GMA LIVE (10.29.13)

Josh and Dan meet two boys whose desire to help those in need sparked a small business.
19:10 | 10/29/13

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Yes. We start over the next -- you aren't abuses the mentally his exit Tyson I'll let you really can't describe how spicy this actually -- it is -- it's it's to the point where it's seen on eyewitness I don't like a nice little bit -- spice but. It's it's predominantly terroristic -- you you know you've just drank something would be significant lead. -- -- -- -- -- -- yes you know this is Rocco DiSpirito hot chocolate it is Mexican hot chocolate to begin with and in. He was telling me he also added a little cayenne pepper in front it. He's making healthy all -- the healthier alternatives I get the latest restaurant serves as a different way this is the practical joke version. Yeah or at best and so I took a big swing because it's a little -- that mean didn't there's a nip in the air. And that turns out there's also caught a cut and have protest. And is not a -- program founded -- Karen should top dive in via we have first -- I want to begin a special round of applause for Danny. Because. -- -- -- I figured why not because it gets it right here in his deal yeah. Ever -- it appears you are he is Nightline anchor Dan Abrams and it's. You know they caught it's not -- it's not morning line directed its Nightline tonight and -- you were actually you were working today. Yes yes working today. We were doing. We started with -- -- -- we did is more jobless exclusive interview the president up and Chris Brown them. And also -- the the story about the the pregnant woman in the charges in Pennsylvania. Right he said this that I. I don't I would say I'm and I think he first thing I really appreciate it but I do you would love but this -- -- so let's start with Chris Brown first show that is as a lot of people were saying I'm here today. Now it turns -- perhaps it they're saying that it was his. Body guard who allegedly struck a man outside a Washington hotel and that he's been charged with a -- which is Ralph right bomb. Nine lives right now being thrown around -- assists and. You know everybody -- to me I mean -- it seems that. He and others like -- can do no wrong -- legions of fans show up at the courthouse. They would say to support but the triggers -- that -- was just another appearance right it's an opportunity -- -- Chris Brown very it so happens to be at a courthouse happens to be charts. But you know Arnold there's there's there's no level of sort of wrongdoing mandate that someone could he would say he's not guilty he didn't do I've been falsely accused -- -- of but I don't know there's something about the assertive. Bad boy making you even more popular that sort of trouble I just what it -- it and it's really it is that fine line where the you ride the bad boy thing because it's good for business. And then all of a sudden you do bad -- thing. And it could be really bad for busy -- facing up to four years in prison the other DC and doing a day. God not on not now that it's been reduced to mystery huge win for them to get a reduced from a felony to misdemeanor fundamentally changes -- That in the end you mentioned that the pregnant and I love this pick is Dan Dan made it very passionate appearance today in a story about heads up. Pennsylvania woman's right looking to add to that have the -- on her -- she says that she has un wanted. Right about wanted to -- they always from the -- is a particular she isn't pregnant woman and she doesn't want her belly touched. Without her permission I gotta be honest sounds completely reason credibility -- we've come to sort of accept this idea that a pregnant woman and at the heard doctor Ashton -- in the case. This -- this community property. -- it's you know it's incredibly knowing and and the bottom line is that I would bet -- -- in this case it didn't just involve you know this. It involved. OK. -- you know it's like okay okay you know let's stop -- -- you -- that -- I don't -- and continent yet there have been. They -- a lot of my guys to be on wanted the but yet -- I would I say Bravo that if he gets to the point we're outside where later where it's harassing and it's annoying it's like anything else when you touch someone. But it unwanted way -- calm so I don't know why people seem that it's bought up to this point that. That sort of pregnancy is different people -- Pennsylvania has a law on the books that prevent you from now. Pennsylvania has an anti harassment yeah just like other states to him now I admittedly if it's a friend and -- -- -- didn't want to do you know what. I still laughs it's really the -- asking would you mind if fox ready but his and we are worried about with a couple guys in the guys were all saying at -- good luck to Cuba I mean I think we -- We have that sense that somehow this -- font of pure energy to get emanates from the pregnant belly and it. Who doesn't want you know. A little bit of pure energy emanating from the well I agree but look when it's a miracle of childbirth latest. I would assume some view have been annoyed by this right. Actually random people coming -- -- is there a woman here has given birth and I. Stepped forward to replace please please please please do. You don't -- Fresno their name and her forty hail from. Livingston California how is that the central valley city is the great central value can hold up your -- day. OK so you're you're pregnant did you have people -- up and attention about. No random people but family aren't so yeah how do you feel about how do you -- about this idea again this woman feels the need now. To employ an anti harassment statute that -- people production. For random people yes I think that would be good love but if it's family and friends but -- -- not want to -- You know that's the key is that we knew of supported people coming to -- that's like -- -- like this to yachts and -- says pay grade I always look at to have Dan as patting me on the back complete you know exactly that the more he can get the better. No but you don't that's very different. That -- Walt -- and congratulations thank you boy