GMA LIVE! (12.28.12)

Paula Faris, Dan Abrams and Linsey Davis use hammers to test sturdy tablet cases.
13:37 | 12/28/12

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Transcript for GMA LIVE! (12.28.12)
Yeah yeah I am really not. It's not a -- delay so anything we say can and will be used against us right and Good Morning America dot com. Thank you so please happen -- -- -- here limited -- saying nothing that would cause me that he believes so yeah nothing will implement it doesn't get it all on him. And -- in Atlanta the. This is like cable at English field hits like him cable news he listens you know we hate you state things you regret we didn't think. Shows up on the Internet and you know that that's what let me -- now say it right handed. You're gonna -- -- -- -- your legal X and oh yeah that's right that's very ill actually we're not we're told not to break into song and sandals with a that's because their coverage -- thrown -- -- it was like -- That's why you're here -- yes exactly exact I'm here is that -- school monitor yeah. That's the only reason they brought an end today was to make sure that nothing gets out of control and sell -- to stand -- -- -- -- -- -- -- you know. Well as little minor yachting school teacher I. -- and -- a softening attacked -- human activity jokes to do need to be. I'm Maggie the -- packed house meanwhile six people here. And last. I want to Connolly. Thank you remember. And I want to thank my cousins yeah. -- -- -- -- All right -- -- -- what we're everybody's god because it is New Year's weekend what does he received his -- Monday and I can't we get to his New Year's Day OK so that he was Monday and then we got the strength and so should -- -- ordinaries people yeah. And Monday night I had easy let me get my candidate Barack -- to. -- -- on either way and lot of people putting the finishing touches. I'm -- the holiday how you -- can bring -- -- we'll actually wonder of the world didn't really and already on December 21 and this is just. What's continuing after badgering him this is this a bad -- But I I'm -- working somehow it didn't sound asleep it many times we're working the next morning early that Susie Arnold had Tryon sleep. You really exciting life -- live. And you the -- you. I used to place go to like -- cool parties and stuff and now it's like gotten I've talked to some friends of mine also as a baby and reinventing no one don't wanna hang out on and on New -- and you know return to the longer you stay up until I actually till midnight visit Jeremiah. That's the kind of conversation this is your life I'd like to -- yet in -- In bed by 10 PM and watching a -- -- -- exec okay I'm speaking of New Year's time for idea make it real light of search Ryan Seacrest stopped -- earlier this morning. -- course he is the host of New Year's -- music. Right here in our times -- yeah. Yeah. New Year's tradition so many people -- History and dozens after midnight but we -- to -- do you believe the superstition if you don't pucker up on New Year's. Your new year will be full of loneliness talents and her is it may yes it sets the tone for the year. Dean know it is just it's come watch in his silly superstitions the don't know but any excuse. -- -- actually even heard about the superstitions. I don't know what that means M noon -- tell never again I can keep some of my pocket it -- times you have some right now I decided -- -- -- -- -- sitting next -- then yeah I had. Anybody can we yeah. And memories -- that we don't have sound effects they don't have anything hot button. I didn't know that it was -- supersedes he thought of as a sort of like I think people people -- in my -- I thought it was just an excuse is you're saying that I -- music. I think people are -- yeah I wouldn't ordinarily kiss me if you just. -- that most people are so inebriated at that point pageants are I didn't see anybody in my -- and I didn't know that -- actually kind of luck and some. Yeah and just a sort of nice way I think there is starting -- -- the -- and -- Think of any variation. Helping you to help that New Year's Day hangover that's all the way for so many people out. The secrets it picking apples party Hayes could actually -- -- in -- -- hitting. This according to scientists from the institute of food technologists in Chicago they say that the minerals and amino acids in those green that -- Can actually help. He's the -- -- the perfect -- What about the husband who live there isn't institute for food techno I know that's it that I got pregnant I -- -- -- -- what amazed with experience and not seek at lake Tim Fowler take -- into the fatter than fat and cut but since it literally. Excuse me or against it -- -- smells wine. And yeah a burning your calming and let it almost instantaneously. And I'll never know that either maybe at an office I think in the. -- -- think the difference is I'd probably eat asparagus like an -- pasta with vegetables and -- You're come -- -- they not to figure sitting there eating like the hundreds Dawson has been. I cannot honestly and and and it does it only happened some people of that -- Traci when he checked in here three seasons and you can you confirm that -- what is. About the problem and I can't confirm that this is true but I've heard that only happens in. Certain people got everybody has this issue I think music is also -- UCL yeah. Also exhibit disorder weird stuff that supposedly. Like would not be necessary but asparagus has all this place. And my -- even noticed it after indiscretions like -- -- navy runs -- -- -- Something and -- issue facing the it was stinking it up without the phrase that you sort of sit cheered yes thank you hanging. -- -- -- CNN via the skies yet you come up with like little different things were kidnapped exactly -- I can village -- but too much insight into -- house right there. From asparagus. To you. A little vacant. Kevin -- -- A -- youngest artist has crafted a portrait of the superstar what is it hasn't been seems to be -- Icon of everything because it's a degree in separate I -- -- everything -- Kevin Bacon -- if you think I think its second day I needed a fire to break