GMA Live! (12.11.12)

Josh, Sam, and Amy discuss Twitter trends, poinsettia pronunciation, snowman prank, renting puppies.
13:33 | 12/11/12

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Transcript for GMA Live! (12.11.12)
-- -- -- Okay. I gave to a gym at live I'm still little hung up because -- GM is life it's already it was lost its bid remains -- oh we're gonna open up -- actually on Twitter. If you could call this show something else entirely what might it be okay we're soliciting that. Also. What we're here at 915 each and every day -- to show you what goes on. Although I would argue that today's program you kind of saw what happens during commercial -- back the -- -- generating -- during the fans spilled over into the job. Let me get my bonds indeed here's. -- -- And we got a huge response by the way on -- folks watching around the world what the tweets coming in a special -- to bring on all Michelle Meyer by the way and hands -- is. Studying abroad in London discuss currency -- being able to watch CME live from my flat in London is making my day. I miss my GMA family we actually asked Rihanna to join us live but. She's such a good student she said I have a field trip during GMA -- This morning and I don't want to skip class I'm not. Is it could open invitation and carpet remains roles -- it all so. You know the thing with I don't tell Sam I think what fantasy football is it's just this referendum on who -- a person. Think -- and when you lose in the playoffs it is brutal however thank you Monique for feeling my pain. Boy at least it's over now I get my life back and that that there's a measure of an ally in Nigeria that's in place -- -- -- Yeah I don't know cannot allow Blase during the well I'm blonde after the football I don't know I don't know. But good for you Josh -- that -- I -- we -- -- Little overwhelmed we have. So I was choking to death -- whatever this is this flying out of the woods and -- mom can we have a little fun this morning with pronunciation. By the way -- ministership yes and again and well and whenever whatever happens from now on its points on. Point so it's not when we asked the audience -- -- -- let's show you what the audience but. Then started decorating the -- set -- or -- As Josh went straight points said he had now let me just -- -- -- -- he -- points set up applause if you think. Okay. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- They only want what's your name -- you're the only one that it's going 38 UN Josh that would be -- -- you. And you know what I just wanna say we brought -- she -- peanuts he did. From Virginia and let Pam has some some real knowledge about how to pronounce point SATA and yes it's it there -- town in South Carolina called -- set South Carolina. And the end there is a man mr. points. He was the ambassador to Mexico. He brought the -- back to his wife -- Christmas gifts and then it was a tradition after the panel you're so Smart we actually have we do we won't have to be joining us from that town. Right now good sir you with us here arrived on GMA live really live. Yes good morning good morning to you can you please end -- a debate that threatens to chair the very fabric of this show. Could I have a big red flower in front of me about this time a year what flowered I have in front and. I when video. Can't -- the point of fact now. Now and -- demands from the town they demand from the town he's an expert and a lovely man he's raised her from the city's Hartley said. He calls it a point that he is is appalling idea and written. -- thank you very good thank you very much for taking time out of your busy professional -- per day. Could tell us how to pronounce this. Can get on board you'll be a public thank you for your peanuts he was English that well I'm glad he could enjoy ordinary -- I didn't get where they're actually you know what keep you. When the we have lovely parting gifts on GMA really live in -- when she got -- other happy. You're gonna have absolutely no problem and -- airport security with -- -- -- Dying here how much longer we have to have these. All day long meanwhile keep on GMA really live you're gonna see how we've been prepping before tomorrow's. GM it and it's a good one top secret play of the day we -- -- Unbeknownst to folks who is now. I was novel -- that was maybe and then this -- out. That was you that was guide how we got a good -- That was a good Sri limiting money Cannes like kind of like I was mildly not had this again this is from a play -- -- we have last week very similar success. Seven. That was that was me walking about -- -- There was snow and care I mean I'm I'm I am dead asleep with the copy and I go right into blaming Josh or -- Great just -- -- -- -- -- break that break the snowman but everyone in our staff except for Josh. Got a surprise we're gonna show you all of their reactions to -- GMA she spent ranged -- -- -- -- if you guys announced point said he correctly you wouldn't know I would have told you how. Oh aren't all that debate is not over but no it's not it's not. We have -- we have a big pilot for -- -- Sammy telling. We -- by the way Twitter right here about where we see this show is only two days old and already people are running here to reveal things to Michelle Twitter came to us to tell you you're not hearing -- anyplace else but here first that from 2012. The exclusive first the most memorable moments on toward the most re -- tweet of the year. President Obama's tweet on election night thanking his supporters within hours it came the most -- Twitter became the most reach we 22012. -- right now -- Sam right now getting a rhetoric is -- to -- many