GMA LIVE (11.13.13)

Josh and Lara get in the Thanksgiving spirit with the Mac and Cheese cam.
13:41 | 11/13/13

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Transcript for GMA LIVE (11.13.13)
Program. Hello Jim -- hi Tim and I look at best we just -- stagnant or we can be a good nice sweeping shot with a broken. So Wolfgang Puck was on the big sound and I he's making recipes that you guys decide on term. And -- no member I know -- For Connolly who -- are very different next to him. It. Also happened. Give -- a college guy November like I know. Let's dynamite. And I want to pick America because America voted yeah fort choices on line. Well for Diana members for dynamic wolf can't cut it this is big Mac and cheese and Turkey yeah it's it's basically an idea -- -- -- -- leftover Turkey and I daresay. Do not -- do not run sprints lied to your -- -- years. Website we're dumbing our show and look up the rest because it's not certain of these and actually get off your honor let's separate doesn't don't just move the cursor over no don't -- to sit and enjoy it's relax and enjoy the ride. Be awesome and delicious with Turkey. So that it is Elliott I think that. Yeah -- -- -- did you get a glass of water around here well after another footnote she -- he doesn't think that it. Well defined -- -- -- that we also coined the term on ground there is -- yeah. How do you feel -- need its very Robin is -- -- lake. Chain herself to the locked doors of -- so upset is she by the idea -- is going to be open. How do you feel and I think it definitely need join them Thanksgiving as such. And as such special family day -- -- most fond memories of my data on Thanksgiving. -- -- Children everywhere -- experience that. Taking a walk after the meal and so you can make room for dessert. You know just I don't feel like -- -- a shop looks like never before 499 witnesses -- I don't know that just doesn't feel at Thanksgiving on the outside not -- -- -- -- and we are taking a walk to the couch for the late -- gas and falling asleep before halftime that's what Thanksgiving. Immediately I think it's too bad because really now you see. Did you seed did you know it's it's all going public dominoes are falling out stores can't afford not to deal there's very so many distractions and by the way you and I are guilty as everybody would -- -- act like they went through the my favorite memories are sort of feeling stock as a little kid but then realizing as as a tween in nineteen how great it was to be around -- table for hours on and laughing and youngest of five to torturing each other and I went in with your extended family just having really good food eating too much taking a walk watching sports teams have -- got explain. You know what was happening it's my favorite holiday really for that reason because there's no other point than just being with other. -- -- -- -- And everybody wait until Friday to have -- November it's I don't. This -- that we find out what about -- what -- -- I. It. Everybody -- It isn't I'm sorry we had outside anti Iraq I take this -- so ideal I -- you know. My my enduring love of the central valleys into Roxy was here yesterday with the snazzy science but it started snowing on anti -- -- So I just wanna say -- who -- similar to Beckham I'm sitting united everybody there's too many name so I'm gonna say prided. Mom dad stands. Cousins everybody too many to -- right big family I love I love the central valley and by the way you wanna get on genial and laminate your son of the bringing us that he has purchased all sorts of larceny and anti Nazi thing you know thank thank thank thank you oh sorry I did so it's more in the studio -- -- -- -- out by the old you can't get this beard awards that -- continent -- Unbelievable all right and vast and -- we get you've -- I don't. So every year during final -- that too. -- in Kansas City. -- kids' dinosaur collection comes to life lobby to sleep. It started 1 morning when the kids woke to discover. Any source -- -- -- -- -- theory -- that Thompson. Here they are drawing. We're at would have been drawing what are they doing there. They're drawn near the dinosaur -- belongs there also T -- the bathroom. Those -- -- harass colleagues note toy is safe but they always clean up after 9900 it's the weirdest thing Josh. The -- parents say in -- age of video games and iPad they just wanted to inject a little magic into their kids' lives I think this is a great idea. And you know what the kids are still -- that wonderful age where we were confident. Say anymore but you know what I mean wink wink. Those dinosaurs are real I just hope that we're at the age where he got kids are logging on yet to -- great programs like Gmail yes -- if you are make sure to get the -- exact I don't know. Speaking. The dinosaurs Italian lot of time spent a lot of us play in the next report Jurassic Park. In real life. Remember Charlie thought -- -- -- everywhere yeah. He comes on they do they do movie scenes in -- in in just realized that telling anybody like to ask permission so let's literally described as -- -- -- -- to draft a fundamental when they saw the dinosaurs for the -- yeah mark Sam -- in order. That's amazing. It's awesome. But -- is its algebra yup there's a central market -- -- -- that. That dinosaur from the show from -- -- here puppet challenge I think it's well so they hired that. Do we have that by the way to mission control room -- -- look at Richard Attenborough who think that Richard and I got sent to maintain. That is so good so obviously mean we have -- soundness but just try to imagine a scene from Jurassic Park -- out. -- -- -- -- -- And that there was a stampede that we as -- they saw the stampede. I just out a related note if drastic part actually never did really happen for real. I would. I might die from happiness that I might series I would not might not get to Jurassic Park such would be the overwhelming. You know you really -- lives. They'll also look at your your -- ask. The T Rex and believe me