an analyst yeah and his but I air war. You know cannot bear is gonna say basically right -- -- yeah. -- -- -- yes we don't know when's soon fifteen pounds of bacon to be exact Kevin Bacon isn't the only. Part of states -- the only vision he's also crafted a poster of honey boo boo trash -- better. The alternative. Levy parents it has been and they -- -- really out of trash. Can seem sweet little girl -- in my book a last name and move -- -- yet but. -- -- -- -- Kids can -- asking out of -- -- and big bird out of breakfast cereal. And it's so good -- eighties and this. -- the bacon look at no place better everything tastes better I don't know I think an ice cream recently. How delicious with Matthew -- our game and the -- Sunday. No kidding me out yeah how right they haven't taken Sunday it -- like a hot fudge sundae and they've put begins at Princeton light like little pump up vacant and they have. One long piece of bacon that I would -- over -- -- season as a -- and stand. It's like that nice little -- of salty sweet. I don't need -- anyway but if it even if I did this I don't think that I'd be on the yeah yeah yeah I am yeah yeah exactly exactly I'd be having -- asparagus. -- -- -- Your unitarian I -- me I do now. -- real women yeah. I don't feel like showed sort of wimpy kid absolutely not yeah yeah that. A lot of -- yes. I think I have my tense -- the medium well played -- -- I'm I don't like human if you actually had his seven gifts for Christmas that means that you want to protect me he does gadgets unite. It's just been at this time watch means I won't anyways if you want the tax. All of your new gadgets those highly -- -- as well UN -- -- tech editor. And and -- Yes there aren't here in the united. I think -- -- -- -- a young -- yeah but times have and the mind at that hearing hasn't. You know I buy it you know that that I I'm. Along attacked and like I'm I'm I'm I'm I'm I'm. Bad feeling -- hammers we have cameras is is these are some iPad cases to protect against. Some hard core damage -- guys. So -- -- got a new iPad really holiday season lots of people dead these are some ways to protect against them the first of the case. These cases can actually -- stands now yes can not imagine -- hand the case that we do you actually have -- had -- hand. And here. I think I went hey I don't want to have otherwise -- -- yeah. You can take committed an -- do you -- now do so now these are made by -- form they have these special. Work including the human. You might catch and did your hands free agent -- being poked through a little -- -- -- I thought about it protects seniors aren't we get it didn't know -- we think we. I got action. Yeah. Indictment and yes but -- -- mindless it what it it I don't I think that we signed an independent to like re generally did you know that I don't know it's true that there's like actual won't -- me did you form an happy especially advocates like patent pending technology can really take like you are going to be fine I -- I don't know. -- I'm working out we got okay guys and yeah I do and that's the only varieties one -- I'm sure it's one piece and it's gotta be sort of like got. Football player he's I don't trust company needs -- I'm getting his job bowling balls on -- big job bowling ball that run them out of planes and these are high tech. Seriously terrible cases -- never so now every computer needs a little contraception yeah yeah talk about protect -- I you know I believe -- protection -- out the dinner -- you. Neither -- form and across this across ninety dollars to actually open remember the earlier you can stand up decent book things -- -- But also on the iPad there's eight admits that she -- this is -- and stagnant here of the screen protectors Everyman really good when it. Because if you keep your -- in your -- -- else. And held her in any given now on your -- or your business this. Will not scrap this. Check out our -- those who puts the strangest haven't installed by someone you can't -- installed the store I do suggest checking back could be found last night and it took me where I don't you know get out of the water out of Clinton it's hard to get those bubbles and everything about us. -- -- -- -- that idea or they won't have the -- idea I am not a professional and I did have a lot of bubbles on the air sounds. Yes you can get these you can get the screens in screen protectors for all different types of songs are different type of tablet. These cases they make up for the iPhone and for the iPad you can Fannie tablet you want and then Joanna. You. -- that women of all trades high I am committed here. Yeah my for the finale here is that's. They've got a little extra -- -- -- -- -- tell me kick -- that we can check out this guy is ten years old. He's got a very unique drumming style is parents block your machine. Here I was can you imagine it drives his parents crazy. Trying to spin cycle like yeah like I'm can I actually think this is great as you noted -- at a travel on 97 yards. It's like stop stop Simmons and -- part of their -- performance I've played violin and my parents went -- and so bad that it. -- -- business yeah. Exactly do. We actually have the drums at a -- refers to use the washing -- go -- -- probably his experiences like kids want -- yeah. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- He's known as well paint it -- again endorsing every -- that you played the problems on this front and -- Aren't we had weekend we had painting that's very scary and yep can't seem new again as an evening out contraception for hunting -- protection. Exactly who want to thank you so much for any part of your credit agreement must remember we always want to hear from you treat an easy beef hash -- -- and yeah. Why we are always online here at Good Morning America dotcom -- Yahoo!. Had a great -- days.

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{"id":18082526,"title":"GMA LIVE! (12.28.12)","duration":"13:37","description":"Paula Faris, Dan Abrams and Linsey Davis use hammers to test sturdy tablet cases.","url":"/GMA/video/gma-live-122812-18082526","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}