times -- -- -- More than 200 countries around the world so to sum up embodied what -- trend is that that that tweet was the most -- tweet tweet. -- Eddy -- in 2012 and 2000 well in the history of Tweeter and that. Thousands are constantly on the move on to these burners and that they can take them off and families can visit the way to save your food apparently without those annoying calories without -- knowing food and Cuban annoying yet -- -- -- and -- -- your stomach. You take -- with on the and no -- A high tech kitchen gadget that uses more fickle winds and what I don't look at you know -- to sign my name Jennifer value added. I don't know -- it's a way which one we have. Cool I think -- -- happen and that's just here's the of the expert. Smith yeah. Snowman on Apple's. Again cinnamon apples. We now yes anybody -- 00 this little man is all right and you know what it's semi. -- -- I'm hearing. I'm -- didn't. But it would not -- so we don't ask what's swallowed by outlet built little wind and we'll -- not -- -- -- hang on like. I knew that flavor I don't know I'm that is that is on right now is an easy -- -- -- put another bubble -- but. A little it's not bad. That's exactly is a banana Laffy tabby and an -- But can't stand the man I don't know because it's got to get he's out here. He noted is staying at that -- -- tangle. Pretending -- to its. The good news the government the webcast -- that is your -- way. I'm not -- If it's not -- -- there are in. New -- enough in the. Thank you -- no -- thank -- government. Yeah. -- -- -- know. And there's more. Nobody can resist the public first come to all the let's be honest now puppies are a lot of work -- mountain. But I tell workers there's potty training it's a hideous Cologne he got to walk them they -- -- Then we'll just. You need not do that anymore we saw these that we saw these two lovely folks. On the -- today hasn't gone away it just. In fact you know you can -- you can just read about the. -- -- I was told there was going to be horrific just -- I was told don't need to be -- that's a sound on tape. While that's I was kind of throwing -- It's funny I dollars -- -- resort to knock me aren't. You very well. Thank you for that sound on tape that was terrific I've just saved us about fifteen dollars -- -- would you -- it would seriously renting a puppy what do I think there's two magistrates I think my kids get really attached and then they need begging me to -- -- puppy or assumed -- had to adopt a puppy yet. And it benefits that's a good for the populace to being handed around. I don't know I don't I would. Sam -- -- maybe it's if I think the intention may be is to get them adopted so are probably be the intention is. That you go in thinking I'm -- and fifteen minutes with a puppy but an actually who can just -- That's telling and -- with -- ugly face stage manager and what do you think should we need -- again yet yet the. Rent a puppy what do you think no we did you have to really be invested in the if you're gonna have a -- you need to it's a lifetime you know its choice for like I'm not two hours. Yeah okay how about how about that -- to -- You can cuddle me. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I do you're gonna plumber I can't wait hang on real -- -- -- we -- -- you can adopt these two I've got to believe the lines are already -- they are so lovely and cute and adorable there. So yes who aren't Good Morning America dot com -- Yahoo! for more. Humane society irony my New York humane society of new blood new York New York City. New York, New York humane society no seriously they are fantastic dogs -- incredibly cooperative would like some fruitcake. Yes I am a mother and warns -- that -- I run on why I know he's free and yeah like to have good homes hopefully. Passage -- yeah yeah. That are welcoming hello and happy the way is making headlines this morning for her -- news. And we went take a look at them because she stepped out at the lane is premiere here in New York last night wearing these funds just. Style -- come -- heels Darren ask what you think. And mom. Numb. Down and now -- -- comes -- okay. -- absolutely loved it she can pull it off but could anyone else I don't know -- not many people -- Well yeah -- snacks and definitely here's here's that I mean you know. I struggle with the idea that you're gonna wrap anything around your leg and then there's gonna be like fleshy parts that are coming out of the raping and then you -- you can kind of radio yeah I think I think I I think I would feel it. I would suggest one thing. She not right now escalator in England and around the holidays around hotel or any Miro and worst in many -- -- I have nothing disorder I mean I expect it when I thought I laugh at myself earlier and showed -- today actually -- took joy -- human misery and it was really was distracted. Well no you know it's just aren't the falling I think you're on a ski slope in the you know my dad passes by any -- I started laughing it's just -- I don't know why insult me he didn't -- himself and remind me not just you know. I'm sorry it's just hey yeah. -- Properly pleading help I if anyone has any suggestion. I know and I know I'm trying to delivers -- mauling at the pickup. We wonder -- thank you for joining us we should also mention we did have. Have a name on holiday didn't contest we don't think the people got enough and a -- -- Sam won it -- see that pat slamming down I have. Now -- right now and put it on -- right now he's gonna -- it right right now and seconds. Tomorrow right. Back here on Good Morning America dot com 0950. GMA really --

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