girl. Two yes all right doctor Lee Pace. And a thank you bomb OK so that's any other legal legal. The odds and -- you wanna get. Order a quick funny that I that I wanted to do a jury's out that we didn't get to dance. Was that a guy has littered his backyard -- would appear to be dead bodies for Halloween. Syria has like under his car he put a dummy with fake blood around it and under his -- -- garage door he put another dummy that looks like it's been fallen on the and all the neighbors are complaining and saying my kids are scared to -- and -- like they're trying to actually. Implement something to stop him. From having this display. In his own and so you realize Bob -- about half a so what -- days of the Jerry's its units might -- given given drama set and I'm Qaeda from now I'm not -- from now on I'm going to be doing it to -- group -- members of a dispute a final time -- -- -- -- camera. -- This -- Might take. Let him do it's his property. If people around don't like it I understand that don't tell your kids not to look over there. It's his property to doing it as he pleases there are no actual dead bodies there. It is Halloween. It's not -- A -- -- -- pretty good voice data. But I know they say -- the kids that you know their kids are looking over getting scared and it. I have a big -- the legal laden and -- -- really quick so yesterday. Admittedly flipping channels. Presumed innocent was on -- and Raoul Julia Harrison Ford BI after. But not all that's so good that so good to admit it's now if you don't be kid you with me I'm -- that they can -- to the -- any -- presumed innocent. Nobody I read the book that in mind when you talk -- -- analysis is just how good and you tell you miss the great pro Julianne I really -- gone before I'm I admit that that was he was amazed. We haven't -- you know we -- to have them one bit of business and I'm glad you're here is you are an inveterate new Yorker and this certainly touch your life. A year ago it is hard to believe. That it was a year ago we were prepping our Halloween show the Halloween show that would not be. Because instead one of the worst natural disasters we have ever seen was bearing down on the tristate area it is hard to believe in the year ago when hurricane sandy struck. It really New York City and parts north of us have -- the Long Island in the -- on the Connecticut code coastline. Took what really you can calling glancing blow. As it bore down on the Jersey Shore. Erasing most of the Jersey Shore as you can see here the iconic boardwalk there and the roller coaster that is no war. An -- that just is hard to it is hard to put it into perspective. Because as much as people knew it was going to be bad this was really the perfect storm that that touched. First I wanna do your memories because I know you were here and -- -- compared to news assuming that people we've. I suffered not at all and but I will say that as a new Yorker who lives in an area that had no power for a week. You know it was a major sort of disturbance you saw how it impacted. So many people but you look -- people who you and I saw impacted. We're the ones on the front lines they were the ones in the areas in Queens and Staten Island. -- in particular through the people who were closer to the water column you know. They lost perfect -- and there was no access to anything else for them. There was no access to it diapers for kids and clothes and other things what I weeks later right -- and -- -- was it was astonishing so it wasn't really the power of the storm so much as it was. The impact that it happen. It was you know the water and the winds -- set her up. That had done so much damage. And go left so many people com which is why I'm so glad we're doing. We're doing the story today -- today it's going to be an idea wanna see you know if you -- -- I don't know if you if you were called this is what looked like -- it came ashore there in New Jersey. Here in New York. Lower Manhattan was in darkness for -- NA and do we have it didn't -- if we have a piece. OK well I took a camera down to go find. Real leads the national line where it could it -- and it was at 25 street -- have found heading down just above. -- -- just above a twenty surged above the flat iron district where I mean it was light light light light light and then all of a sudden. Swath of -- -- to -- count every day it was up it was like you couldn't immediately he mentioned I mean it. -- indeed a lot of those people could really call themselves lucky here early and there I am walking through this is the west village I mean this was. There was not a light to be seen there were two apartment buildings in blocks and blocks and blocks that we walk at night that had even have generators so. He we -- the the before and after I do is ginger and here with us as well ginger has been out there in New Jersey in seaside heights all morning long for GM manager -- be reporting there all day and I -- ginger. I first want to ask you as a as a meteorologist. I remember the days leading up to this event. He started to see all the models begin this suggested something severe to be happening and it didn't feel. Inherently cinematic. You know watching it's like that perfect storm moment where in the movies all of a sudden the the weatherman says and look what's happening in the camera pushes in on this. What was it like in those days leading up to a -- for you watching these models and seeing what was coming. As scientifically it was a very proud moment because wesun at ten days out and it really did not change pat -- coming to. The New Jersey New York area. First seven. Five days in advance I -- I'm world news five days before sandy heads saying hey we've got a huge storm coming we don't -- to do that very often and now we've got -- signs that technology we can tell people that felt very proud. -- also -- really scary this is live now this and that is my friends and my neighbor is -- -- label when most first time that actually hit home. So that was also something heavy and being here one year later if I can tell you it feels so good to check back and sell off -- do these disasters on the -- for a week or two weeks I getting