GMA LIVE (11.07.13)

Tory Johnson reveals an exclusive deal and Sam is surprised by a special guest on GMA Live!
17:00 | 11/07/13

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Transcript for GMA LIVE (11.07.13)
All -- know a male rock -- where we are well fed today. Courtesy the cake boss who is now on meaning is not just the boss of K now anymore possibly body -- -- -- monitored and they've gotten that I think we didn't make it clear as we work. Just actually devouring lot -- got to tell. -- -- that I was Exxon was inside of some else let's let's talk by the -- pork sliders I know he's heard Clinton says we -- this -- -- to let you should definitely get undressed these super easy to make I'm a little culinary challenge and I England yeah. -- thank you so much. On this step over harassing Hernandez and you'll see me inhaling app for most of these fifteen minutes total budget for me why I sure will go to the chip Samuel thank you my love. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And even now we also just -- we've got these cookies -- is essentially a free. -- -- -- I want to show -- we have a -- -- -- marshmallow on top Carolina and now I can't govern some of those songs. We're back Karen I have no home baked I mean they take advantage of -- fresh fresh smell them BK -- your ex wife kids and that's not -- is here. Track breezes wonderful. Cookie shop that the house just down the street from us my drive past it every day following -- Times Square. Hell's kitchen or public -- -- energy. Are you know pregnant yet so they make these amazing cookies every day and. So they've they've brought him in this morning you know what I thank him get them to -- want to thank you so much macro everybody on your visiting our man check out -- -- -- -- -- right there I got -- -- -- Deport them I'm talking the larger -- on the cookie as her. Underneath Marshall who is gonna take -- like pumpkin and visit oatmeal blazer she actually represented thirty yeah. Get -- yeah and again you get down to. All my adult life I got to try I love to -- show -- -- -- eating -- when they -- Josh Elliott it. Coming -- amazing amazing story think I was I was icing in the peace and an island -- is that I love my TV and the exhibited the kind piece where. It makes you realize to appreciate what you have. Those women talking about their men -- -- over in Afghanistan serving the country you bringing both sides of the story to us I cannot wait for tomorrow show. If you missed it today do go online and check it out loud and and everybody tomorrow is the big reunion I'm imagining I will be crying wolf. You know it's it's his it all started right here to win when the play -- -- -- -- right here and we've done these reunions and I almost. So they sort of feel bad I felt like you know we'd get -- Joy from showing these moments and I really -- -- way you like use you know they. They make us all feel better about ourselves and so admittedly. This is a personal obsession of mine I want -- To know what that moment was really like for them and tracing back here from both both sides and for -- ride you wanna thank. The the the US army who really made all of the possible not let's get into the family's. Outside -- -- drawn -- in Watertown New York just outside Syracuse. But also this is. This is Bob Graham airfield in Afghanistan and. We sat down with three military families. And that we went to spend time with their loved ones on the eve of their return and it was interesting at the one thing and it it's it's something I don't want to say it was say today lawsuit tomorrow. These families and really these soldiers. Feel forgotten. You know you you don't have a sense of -- that this country the war on terror is a decade plus now and they feel as though on this far flung. You know -- met him -- 6600 miles away they knew they wonder. If people back home still. Are aware that they're there making the sacrifice and also and Karen are involved. And they didn't sacrifice that I know you look -- a military brats and that this the sacrifice of families here so it's just. Josh there are still -- there's. I hope and we're not going to be able to come on as we don't have a show tomorrow but after tomorrow's show I hope the conversation that happens all over America. It is is more awareness about military families first of all. It's different in the military now than it was when when I was a kid and my dad served we lived on base. That you it was it was something and and all of the people that serve their proud to serve their happy to serve but life is more. Difficult for them now. That it was for us we had the military complex that the government took care of -- a lot better than they do these families Davies -- -- -- around. They're out there -- off base waiting for them to come home. There they don't make a lot of money at all and in in the old days when all your medical bills were paid for. The government's done some stuff to military families that I think we just need to start talking about it's not easy being the military now and I'm -- -- and -- -- what you're doing by talking