GMA LIVE (11.05.13)

Josh, Sam and Lara check out an innovative idea that has increased burger sales among women in Japan
15:25 | 11/05/13

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Transcript for GMA LIVE (11.05.13)
Yeah. -- I'm 380 yeah. Surprise were worth covering -- face fellow audience on the hot and lovely lovely studio audience. -- of them coming from a cold air time square. Bodies -- in Columbia release shall I was so that you know and also so that they -- in chains how you down and working on. Allen you in the round Robin and I split one. Renewable and I would cut out right we -- -- -- -- Since we were left out of this order that whenever someone orders means they have to order -- all of -- I'm back in. Because -- -- half years and you would have had seen this bit of that you actually you would have had more. He didn't you can't argue and argue -- Roth is brought us is Michael around. By his credit but it. Everybody here is that my busy on art -- music didn't he run team Josh laughed. -- zionist entity. Yeah element doesn't get an hour how to stop Sam you've got us out and didn't understand -- nothing that a lot harder -- accidents. -- me Nana loves you back to the graphic artist. You're just graphic and I'm just. -- -- you're -- the mega -- she's upstairs. I was enjoying these delicious cupcakes baked by a mob think I'm less -- -- -- Watch -- sweet -- by now the cost five dollars and chocolates -- their cake and let me tell you that little bite. It's full -- Thanksgiving goodness because it is it it's perfect. It's perfect and I don't feel like I have to eat more than ten or fifteen -- you will look. There are all less than fifty calories. And that's little morsel of good -- what data chapel look at it. This is this is. -- and on top. Then the one that you -- you're reading you know there's potato pie in the next chocolate -- Cherokee if they are ridiculously good great idea to bring as a -- if you're going to my house for Thanksgiving. I'm gonna keep these insane -- for him to -- and the only thing. They have such a punch of flavor so honestly it's like you don't you feel satisfied. After -- are you trying to get the job -- spokesperson and gotten and what about. Okay. Really happy. I'm so everybody what are all average out Jim it was great today with soap and have not -- all back Robin not a Reagan national now. And -- be doing -- -- -- big awards. Chit chats with all the stars in the we've got big Luke -- on tomorrow off I want you. You know I was not. He. Clinton -- a big fan of country music part of this job mediocre and do you know what I'm so glad I -- gotten to know and that's the thing it's that when you. I mean I don't see everything -- virtually. Read you know country and I know that you anymore and you know it could that there's there's a real kind of that's a lot more -- over until now but yeah. These are all such good people like -- lot of -- -- CME's and it really lot of good people I want I would -- -- guy that's going to like -- Robin's body -- if you -- Hispanics island. This to her body -- yeah. -- -- could ignite and Nashville is a fantastic town and it really -- favorite city the last ten years nationals legally come up and become beautiful night Larry Craig. You know what it is do it's it's a having grown up in LA beat it's a creative town yeah now everybody there are a lot -- there are looking and may get you -- and you can walk into random anonymous coffee house and hear some bad news exact when you land at Nashville and you when you walk to the baggage claim that there's always that there's somebody playing right they'd like. Yes this -- -- and you eat well. I fantasize about retiring there and during the -- amazement that put your dad's in the airport lets you actually get -- -- it's been a little time. Country music brilliant and get a natural what was what was about three hours away from there and I I I was -- checks and wants to TV on she wants to -- a year of that. That's actually the pilot just retired your bad frankly -- the KC you want a retired national I'd like regular college towns -- nasty courses and I feel like when you're and we are more us. