GMA LIVE (11.04.13)

Josh, Sam and Lara get a visit from a clever filmmaker who recreates famous movie scenes in public.
17:30 | 11/04/13

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Transcript for GMA LIVE (11.04.13)
Okay. -- -- -- -- happy that don't stand much. It was Saturday. So we'll have a special -- -- in the press and though. Log on and on Saturday you know there was a reason sensitivity we -- and how were belatedly. National sandwich day and the beautiful lovely folks in -- he's. Slots is deli one location in Austin, Texas in the seventies now we have -- 350 more all over slot she's -- dot com this is it's all. To listen you know just take a quick camera -- -- Because we're about to miss it you know that's it was on the show today and after. The show they did a spontaneous concert Jereme Perry the process of this is happening right now the audience now because. We are -- very inexpensively run Internet show we cannot. Have you here and enjoy the music the way our audience is upstairs now but this -- going on right now and the help -- -- -- for these young. Man just say hey this and do this is because -- fans are there it's an awesome thing and we thank them for food and also you know. Fans coming on the likely going on January outside you've got really dark side of the squad he -- but I just. We will not Brian BIR producer thank you so much directly -- national sandwich no matter how late it is weird we will not miss a -- we all -- I don't. I think -- brownie -- was like. Sounds good two young women isn't it when his national top -- military. A hot chocolate milk shake day. -- yeah I gotta gotta just be careful not something that there's really are competing calendars I now want to talk. Yeah yeah yeah and that got -- -- -- Juliet and yet the the -- -- -- What yeah. I think but I really want that weren't -- that -- not sell him some and he remembered my nine year old -- and this summer -- -- potential. Tell us don't I'm -- they're just a lovely here's a little -- time. I'm -- idea that they don't want to share with you guys is that ideally like to be a little behind scenes. It could be nicer -- so now and this is an example allegedly saying they don't have to be here they're not like push out the -- soon -- Michelle and said you know. New album coming out tomorrow so. Supporters -- the -- not to talk to behind the scenes but I'll tell you there's plenty of big music stars will come in. And do what they've agreed to do and then hit the hit the road like that and not a bad way but you don't think we'll just do what they do and -- -- car and take off. These guys are talking to people hanging out with people -- an extra music that's on the ground and you know that's happened to be supported when -- try to you know follow you also. Do you like this they don't fully get of the present in this moment where. Thousands of people scream every time they take -- step outside and public -- -- mixed up on stage. They did it they're not like there is no you don't wouldn't hurt a lot of Arnold -- a lot of people don't I mean there's a put upon qualities of notes and then they are not there -- least put upon know what you're talking about Josh Elliott and that is that there are some. Folks who will come and perform and and it's almost like I'm just doing herself really enjoyed anymore but I'm just doing this because this morning and then expect me to do it right. And and what I. I love this groundswell of real -- in America right now we're people who really rewarding. You know things that are real and and had not even that are not things that are not things that are made up -- you're you're thinking about people like Katie pairing. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And by the -- I'm talking now about that that Colorado content that we can sorry. Well Kevin and there's a reason why she's number one in the music's. But she's -- village of why things that you notes that when I got a chance is still backs it's what brought him a couple a couple of weeks ago. Given a lot of big huge bands a lot of fans thinking many twists in that early to -- don't ask. That have gone by the wayside and the want them you know one of the big reasons -- talking -- -- upward. There are good to do this they are good people. And that tends to win out in the you know it you can you can call crawl -- -- -- off state staying got a camera. Yes he's -- automatically there's there's a low threshold for BS right now like people since it. They're like now on that's not real that's not true work where -- and we're changing lineup went up by that I know that I love that you are onions and imposing what -- yeah. -- -- minus grade soccer game heat steam lines. Little tennis shoulders both -- can take some time off so become more time for you costs. I'll bet I've been -- to complain about your tennis game because you don't have enough time. How long now I do because I got two -- -- -- but it was great it was so beautiful crisp mountain fall like thank -- -- for degree weather but what all of you chilling. It was a good director to have a good body might have come out yeah I did I did actually show that picture -- I don't think you. Please show picture number one and not picture