GMA LIVE (11.15.13)

Check out the funniest moments of the week from "Good Morning America" and "GMA Live!"
7:21 | 11/15/13

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Transcript for GMA LIVE (11.15.13)
Yeah. -- -- -- Your hunch I had no idea what will be easier just a moment that you through this moment we want to -- -- one -- -- got -- And probably didn't want to wait until it. -- -- I'm thinking hey what I guess -- Find out who -- lot of different that's right one related I want -- New London and I know them a lot of fun. -- who do you sorry. You know -- -- November -- like I know I. I dare say do not live do not run sprints lied to your web do website we're -- ourselves and look at the -- -- that. And actually they're here on our website right now -- don't just move the cursor over -- don't act as a defendant in July it's doubtful. The three of us -- we're going to get into that my. Wait for that went out -- -- -- -- be sued if he's -- I think she's committed than ever what are. Allowed to -- -- -- -- -- Yeah things especially Richard does the space -- I think gay and in the same ambulance got -- -- -- -- I dressed up for her for Halloween I was hoping to keep the program but how to get around. Is this is Norway's Adrian -- overseas Karen -- a chapter book. Great story begins at my -- song called -- -- And he wanted to move to go national best part here. -- -- -- yes it was -- -- 31 did you. Marine Corps yesterday marked by the annual -- they've also. And yes. Our servicemen and women helping folks a little more -- a little moonwalk. It was being busted here. This may have -- -- -- dance off. Oh yeah oh yeah oh yeah. -- not try that at home. Worry that if you're -- jamming you see someone talking themselves don't judge you don't assume -- we -- in fact quite the opposite could be true they could be Smart enough to be. Revving up their work out resurgent England -- say that it's not actually your muscle. What your brain that tells you you're exhausted. And then -- in hot news it's been about two months since we first asked that very important question. The fox -- -- -- -- I'm thank you Susan patient becomes a picture -- Comedy team annual message came up with the impossible to prevent -- had inked a deal with publishing dynamos -- You must feel like good morning 200 million people have watched the video -- the little humbling you young. And they are not waiting honesty the only just fifteen minutes -- up anytime. That pitcher Bob wooden shelves this December. Doesn't sound and you also and evolved gradually move on from the ailment. I'm so. If that's solid top -- Not that I and we cannot wait we did not -- up to here on GM Jim headline actually she is lovely yeah. Com. I can only slightly toward him. That we've added. -- if you want something. Actors. Don tell me why we -- frisky. They didn't want just coming clean. But hey hang around you that's her problem and that's what happened -- -- -- -- NIC Robertson was like I think we may have finally turning taking you. The -- -- and then they work it out themselves or they doubt that's Gregg Henson. If -- an internal -- -- -- thinking he's on the couple. I just didn't show -- and who won't -- enough away another vacant. One on its way. I I don't -- cemetery and it was -- it was nice to see what some and he spoke to all the clubs and you know. Yes I am just doing what did you lie he wanted to argue about. I like today's town whose head today's -- -- -- What -- yeah. You don't really didn't get -- three at Toronto on Sunday at least from my -- yeah. One -- just lol I didn't. I really gonna give us -- -- Internet -- We stopped by the food and beating again -- very busy I don't wouldn't. I killed it's a learning -- minimum payments on -- -- I'm hungry I'm really hungry and okay. There I'm -- I don't know that that we don't. A lot of -- -- -- -- -- -- want in the game. In returning foods at a time -- again. -- -- And Iran. Oh I think speaks -- -- you know what mom we borrowed two. To service member women who have come -- -- it over. That's first of all need not meet the lucky couple.

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{"id":20899737,"title":"GMA LIVE (11.15.13)","duration":"7:21","description":"Check out the funniest moments of the week from \"Good Morning America\" and \"GMA Live!\"","url":"/GMA/video/gma-live-111513-20899737","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}