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- great live music you've got great history architecture you know me -- I would be -- have a lot of yards. Our body -- and -- -- -- anti and I don't be like him when those grand houses I have Larry we are out of -- way. -- -- -- -- You should stay in Savannah scarlet I don't know Sam's dinnertime -- -- -- Sam wants to be right would you when I don't know. Sam wants to get a key lesson. Him and he's already said that he wants -- -- Key West right wants to be a bartender -- -- loves people you know he's -- people -- about -- party -- love -- -- I'm a people person in the afternoon. Noon and evening when there's. You know an adult beverage of all right I love people about why you are delightful but the best part I'm getting you have to go what to do the whole -- yet going to be like 700 haven't been getting out -- -- here. -- -- -- -- up I want to be a 700 camera -- bargain outlet. Because you know how much I loved to eat so it's been it's been difficult you know getting into shape and staying in the shape this summer and for the whole summer about the only in that -- but now that we're -- -- -- of sunlight like air we're going to be good. Yes save us from ourselves so yes that's my that's my retirement plan I think it's a good one. How does got a -- room thinking that -- You know I believe the odd thing senator -- about my wonderful husband is that he loves me when I'm tell me any love me when I'm not traffic and -- last. And by the way here not here you're -- and I mean -- -- -- -- elementary -- yes but really by the states. Cut them pitted a government -- whether -- If the this year. And S and released him more love it couldn't I couldn't wait to be behind some. I'm just two people. And bursting out of this year. Yeah must instill I said you know some that might be a time when you're not doing copious amounts of steroids right and so you might want an -- -- are now. After all it's not true it's approached Johnson but Josh has -- -- muscle mass building giant. In the cabinets in the kitchen where there's like three where they used to be Yahoo! News happy I don't chairman and -- -- a lot of time a lot of things. There's nothing to lose the habit now it's all pro -- battered tree barred him dirt -- and still and still homeless that it Chris Hemsworth. We're talking about talking about -- first of -- Holy day about going up and down like down -- those -- don't want. As we make way too big deal about actors who like -- -- or lose weight forty year old did drove back to back. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And to to get much bit and it's and sentenced him commands much more fun getting -- -- an up close in person -- need let me why. He's got acting as there yeah. It's a really nice you're playing really really nice guy yeah. Well I'll leave it until it's a passion you know -- He's also just to continue. Yeah until we get like -- -- -- just a few minutes of being viewed him on the -- out of the picture edit -- any -- really low -- and relax and just chill looks beyond -- surfer from Australia who was a big huge movie star with big huge franchise that -- a billion dollars every -- -- -- one. He's got them out alive he's gotten us a little -- and didn't mention it was a Malibu serves alive. I'm still lingers -- is incredibly yeah right there I think he just stared long and hard for something to really bomb him out. I don't know if I can't believe any Australia -- come on that -- -- rates above human actors. Hey lets you little pump action Soledad -- like -- news news -- today. Come on hot dogs are my way around I really got around. I don't know I know but I. I still. You know for the TV for the purposes of TV do you think we've now taken pop news and shifted it in the streets to try and stop trying -- -- -- outfits. So so weather is in right after news and then we would like that's our life together the nineties with coming up so we -- it yet we -- -- the pop news. But but we used to the partners over there are now we do the news the pop that my only problem that I don't -- there. Here's what I like I like it when looking YouTube making fun of -- across the table but I social like how gives -- my criteria I think I think news in the -- news at least for me it was always that was fun is just that grant -- on the line it was always -- and I frankly and I like it -- Yeah whether I don't know -- like news and -- who knew that Michaels has -- didn't like it. On the what I also think that it makes up just in light on the index dipped my only to plan now we talked I I want to just make sure there -- conceded I -- like sort of re create that we we sit at -- that out I think that I don't you over there that don't you -- it well I sit here -- its listed here yeah. -- -- -- -- Don't let us do it right so -- -- sit there I want every leader and we dare it be looking that you guys and I thought well I really don't. Do you -- I would see and hear me on -- news right right. Is the hot that's. That's. What. What Palin is a no -- Okay but that's with stock she would tell the current 100. Day it must be time for cats have died this -- better. No matter what can I don't you ever on mountain on the Muppet Show the two old man that's what I -- -- look at yeah. Waldorf and I don't know Stadler and -- yeah. Which ones -- the don't know here you're Waldorf