number two yeah let's just -- -- That's a lovely shot. -- and we got down on that is that is a shot -- were. Swings me for four or five year old. Not Serena is swings we'll we'll never be the second -- but it was a gorgeous it would bid about mid span without. Sam with a little -- on the hall but you know what we looking into the wall we're swinging and we asked. You know ripped a very important what why do we stop swinging so why why do we stop yes why didn't stop doing all these wonderful things. Why don't we why do right now -- -- writing a children's book. -- to the idea -- I think I better job -- another yeah sometimes when you try to do it in a public park the police chase you ought to be equipped. Patty do you have years of experience that crap sometimes they tell you sir please get on this week's they're -- for children and your -- For that sometimes he -- that you know happen personally but yeah. Somebody somebody treated us yesterday that you -- did to the people of who live in that house know -- -- out. It did not -- people actually may have thought that we in fact just. Broken and activities like backyard and sworn to go straight on -- -- much the last thing we know we would do I mean we're not a but we're not we're not about. -- a lot of fun. Trigger was great the great gotten up go get her for a wonderful weekend that they -- we watch NFL football -- -- we watch what we want to check this out. We wanted. We watch the red zone. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Channel in your basic cable back as you can have it gives you seven hours. Commercial free -- it and -- -- action. -- joke from game to game. And at one point literally -- embassies have had love -- this is like football without the -- football right. Because that's what is its football -- -- in football but an honest or here's why. So when you're sitting down watching football game there's all -- time when these guys are trying to move the ball up the field to get a position to do something they don't care about. You would you -- care about you care about that amazing catch you care about the guy who who did cartwheels to get to this place to do you know we just cut and so no they didn't. They jump up so still -- the red zone they -- monitoring like six games so you don't get the boring. You yeah. I'm really. It's unbelievable I didn't look at all of sudden you know you're watching a game that -- say it's I don't know what is it like. Like the giants were plagued by a young child and then also use all the great play in the -- -- -- really bring the Yankees another plant half New Orleans where the plane missing -- -- yeah yeah Atlanta. Right hander Matt -- I am. -- -- to think that's what -- so they're like and let's go to Dallas and why now. Great with the board he saw we have picked up three yards we picked -- -- -- the -- -- -- There are our everybody off power and errors and there are no home there's no group of people who can appreciate this more than everybody in this studio right -- We all get. -- How long I sort of got Graham all happen it all happened hours later in the W -- I think I'm about this red -- And I thought okay did the thing that I can I haven't done your job speaking about sports. Congratulations this fellow -- in the battle. I. Get -- -- get over it could get is that now that Jesus the United Nations. Oh yeah yeah about that yet it was buried -- the -- agenda and what course I. OK so -- your name -- us radler forward had to go grab I was fantastic news it was everything I expected -- yeah. The weather it -- a little too little little windy little holes little when he crossing the Queensboro Bridge it was a -- I'm sorry that was I am now -- and -- it was in that's got an answer off. So did you do PB PP ER PB was -- -- personal. That easy personal best personal personal personal view I -- I believe in taking my time and -- getting the money's worth so I'd stop into politics here is off -- There's an hour ago I went to a corner store in -- and had a beer. And your name -- routine from Michigan -- deal. I ran through my cooking -- -- nation any -- can expect. -- I finished fourth and you know the the crowds come out -- no legal -- the weather was great yesterday me. Over medium heat until. Are at -- -- -- Strong very strong very -- Everybody -- -- honors can be -- -- I actually seriously Nancy and Gil warns we get them -- likes and he tight realty and we saw water. -- -- -- -- -- -- Them globally slots. Because of their. -- get him. -- -- -- and that's my -- for you to roll the prompter please thank you. That -- over that fell in love over as the -- but what do you do. If your answer grams -- making people fall out of love with you yeah we'll we have your friends who were allowed to overzealous with their postings. And sometimes you just -- on all them. Our very own -- in the street. Had this happen. She hears is now on the street and today we're talking topping Zimmerman music. Can't that was recently announced -- I want my friends and I'm gonna hit the streets to get some tips from some other programmers out there and make sure that none of us -- get on followed again. And Emma here's a look -- you don't want to follow them. You know it's made -- -- people