about this story I hope everybody gets involved and says. What -- these people in America who serve our country protect our freedom what are they getting out. Silence -- getting enough and -- we're gonna show tomorrow that that the moment when making moment you know they've packed -- packed auditorium on base and in March their loved ones. I have. It's one they would it's the chill bumps are running up and down my body or at night it is it's just some holds and so again I want to -- -- -- Who by the way is a new father -- he had twin girls it is what Danny just gave birth to two more twin girls. I grabbed her like under 420 porcelain god got two sets of twin girls -- girls it's really out of -- -- so rich -- James -- and partly price it's -- it was an honor to work with olive view and thank you -- -- not so much so that story -- over -- not. -- Tory Johnson in the house everybody -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Oh is easily identified here's -- -- -- on the on the cover and then there's Jimmy Kimmel looking gorgeous equally. -- -- -- -- And -- we have -- and that is very rare when -- every once lively the other had to take a second job that I. -- yeah. On the hill still lower than. To Harden welcomed the unless they sell you saw it today we brought you some amazing. Deals -- offers an angle so -- who also I -- you would love what you on it. Bring high winds that topped the acting music late shift. The holidays mean a busy people Sam -- -- -- -- company to sample -- envelopes. Food and -- a lot of that I now -- out of today's going to be one of those days I'm just gonna let go back on. Economic output and he's gorgeous aren't legally juveniles that would though that what do you call day that she not tell us what you -- -- -- the moment yeah. At 8 -- and lets me -- and need I say there it is and I know us and be on Twitter thanks for treating. Today people are even not crazy how we describe in Israel and you have had been on I mean is that this office and I remember -- well luxurious. Very nice that we haven't worn out bridges while the less and that -- didn't think it's impossible to improve this and yet and yet getting headbands. -- finally -- -- about his violent I think this is another -- I don't have analog refrain to all these are just for you guys. They're watching Jimmy live -- accidentally -- it -- Well that from the atrium -- really beautiful as a pop of color onto the holiday table very glamorous or beautiful very affordable. And dishwasher saves me -- -- -- -- -- really mad -- me I want every day until now Kelly green you look -- -- shadow fighting arsenal captain every -- yeah yeah. You -- -- -- for comes in red Ford these beautiful I like it is magazine this champagne color. Beautifully put in pain so her -- her clients like beautiful or did you Sally plays yeah instantly -- life. About alienating a pregnant regularly a fresh set a farce starts at 68 dollars to eighty it heading -- -- -- that you just. Lasting half 34 tell us for gore yeah yeah. We're not black you questioned in the folks they're reading a magazine her big things gonna deals as we had. The -- -- no -- today one day only. -- -- -- -- -- -- yeah yeah yeah well I've actually done a pretty significant Christmas shopping yeah I am I'll ever. Every person and that she'd get a subscription to because when you go to Good Morning America dot com -- now you can get this issue this very issue as well as a year subscription to cents a month for twelve box tonight refuted the great gift for a -- -- Clemens remember yeah everything's been imagined -- actually ordering I don't know what else to do we save you some time because of course you are right now. How on Good Morning America dot com I got -- -- the show us a movie where the fighters that are wherever it is tied it on over to the money and again you can click and click and these deals and steals are going on and setting eyes on these. Yeah yeah. Supporters and so I'm sentencing asking you move -- along and talk with sweets. Keep out they now yes some way clients let -- -- -- that is amid well. I hope that's funny when it's different I am an off camera -- highest -- it did take off your pants and put on -- sweater that's right. Ladies and gentlemen the latest -- praises here and they are in fact -- swings. -- genius Stephen Glass has put together a video showing off the wonderfully warm hybrids. In a -- -- dance. Wow I where was this in pop Newsnight gosh darn it apparently when -- put -- -- -- really just have to dance. Since there is a little bit worried about -- -- -- there -- a tutorial I just like you sang swing that's considered well somehow dirty to me. Many options -- limit -- apparently didn't look basically like you are putting your legs into yes. Into a sweater did you see that did you see that outlived -- -- car. The men and certainly do you sold you so the whole of this letter. Up Sam or you can do it -- Here here chew and on this one like England let's -- him to get into the brain leads and little -- so wait a minute so. I don't know I thought these -- pants that -- knitted. Like