GMA LIVE (12.11.13)

Liz Gumbinner stops by GMA LIVE with the hottest tech gifts for this holiday season.
3:00 | 12/11/13

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Transcript for GMA LIVE (12.11.13)
-- -- And how the hell -- The great Jack Hanna director emeritus of the Columbus who -- -- to stick around. -- we fat -- no animal left behind. Just a little about the weakness summit -- -- shot well we dedicated GO I didn't do we have that can see right here right here was last year but. Did he could do it jacked -- Saturn dealer members like eligible yes he did Jack if you remember this Jacqueline people who didn't remember anything did you actually came last match here. Hello there probably that -- go to money looking into eleven is -- milk. It says that college league table talking did you lawsuit just say that I needed to dry -- that -- -- -- That would touch him he will not touch OK don't -- -- That this isn't everything that he did calling someone else here's the interesting thing you -- don't touch him he will Bible -- put him on Josh his children. That was another type of -- -- -- Looks like I think it should enable it to the honey bear because they're able to -- -- -- upside down and the bees in swarm all -- came to the animal advocates thing. -- -- -- -- Really thanks so can't let us show all the exact nocturnal two digits of America some -- have -- -- -- that you know that's been stopped obviously. Yeah there are depleted before her mom doesn't talented. Even turned green in the jumbos which until moved from college that is some rain so much and you have brought -- to return got a green -- -- in love with -- alternative -- -- she -- just always like you look like sisters -- yeah Josh I can't put. You know what -- Janet that there is well there it is out there it is -- -- that isn't feeling -- now we don't. Why did you yeah yeah. Clearly outside the business so want to clear a case that this is what Jack Hanna who I love that what -- -- was so much look at. This is this every time Jack comes on the show and you'll sit there -- with a little lizard and you just a little lizard. And then he'll be done and they'll say oh by the way don't let that thing here your face because it will most likely and is -- in the. More I don't see that he's you did just say don't -- you -- that that unlike you and it had an -- hands on his shoulder you want a candidate flooded. Heavy -- there because he put going to be easy can't hurting them. It's twice as likely averted space I am impervious to -- could you did -- I don't know I think. I think about about what you -- you need to impact on my little girl's life who just turned nine and she now elect wants to -- -- mission to save animals because of you. You're going on you spread the message of snow leopards and -- just heartbreaking is not necessarily mean 500 less -- that the world and we're gonna lose them. Because have a lifetime -- from more and more about optimist at Christmas but the people. Don't understand how vital they are not just that part of the world but on the whole world. And we have a problem -- -- tonight on animal advocates say that -- -- -- -- see. A lot of things right again Jack I want -- -- and you -- I was not kidding when you have a best of compilation of people can pick up. And you even go about -- and need to do is. The abuse got pipers -- ME TE ND guarantee -- -- TC -- -- -- -- -- double. I was all of it your all 26 what it's -- I thought I had a hard time I thought electing an -- to me like three days over 500 chosen -- 182 years. Go through their pick the best sixty it wasn't -- trust me for. It's amazing Lewiston police studded show to a drug elected risking two billion dollar now we well what you. You don't know what but she didn't know what the what is this show that's due on the ship -- he just didn't. -- and it didn't take but she -- about the attempt was made. But I just a solidarity must consider -- I just looked up to much of what he wanted to -- issue is no way Jack. How -- are different thinking this it's -- natural -- Yeah well yes I don't -- they AT&T I let it. Yes yeah. I want to object of -- I mean -- well not concede have a little net and shield kids from our good -- -- -- Here New York City always manages -- this is a holiday version of this is stopping Turkey and Swiss and. It turns out it is as delicious as you might yeah on about how big one -- that everyone mom didn't believe behind and mom everybody the great Jack Hanna. -- game and I feel doggone Good Morning America dot com and on Yahoo! how to get -- book it's great. As you mentioned for the kids for the animal lovers in the house terrific stuff always fun -- I can't wait to see you almost -- -- next time Jack. I'll be back on the backs of idol pop little pot the night -- -- Jack Hanna is just like one of the that's human beings alive yeah hanging on any night besides his AT&T issued. He's really but just how can we almost -- -- -- recently I thought you know what I thought it