rained in the communities. And then -- -- and we -- and you never hear about it again and it still looks like this we still have damaged it doesn't take weeks or months. It takes years to come back especially for the Jersey Shore the business behind you is telling us that their insurance just having cake and a lot of people haven't got thousands of people still haven't got money and gotten back into their homes. Yesterday I flew with the Coast Guard to see -- the New Jersey coast Latin looks like. It's like a checkerboard. There's some areas that -- completely refurbished and rehab especially around tourist attractions but when you get away from that it doesn't look that way -- still down homes that at look like they did the day after and that's pretty stunning to see. And tons of work to be done but overall I'd say that the people here -- -- hopeful. The folks -- really excited about the -- and the beach rebuilding it just got fifteen million dollars allotted. To build bigger Indians in some places that -- gonna start. Next summer so we're hoping that by next hurricane season and we still got a little left of this -- Hillary and save for that we are before harassment and. Ginger -- in seaside heights New Jersey can reporting -- ABC news of -- thank you so much -- here. And you mentioned it this is a great sort of story we're doing today and it does have I would connect a direct connection to super -- any couple years ago. Daniel -- -- Eli Russell young Brothers they started to bake sale to wondering is fifty dollars for schools charities. Their dad got involved in meets warm air rice crispy treat and they sold the loop as you might have a lemonade stand. -- -- a little bit here two years later. It's fair to say it was a successful business model they have their very own store here in New York City it's called tree house stand. Best part of all. They have partnered with the food bank for New York City it is still serving victims of CD two game one. Year later to discuss at all we're joined. By the Russell handling this -- ahead and. -- -- -- God -- OK so take me back to the very beginning. A couple years ago. I wanna do a lemonade stand I wanna do -- -- -- want to make the couple's so so how did it all begin little illegally giving. These guys were involved with charity to raise money for athletic equipment for children Africa. And you know we decided had a big sell them in the restaurant business for 25 years and instead of cookies or brownies -- regular rates Krispy treats we decided have a little bit of -- So the -- us with a couple of their body has gotten kitchen and sort of goofing around and after a few minutes we had. Supplement -- was between -- and then ten or fifteen minutes minutes later. We had butterscotch -- rice crispy treats and eventually dark cherry chocolate and I actually -- And it's. How could we took him out of the street corner and that picture that you showed earlier and within a few minutes there was literally a lot of people that it queued up. Asking where we got these where they -- more and five minutes later people -- time they come back he's a fantastic. They sold out about two hours and -- 300 dollars to charity more than anybody else that day. A few weeks later I turned in my worked at reference. You know that -- the early days. Okay. When -- on the. Evidence -- what was what was it like for you guys did it Aaron. Really -- allowing me. Selling at until literally -- -- -- actor is turning to kids including hanging and. Yeah did it feel good for the -- -- what -- as he -- -- Whitman the step up in the kitchen was when you guys sweetest -- you off. Yes you -- -- the final quality control form. And so the end you know when your parents and -- we were gonna do the -- -- we're gonna deal also what you guys think. -- -- And you partnered with you partner with the food bank and Jenna. -- -- -- -- -- -- You know we're we're just looking to give athletes -- started with the bake sale and we wanted to. Come full circle so we decided you know what charity to -- want to partner up with -- food Bank of New York is such a wonderful charity and we wanted to be able to get back to people that. Can afford him a -- scripts. Favorite -- Carl can't muscles they reflect your muscles -- from -- is that just because you let the. I there's is there -- he -- on the on the board here that are meant if so please send a monetary Vietnam. -- yeah. And you know we we mentioned. The food bank. In -- still serving meals to. The victims and then and those who suffered in hurricanes and -- -- -- New Yorkers that the DA not just the charitable aspect of partnering with food bank but helping. Those who you saw -- that most what's it like -- But it's it's very important us throughout the entire development of the business we decided to. Do something that was important are our communities. And we feel that if you come in our store if you order you know catering whatever you want to indulge yourself in something really because -- and no indulgent you know it's important to be able to give something back to people who really need scooter nourishment or support. So off the top of every -- -- so we do get -- answered the food bank. But 1013 is meaningful for us -- We're sharing your tree and I -- Rebecca -- -- Look -- you guys. Thank you so much. Thank you -- -- thank you for doing good you make me feel better about that the future of this planet I'm really really appreciate it thank he had prominent and again. I know so many of you. On this day. It's hard to believe how far the tristate area has come in here it is also important to remember. Just how bad it was one year ago today and for more on these young entrepreneurs -- -- you can place mail orders online -- -- -- house dot com. For more information again as well on their charitable party can check out. Food bank NYC dot -- or think you guys tend to come and -- rock. We got to the got to man up you are -- You wanted to do good news playing -- today it plans exhausted Dan Abrams a big round of a positive. Do you get down. Thanks for watching everybody 9 AM eastern tomorrow morning we'll see -- --

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