don't amount. I don't really into headlines energy -- -- he's really hungry. Here is pat yourself for cooking and not like your mom and -- I don't like I think fed -- -- -- -- this statement. Without anything have a perfect and it -- you guys have been in on these obvious that taken there's like the classic gothic images that you hate it cut about one. Police -- these are not working. One dollar and 91 maybe not all of the. -- dots on your back Thursday. In the end really -- then -- don't look back now now I have a few throwback Thursdays from Mike last lead until the stuff that they have not. What -- case in -- around these forty joke just. That Joker got their Joker. -- Stories for every eight non answer right now I'm pay him. Those victories have photos students -- it is funny to see that our legal of the kids that do what are your thoughts on -- -- And he kept thinking ridiculous America. -- against a follow -- like for like none of that -- that now. Some people are so worried about -- They're having so much fun benefit. Didn't do it -- -- -- -- -- You know on his. I gotta get -- excellent. Soon. That -- that's going on anything. -- -- I hope I look very. What you did -- look at bill -- what you did there as he's done -- -- I -- driven and yeah want to know what not to the united medial immediately. -- mr. Graham are you kids on the instrument we are Dina lobbied to sort of Kenneth youngsters are up to these days you should send you like to a -- -- you're self chronicler. And Europe -- -- -- a chronicler of so honored to autos. Your son -- -- and you have thousands but it didn't follow Sam on FaceBook -- -- -- Does anybody first stop stop stop stop I do not what America I have not wearing a -- that I. I'm not wearing what right now I'm not -- one -- -- grab money went to our audience yeah. Well I went anywhere -- you -- -- -- of resilience. Yes -- well. Yeah out on the street the special. Played today after this morning -- problem everywhere it's a New York City based price collective. Which is what it sounds like creating scenes of chaos and -- to -- in public places. Great stuff here latest series. Missions -- movies in real life where again you probably can guess they recreate famous movie -- But they do it amongst a very unsuspecting public I'll take a look at one of -- -- the what's the longest kind of in his jacket and you have to reveal all right through life that's. Like more like kind of man whose grass got to come through -- warm jacket would come to probably about a fifth. Though there. And really likes -- -- this morning thank you get -- longer play in the kind of what I'm wearing like a man dressed right now. I can't. You're ready. That means it's -- right now. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- When permanently we -- a brilliant job Charlie god. And founder of him -- everywhere still all that's. Understandable that was a really fun one from the series so he brought nearly into the Macy's right here right happen. Didn't tell the Macy's we were coming in of course brought in about forty agents -- as well as in Islamabad fight was so let me ask you what was their reaction what what don't we -- -- You know I've done things in retail stores for years of progress been around for awhile and I had been kicked out of my fair share stories I would imagine sir please leave the premises yet I hear that a lot. But Macy's was great -- stay together for the took pictures and laughed at it and I think you know the secret of these things is to be quick. Can't be safe and to be funny and be positive so we did all those things and we got away with it. Are you have a new one back to the future. Over a million and a half to -- -- getting involved fewer than seven days what do we do in -- of what what was the scene service. Her latest and -- movies in real life series we had a Delorean show up in the middle of Manhattan over the flat -- building that are. And I have identical twin actors playing Marty and Jennifer's EC one set of twins right there dressed up this morning to -- Jennifer Parker right and what he's about to happen with the regular people and that plaza don't know is that these twins are about to walk out -- use that word. Made time travel possible by using identical twins and I pray snack on the South Korea he was not easy getting -- -- -- either. Quite frankly I would be like please get away from right now the good old. You're doing the get away from the political play with you happy people like it united somebody doesn't like it they can just keep -- as as a lot of New Yorkers. But -- we want to create a special moment of what -- viewed as having a coffee one day in Apollo and all of a sudden Marty and Jennifer Marty Jennifer for ten minutes in the future shut it. So the -- every Tuesday morning kiwi we get a -- one. That's right every Tuesday off all releasing a new movies and reliant on her YouTube channel due to -- -- -- from everywhere. And we've got Jurassic Park in real life coming out. Yeah. Yeah. I love yeah everybody everybody Charlie. No one -- today. Capitalists will enjoy your below the doughnut loving them -- -- technically and 9 AM eastern tomorrow -- -- imagine.

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