I kind of think like -- I was actually at. You know it's probably the -- to -- I love the dinosaur -- he's so big in tunes like a mountain with what you bad that you know he's like John McCain Cao now. Alison you know like -- hole like no predator thing when you're like that cuts like they're so big that -- really getting -- definite drag shows up -- -- really -- -- like Bob literally like a twelve ton -- I just like his attracts Eric tops where there's another one at that looks really mean he's not so mean. And his status -- -- sore -- he looks like a bad days you know Latin but he's not. That some of the -- -- -- the really the act really like. -- makes a noise last. That's -- the last time fixer in -- provides school last week or drop she asked about the meteor. It hit the earth until the -- does all the boys are -- our love in the -- And all of a sudden like five minutes into the drive home Bob -- were on the theory of evolution. In my -- the rise of the mammals in the -- -- the age is an error eleven questioning began yes. Swat wide do I why I don't know why I I turn a batter on you know what I'll say I don't know how and where do you. In Scotland snap and then they work it out themselves or they doubt that's great parenting -- pop pop pop -- -- -- -- -- It's an internal clouds -- -- having babies are but what. -- Didn't we don't know why -- why -- why didn't we just do it. Well we wanna -- that's still. But you actually can't -- -- -- this is a polarizing one. But here you go. Doubling fudge dollar really jaws dropping site for young swimmer in California take a look a -- -- the -- somebody -- shocked and then all of a sudden look at him go. Look at this guy go. He is swimming for dear life because they're actually think -- shut behind them. But obviously. Yeah nobody gives a big -- chocolate out here. I mean -- he. He's in Vegas Nevada all calling for ivory is not a yeah on that point oh my god she's like these -- -- -- the managing his rehab okay I just. Jane first of all -- probably the quality of the video if this is almost like a similar water park I'm so can. It's something -- a -- -- let me tell you what it's not any place are huge shark would be good I've never universal and that -- Right especially that -- which reforms in bends with the wind because it's actually. What do you do -- -- take some responsibility here let's see your face. You know I was part of -- or bad news I don't like any of those -- that that was looked to be differently so it CA I can take years ago continues ardently supported this one for the big show yesterday he I said in the media and politics and comedy. See what I might have -- the Israeli side it was the driver about it. -- -- -- -- -- -- I like today's town he was dead today's have been better -- they ruled on time yet. Yeah we don't Indian patriots -- he's I had a week from Nike do we get -- you kidding didn't know you didn't get one it just roll. -- -- -- we -- do this have for the Internet read enough of the I didn't actually compose ourselves -- -- by the -- succeeding again I'm very busy I don't what are you reading I killed it. -- some of the Mac and cheese everybody loves it worries me that some of the minute a -- we'll try to we'll try to make that happen. Two plastics -- -- everybody that's everybody wants to share the same stood -- London. -- while we get plastic -- let me has taken a running fast it shocks me that had a comment on any big shot I brought you the story of being. The rescue dog who became the first. -- to climb Mount Everest I am watching something happened -- -- pat in the day is also a special rescue dog her name is Alexi. When she was found she was severely underweight you're -- looking at -- on the Alexi what I'm missing here -- parts of the body for good reason. We -- trust issues with humans with it now four years later. Here she is pulling off some incredible tracks. Her older Katerina Jensen says -- loves to balance on anything. And she loved to jump into her arms and clearly the bonds in the trust. He's so magnificent as and owner of three rescue dogs I can tell you. There is there it's as if they know that you saved their lives and there is a level of love and unconditional love that you will only get of the -- -- -- please. -- everybody. I totally agree with that so I just want to preface like I totally agree and now what five. I just -- win we need. That black when we see a dog on a rooftop and jumping off the roof top and we hear how much the dogs loved it. But -- looks really happy and we are now we are amp -- for more fighting to a degree are we not I mean I. -- I would like to believe that the -- wanted to climb Mount Everest and -- -- the dog can't really synthesized things like oxygen depletion -- and why do I feel horrible. And the deaths alone and this does this doesn't seem Smart to you do. Video I'm -- I'm not I'm not happy but let me beautiful story no regular -- make him do think they don't -- -- -- -- don't really trust you know what I -- my god do. Islamic couch and ethnicity -- -- ago I think there you are -- middle ground with you are eating in the half and -- -- -- -- -- carrying I don't know the -- happened and others about what you -- lives and basically a 7-Eleven. Fitness. -- like I can acknowledge some good. It is it is there's a lot of present treatment there -- huge bill. Beautiful industrial -- -- there than just keeps it all already gearing up for Ghana and I'm got to tell you -- I've really got to go because you just a little how many I'm gonna do a big house warming and player freezer. That will be actually be a great -- that's and maybe we can do the show live from from your -- life might in -- remains. What could be about her we're gonna think about -- -- yeah you respond aren't I don't like pushing your -- and because it -- time -- -- rightly got. All of the -- -- work amazing and incredible and historic reasons. Yeah -- yeah. Yeah. -- I don't. Anti -- today. Yeah.

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