was a Q -- -- that. Was crawling around on the Atlantic's Josh which he had -- committee that no we wouldn't ever done -- -- an incredibly dangerous we have physical proof. You're not and -- not -- is -- -- everything. Oh well -- -- can't add to what it actually did you if you as a noticing this little -- but it's the age it. It went into my ear and pulled out thinking yeah. I mean that's awesome nice to note that -- A -- you know serious injury by baton -- that he thinks that point she said and he was telling you to wrap. That's exactly -- yeah turns out it worked about as well as it does for you exact reasons and it listened -- him or me. I -- summoning a little -- backstroke -- bring it carried out how this comes from a couple of adventures and ingenious teens I'll be the judge of that. We took a back to -- their bodies but from their -- Adrenaline junkies Austin's -- -- Harding. One I don't Paul's resident Derek from -- momma they couldn't build a rollercoaster in their backyard. So they did it you besides it being a fully functional roller coaster was built for under fifty dollars they -- a lot of stuff laying on the house. And lot of little plywood and less than two days you're enjoying every kid's dream what I mean makes me feel. So failure on such a failure the family seriously I and it's such -- -- trying to yeah. Pretty well meanwhile somebody let me this morning that you can't get up thinking your face painted and put a suit on and go out and talk about. Gisele. And space age club and what about the fact he just wasn't getting old I do we have that continue to bring it needs to -- -- -- because it's four experts shared. How we -- That this is odd isn't -- hang my head and -- my favorite properties ever happening again Vietnam and show this. Is as you mentioned it's not just from the -- in the finest anymore no now because we now have the NYC taxi drivers. We can't afford to monitor and -- where there are they like to see -- I had I mean it's all about it's it's really it's there's man I -- you know I mean this. -- -- -- -- -- -- My favorite is -- -- told -- August oh for some reason I don't need to be I'm showing -- -- -- deck and. Yeah. -- that I did not get in trouble checking -- I didn't I didn't I -- I'd I'd I'd yeah I really you know that's what's sad speculate there was one other good ones. Just like this -- did this is my favorite is this guy because you know what as -- you know rob and I were talking a lawyer doing it commitment it's all about the commitment. Now this don't I don't know if you could be more committed than me. This is really good time illegal -- -- this one showed us what really quickly. That's getting that's -- Around that mr. February. So make no mistake friends of mine and I'm not getting your stockings you're looking at a. This is on I mean not just. Pop musical nice story like and I just can -- like. It's going to get from the guy you would live through today to be the the -- -- -- Juliette Lewis who I'm told is amazing in. August Osage county -- -- Kidman in each team to play. Christie and the cubs only guy who asked us what we were you have a full -- crash I told apple. I happily ever -- Sense and Sensibility. I want she is French cheese you know -- tall she's so tall jar of water she's beautiful girl. She's amazing. No had a job cellular I assume well after the interview Josh went running for strong like you never touched the flowers on the -- That's right right crooks that's like you don't -- as we use them for nine weeks because of our budget. So Josh. Group -- and he grabbed the -- out of there and goes running pushing and pushing people. I get -- and laugh and didn't -- -- on us at Angela I don't I'm I'm proud I'm proud of my love for Emma Thompson yeah. Just by making around yeah -- issues like way you know somewhere revisit that he has she's like a move quickly -- -- on -- that -- she's doing the loot they do like the New York Lou yes like car wash we thought ESP yeah you start you -- sun drops in your finally done but. Look we got -- early and great it was great. What we have finally -- guys that -- they want to show off. -- show up a giant iPad. Kind of got it. It's Santa Clarita California on it is obvious. Isn't it I think that's where they get that. Well it it now not an onsite can you've got out at a restaurant with another fumble -- the -- -- -- -- In that -- stops and billion Davis. -- Every opportunity you know. Gable didn't -- that I'm not happy about my fifth there was an eight is great. And you know what surely getting we'd love. It like two years you lot yeah. -- of the embedded -- -- skin it's not going to be different. And I wouldn't Mega Millions tonight. Which -- by the way is 400 I was -- ask you about you know you promised all of us got to getting -- and I will deliver it got me I would absolutely deliver. And then I will tender matter is actually you know I'm I'm not -- in and I work my way quit. If it my I love getting up you know you know you have a good job