whoever's grumpier Greg here that long Waldorf guests. Yet it feels -- later. You know we and whenever we all hang out we did tends to -- tomorrow at ten says Israeli and -- and and don't you to gain don't don't -- George alone. Could all be over here and they make she -- are all spread nicely though that's about it. I'm never gonna I don't study because there's also this idea like them like men and Blake I think America can handle it's just split three as I think is actually currently on -- show. -- -- -- -- -- So Clinton and -- I just -- A K nine Wendy Ortiz sees it -- -- that sugar you're really got into the eleventh minute today before at all I don't know Chris Hemsworth captivity -- that's true you work you were. Hot and bothered -- Every woman in America thinks he's -- bottle it. Some other students and he's beautiful -- -- just -- -- yeah yeah I don't you think it did did as -- did. -- -- -- -- -- -- Seriously but seriously this Japanese burger chain freshness burger. They don't have to pull the freshness that's yet they noticed that their largest ever and I. -- -- -- Beyond the lot solidarity there. Yeah around that would indicate a friend of the big -- -- classic young it was very popular mandate my least likely he'll be ordered by women -- -- soccer Y but is it was too much -- -- Outside. I am so sorry please really what's the real reason it's -- -- okay. -- I don't realize that it was because in Japan and oh Jesus I can't I can't along with current. Do you want me to finish it up -- back. -- -- -- -- -- I realize that in Japan and this this is true because this is true that's -- really can't get it now they are all involved are considered attractive. Bright and when and where I'm comfortable taking large by. Of a burger and public because many bites may be may be their culture is a little bit more. You know. My district -- -- way off. Oh yeah. Our they have been out at -- -- -- called the liberation rapper collaborate and rapper or is that in the -- allows women to chop down but still look like a lady right price of the they have the mount that the unnamed. But the -- might die certainly -- very now and I are became did did this work I mean did did that could -- is well. And the bulk sales jumped 213%. Over how in this this afternoon some -- and hey Ross is that -- I've sorry I don't I don't Friday that -- -- -- all of our -- -- if fifteen years is going to be an expert on the show one time in her life needs to leave now because yeah. The way we ran out if she ran out patient we have that we had murder -- related segment Syria is to be in here is all right -- could write yeah we've we as amazing. -- -- deliberation -- for but I think. Yeah. So -- Could they disagree despite this reunion incredibly not -- you're right they just aren't -- on this I love that I'm just so much that you guys you guys hit after me what it's like just. Can I just look at what I have two cats with heights which was genius by the look pretty I. -- -- You uncomfortable in a public place. Eating like a big burger and large bites of food that -- by your applause. It's 8 o'clock yes if you're comfortable eating big sloppy bites of -- Still -- you know -- you're gonna. Leading big sloppy by devoted. My -- -- Did not. Help. I don't even liberate Iraq -- you don't you don't kill her right eye however -- -- I feel very -- behind -- it's an old isn't the -- to -- in Japan and prizes like cultural sort of have figured out how well you find that I didn't -- -- -- you know I'm out of the. Problem -- need -- he had met here he -- -- -- about just about eight out of ten times W something right now and I -- I like twelve nabbed is he's inept in every dime a look at everybody liked how I used 22 napkins and no I don't always it's always kind of the saints -- like how do you do that Josh -- always very exciting -- excited when I was a very special child. I was told I was told that I would find my place in the world like yelling we really really doing a lot of information to my -- -- -- Liberation -- -- -- and -- -- we talked about hop news and so we're gonna try that tomorrow will lead us -- do you think on Twitter. And while Ann and Melissa these accounts from you don't need deliberation -- And they can enjoy their teens -- -- -- uppity little -- And now at selected that god. I hope you're having a good day America what -- we -- -- -- I love you Hillary I love -- Internet we'll -- I am tomorrow morning.

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{"id":20788082,"title":"GMA LIVE (11.05.13)","duration":"15:25","description":"Josh, Sam and Lara check out an innovative idea that has increased burger sales among women in Japan","url":"/GMA/video/gma-live-110513-20788082","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}