24.13)
But energy and -- -- the boys are both on assignment stands on his right to Katy Perry and -- -- -- Josh is. Also on -- in Atlanta giving a speech in we missed the boys loved you look around. -- -- -- -- Hot and it's an exciting -- I'm though it was got Lisa Johnston we arcade. In Miami. Sorry your eyes but you'd like another girl watching stakes can contain up to -- went outside and you know she has -- you know -- points. -- -- -- Fog yeah Alia Wilson and also is just on the cover of -- -- -- pressure I didn't I love this girl on my -- look I like her spirit that article about it very easy to cover right there I know Scott elaborate joke. Kate Upton if you're listening stay away from his job and stage manager on the yeah. Yeah. Hate -- -- from the same hometown Saint John Michigan I -- presenting running -- -- right now she's your talk about a -- -- but first Tory Johnson. Is as always bringing us -- struck deals and steals we -- -- today. With some awesome stuff. I -- -- earnings and that we had that whole rainbow collection and think keeping the -- rain both feet look we got some. -- -- and I really. I am saying yeah. All -- Yeah Hilbert yeah. Yeah. People Magazine OK and -- and -- there's certainly a lot of magazines right now I'd like the idea about -- that -- yeah. -- -- -- Like the idea that is so normally aren't 24 box but exclusively -- in the I -- Wheeler advocate deal. Maybe twelve and you -- Thank you know who love god that -- -- the old saying -- Unless so. You have to go to our website says good morning -- -- out on the island what you want to do they have make sure to check -- the other deals because. No joke holidays are coming need to do I hate to sort of we're not even Halloween but it sneaks up on you and I did this last -- -- -- all of your deals. I was done I like the time November 15 rolled around -- and his aunt and have been. I am I wasn't always like to -- nothing because his -- -- he had napping has become a priority. I'm not shopping has taken a backseat so I'm thinking to -- thinking too far from dealers are what do you call -- the companies that provided fuel to the dealers. -- -- -- Parliament lately it's really not -- job I don't know our laundry. If you so anyway I we love these Torre would love Georgia humanistic rather talk to beautiful Kate -- -- -- today I love and gave me for the wealthy that -- cannot be cranky. Did a lot of good life here and years and you have the most adorable laugh in the light -- Eight of that's down -- -- Kate Upton or anybody. Okay. Scott yeah. Cumulative sources of human resource -- my -- -- yeah. -- -- How are you can agree to meet you I'm happy I was wanting to interview for a while because I -- tell you got your start how do you get that really adorable video yeah it -- you just you're just seem like. I've really great role model in this industry having your hair -- -- the Vanity Fair article. That you were just on the cover looking spectacular I guess I feel like you're sort of keep taking it all in stride despite the fact that we see you. Just killing it on yeah. Not -- wealthy note some clothing sounds. Yeah mania that just keep my learn aside yeah you do and we you guys have a connection well I just -- were wanted to change yes and that's where my hope is -- Saint John Michigan know my job I don't they already I don't think. -- -- -- -- -- -- And I didn't grow up they're needed to do but yeah both from their unborn in my family -- I -- My and that's just eleven think that my parents moved back there so whenever I go home for Chris meant -- to get me -- it's right on lake it's only again and this is sweet little town in the snow falls and it has -- -- like you this now -- -- -- -- December holidays to grow up so yeah it's you know decades talk about things really serious yeah -- answered yeah well actually not -- -- don't seem to talk about October -- didn't breast cancer by going into November also known and that Motorola and learn them half when we -- with the boys and yeah. Well not exactly why I'm still sound like captain at eighteen the last episode I you're only young -- I'm not. Growing a mustache is part of his campaign explain yeah okay so it's starting in Australia and I think it was just kind of guys being guys and joking around but it's for such a great cries -- see how long they give out their hair but. Quit being a part of Gillette I think we're thinking not just to grow it out but keep it a little -- Trenton yeah. Yeah yeah yeah Saturday that yeah. Much OK I am yes so that you innate we have a little bit faxes of the month -- about -- guys all of the work. Grow mustaches to raise money awareness from men's health issues especially prostate and testicular cancer that -- even if you cannot grow a mustache on which thankfully we cannot. -- -- -- Hook up power not ever have thought okay yeah well -- there Donna I don't worry you can still be part of -- -- and tell us obviously Kate is here so I'm so we've got to be fighting since you are on team July and I -- probably the captain. Have wanted to rates -- bombs some famous -- seeking critique. Drastic happens we're trying to -- latter citrix and yeah. -- -- Don't know we think that most I love it kind of grade is a lot better than I'm sorry. We handling and the poster in my bedroom. Al and Allen in -- -- now. I'd like he's now since change and I believe he celebrities never the -- my yeah. Every bit of any thoughts online only -- must question I think he's still downside is your favorite dancing at a time though -- -- yeah yeah. Freddie Mercury. I mean he's a rock star -- that is -- think lightly -- a little trip maybe yeah yeah I'm bad moments. And I as Agile as I wish that I had a little more detail and then yeah things differently he added that he wants he's like that teenage boy that -- -- in the an already had. -- -- -- -- -- Ryan Gosling to meet you you can grow every one running yeah. I don't know an angry. Yeah come on how about the -- you know I don't know if it's for those who are now thinking but hey you know let's take this seriously I'm gonna grow a mustache for November. Give us some supermodel style tips. OK well you know I've never had a -- so -- saying not the expert but I think that'd spine at that it's a great mind -- -- -- -- and you have that excuse you can try something that -- -- -- -- -- Yet a core I think America -- And I would Hamas that's what would be -- -- and now some things like to keep track yes I think I don't know. Oh yeah. That they aren't I yeah. Yeah. I -- -- I don't -- -- -- Bob long ago he is glad I didn't you we're gonna see -- cash. We -- and -- not -- yeah. Yeah. Yeah well it -- does that mean -- anybody yeah. We're excited by what I would -- Hear about cognitive modeling can ask a question besides you with a teen mom -- yeah. Stanley thanks to say that you fifteen mile but but you've done so very very well and I know Brian wanted to how could there be a three -- Sports Illustrated. Yeah I really have notes. -- and -- but I would say hello and say no if they wanted to have a reality however it very time but I really enjoy the beauty I'm happy and we see whenever you -- pattern of the TV time on you know -- I. I at the lab the first ever exam I thought that -- Antarctic -- survived an attic has suffered it is a lot of memories and it was nine point -- -- -- -- looking back I'm like yeah. We have so many special here -- One. Yeah. It's -- a do you -- even. And I don't like everything doesn't. I'm really did not immediately -- -- yeah. -- -- -- -- Thank you so much of the I'm saying hey hey thanks -- and that's who we're all reading -- AL QB great work. And I can't and this is a great cause everybody I'm find out more about how you can donate plants grow a mustache and -- may have LeBron from Scottie. November dot com and Kate Upton. -- mean you can't. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Okay. Okay.

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