a sweater but we're telling me is nobody sweater and stick your legs through the arms. The cake and -- the embarrassing even know throughout get pregnant -- -- -- -- sometimes not sometimes it's been so sometimes months and it sometimes life. The vehicle seven times that's crazy juggernaut. And if they put a trap door in the in the pajamas. And all we've all -- real -- I think that's wrong I don't think you should not -- to. I figure out. So you want this all of the caller Lara Spencer still up and that's why I'm I'm saying we're my sweater like yeah if you want. Where -- -- my hands like about knitting genius and then you dance apparently when he wears Lance. There's no way they make these big thank you next July Tom good you know what -- It's not and a new wording try to put your legs in the arms of -- -- they -- -- easy -- you don't actually. And they wouldn't raise or Larry is they million over the cats of these swaps. Cost pop up cop who might have -- Yeah what you guys -- -- parents bring them. Support what -- -- it's what little. Can't you got me on this cause I really thought these were hand -- pants on but I don't sit and what a great idea -- -- and now what I'm very cozy I think it's crazy but. Now why is it's crazy you know I can't be a winner now I also filled a hole got a copy half cup copy on the desk today dealing got to run Robin Roberts Robin -- your desk is sticking to my apologized. And -- have in my exuberance. Trying to copy a -- a move that Josh -- they've got by the way do not we saw that ensnared as well. But none of us are surprised. If you if you look at the -- None of us are actually surprised because we live with this lovely lady every day. And at least two or three times a week there -- some kind of giant catastrophe spill. And over just leaving all my novel but looking -- when I understand. How large I am your review really you. You think you're like five foot -- -- that bill did I -- his facial perception out issue right Michael big birds this makes me nervous -- -- -- -- having -- -- please don't believe that it is gonna say. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You sell itself it's just you know it's not just don't quickly quickly quickly if you have a surprise guest member we have to get we had -- -- -- and. The fast talking and it Fiat and we actually -- shot when that she got down there that was entirely in super slow -- And it sounds normal yeah she's saying all those worth well yeah all day they were outside there in Times Square competing to break world records -- it turns out. We do have one winner. What -- what am I just know it's something up and Sam margulies told me how many times you told me right. You wish that you could hold a Guinness world record I heard you say that's -- I don't think I've ever so that. Primary. OK -- they have never saw was Florida a and W heard insane and we -- and well yeah. -- -- -- -- Serious about giving yell I'm gonna bring it -- letter. Put the puck and the world's largest march -- there. And now I want everybody. Look at -- giant man who look at how big as they get smoked a good example. I'm -- I don't really know this is OK -- and -- apparently a lot of apartment. Hitler and his team how how did you do this idea I -- I didn't you. You're wondering what is we'll -- got into such an incident. We wanted to honor you I think army so when I heard -- I think you should hang this warehouse yes I don't know what I do you -- -- -- -- house to hang an end. It's real -- it. Are these these are fresh marks not regrettable there might well there's room in the realm -- -- -- -- -- -- there it is he is giving the -- this is in fact the world's largest pro. You are your friend and a -- that -- quick as I mean this is right here. This is one of a hydrant there is a good you could fully appreciate. All. And why did yes I can happen so I wonder what was. The single most difficult thing about capturing that's it all added let's put. Beauty yeah and black what what was -- was -- I'd say. Maybe the -- -- yeah. Sparkling blue eyes as he just can't imagine not brilliant but America stand further back doing really hit it looks more like I think it looks exactly and we don't like to present them more got partially who gets the -- -- imagine if you get it -- -- imagination of the work. Yeah absurd Guinness world record man. Patrick Little largest marshmallow -- There it is indeed I can confirm good morning rule that your dreams have come true. And this is the world's largest -- -- -- an amazing. 100 square feet I -- get left. You -- a Guinness -- record holder. Congratulating. -- -- imagining him -- -- like the -- acquired a box and a lot of folks didn't think it's never not. Happened to me and eagerly received thank -- -- very much Stuart Claxton guy in the in the Guinness folks thank you very much should that carries you guys have gaffes at McDonald's announced pigeon. Take Abbas everybody out. Beautiful lovely studio automatically -- -- Get out and hug Constance until -- please don't even -- -- -- -- -- -- --

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