if you want 400 million dollars you wouldn't quit -- it's -- now at the club I wouldn't. I wouldn't and you get what I would I would do this -- Kind of to a very well have a good men and and I feel about the -- Hash tag put it -- Yes that's right technology in -- I think these enough of them really have ginger please do come and see what we've got -- -- -- Thanks for having me can you talk about techie techie fun fun because. Every single thing on the table we all love to -- and Hannity everything on the table is under a hundred dollars people being fat cat toys toys have to be like big screen TVs and there's so much cool stuff at great prices right now -- -- -- this -- -- what is us. The fit fit flax isn't so hot everybody is number one here -- -- and get -- -- my -- so this is the way to help keep track of your fitness goals because it takes the track. The steps we've taken during the day. How well you're sleeping and name your calories with her next album. Very -- -- what -- -- what's -- about it. Well it's. It's 99 dollars that it met that target and the -- -- it what's really cool about it is people are giving us like his and hers -- I'll bet that all of can -- -- to -- and kind. Yeah like Vanilla -- -- -- -- I think that's great kids have to get a reaction. He had this -- then our top. Recommended first tablet for kids for the last year's accord on -- it's called the -- junior 99 dollars for forgy. And that she says. It's a fully functioning android tablet to you confusing yourself and look at the thing it's like -- -- indestructible can he got but he won again. Like three sex a preschool and then with the wireless speaker at -- -- that's when I needed him this morning yeah Bluetooth speaker I've never seen 140 dollars -- -- the Cannes is great. If nothing if -- cloud in the small space media like for an offense really good bargain deals and stocking -- OK and then you -- trying to help let's do city. Little -- -- out into the sound or a lot of people not they don't want to put their phones right up to their ear because of the radiation fears. This is really wonderful because access -- speaker you don't need any kind of flew to interconnectivity just put your phone right on it and it works. To play music or -- -- conference call. Pretty Smart. And it's 39 dollars I have no idea how -- -- -- and I guess just getting out and finally this is the most exciting. And so you're -- you're gonna -- That has just published out of rocket of printing copies in its very heart -- either get your arm and right or you made all the things right to this pairs of your thumb me down let me ask yet and we just like ticket Pixar. A panic comes up I -- yeah from the government can -- it's awesome it's twenty point 99 you can get it through -- site aren't -- places like -- -- -- of. Lindsay -- made every teenager and myself very happy and healthy succumbed. -- -- until I don't know drugging and they can't get more information on and get other great ideas for tech lovers like checking out cool mom tech dot com. And that we -- want to remind everyone too -- to get involved in our coat drive by donating your local Burlington -- -- you know. Thing -- they could take yourself he's with this thing. Could that -- didn't ring and -- -- close to the activists are even by a friendly one either way. Your generosity will go a long long -- for someone who didn't need this holiday season accident. OK before we got. I as a premise I wanna set and I -- and I mean this from the bottom of my heart and soul. The very best crew we have we have. We all. We'd like tell you -- -- hard to virtually every day we will having happened. You will have an interview so did -- and I used to have an hour. -- -- We have an -- and they'll say they'll be watching -- break -- craziness that happens in here between 7 and 9 eastern every morning and they'll ask us how do you do it. And there's one answer. This yes -- how. Dog they also. Like to pass the time. And so we got it -- This is behind this season second. Yeah stellar -- Won't win yeah hand down sentences under house our outlook. OK so and so okay dude I thought it was get a -- yeah. Yeah. They haven't -- wouldn't sound body was get ahead but his head through the cooler and visited. -- -- Amazing. Faster to use -- -- just simply exists now. I gave that moment right after -- It looks like you might have been out on your feet. Have been adamant that -- just -- little smoke and urine and remember that's. -- and yeah and very and they are. And Edison looks like yeah. I'm not gonna mild -- that they had events. Well -- and laughing for days. -- even though we're on the Internet I should also note we had to believe this. Yeah. Like that I didn't -- them. I don't know of any sentencing yeah. I just want to I -- there's been. McDowell I wants to -- I want you to -- to a 150 you know. And then when you go out so -- your epitaph read -- content. It's really -- everybody brilliant.

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