GMA LIVE! (3.31.14)

Ginger Zee, Ryan Smith and Sara Haines celebrate Major League Baseball's Opening Day.
3:00 | 03/31/14

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Transcript for GMA LIVE! (3.31.14)
Ready for some GMA live. It all starts now live backstage at GM and. -- was the rule of -- in -- DNA I had -- armies and mail today we say our favorite moments that take him backstage. -- was just saying that. The audience in the chant loudly if they want to be -- And yeah. I worry here in May live to write those minutes away from need I have been working to clean great -- and only got I want them so that he. And we bet big -- -- -- that Dunkin' Donuts. We're gonna Edward T don't have that via -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Very nice and -- -- and don't. Lot of people don't think people are we throw all exactly and you know I didn't. Look there's even. The house checked out of -- doughnuts and a I know why -- giving in their get in there all right so today -- society getting ready for your wedding dangerous to. -- -- -- And standard and. Yeah. Again and nothing had an. I don't know what you're enjoying that don't include them what that moment in mountain Battie who let -- do it right up the very definitely that they accept and more little. Up high heat heating and MO yeah you and not -- -- Clinton. I didn't let my own old old keep -- no way -- -- yeah okay. How low -- and yeah. Oh wait wait while the -- We are not dedicated what you should do it right here -- -- -- -- And that is that mark because that is where it again and now first -- he is in Flint, Michigan that we actually and they invited me to come out. We had hundreds of people lots can -- this. I. -- fire HL it and yeah. And -- they -- meet and take pictures of people after that I can't wait a minute -- where the rain jackets -- sold out of if you put your -- can't put it on your your clothes that I will get even and even -- -- -- now -- and he assured that. I'm cleansing and -- doing high eating contest at. That gathered enough that it does well to have you know great fun and there's so many people out there we had Disney -- -- was a really good weekend and that's style home I mean this is west started my career and I -- Saint -- zone yeah really you know and -- has had had an amendment ending my little sister -- I thought the picture and see that I don't know why people waiting in -- for you don't get -- -- -- -- -- Yeah worked her way back you told honey that's why I'm the really big deal Host Marriott platinum hit it really seriously and we -- idea -- to get in Italy and do you know today is actually an American holiday -- it's not just peak day. Today the start and then Major League Baseball team right otherwise simply known as opening day and -- end this -- the -- -- those old caps or perhaps. Break -- stimulant like these -- courtesy of our friends at 47 brand but even such a big daddy can I keep that this is not necessary. -- -- -- -- The Phillies -- -- Chris goes to. -- a Philadelphia guy and a -- what are you punish. I'm releasing them -- Just that on the I know. What I didn't know is that 47 brand is that they gave the Red Sox known because they started opposite Fenway Park souvenir stand here and in -- -- and it's ready I think De'Angelo rather see become a mainstay of Red Sox culture. -- the city of Boston decided to name a street after them. Arson De'Angelo turned around and present in this -- with a check for one point four million dollars to let me and you're gonna. You wanna buy another -- -- nobody put another -- I love it Humana. Yeah go the other way and that makes it work. See -- I got -- I think that. If you can't get any easier Honeywell she's got a double how odd that is -- is so meaningful it's very well that's got both of a little bit of everywhere -- -- -- to get that I get this to the. You know we gotta thank Arthur everyone 47 brands has opening day gear and -- -- Jessica like both teams met him and never looked hotter than it doesn't -- -- fatty. -- another donut box and I. I didn't get that video was given some of these violent that they are getting and don't have a lot of people don't have take it one. They want to -- and that they want permanent give them a great effect on the far right. Well you don't for the next 162. Games into the World Series playoffs. Wondering what the hands. He's going to be watching every single minute of the -- of their very own -- cave and haven't ever think I'm on the front without yeah you have some rusty panting now at -- -- about his death renowned not thanked him we know how to run until -- might -- -- go god I've yet we're gonna go to -- and social squarely at them -- -- is where it is actually. Really we'll try to get to hang out with -- -- as rock layers roster update just reminded me an apology by Samsung all right we're gonna get in the Atlantic we'll give it -- probably. Okay. A lot of friends from the bank -- here and then they're just imagine this job. Considering. Yeah yeah yeah. It's. That -- There does incredible I don't. I want -- know I don't. Element they'll get. So isn't this is very cool very social square isn't how -- -- Samsung galaxy roster reminded me. -- -- All of you are here prayer breakfast and telling me and it -- Angela -- -- I'm guessing it hasn't -- with Angela to the tell us tell us about the show tell us about why you're here in how people can get involved floating in the late ML BC and -- it's actually amazing it's where. Baseball pop culture collide and he have all eight of us in there. Watching games every single game this season and it riding on social media and just really interacting with the fans so they are. How living there I've -- the experience NN an amazing to see this cave. Times it by twelve and -- and -- this massive player friendly. -- certainly. Yeah. -- it's incredible yeah. And letting it is kind of that I deal baseball fan's dream yeah -- you yeah any real. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I don't throw them. Got ahead and did it this long -- see it now. It's a lot of talk it's a great season his own mind -- -- let me. Today. All our -- -- this. You get the job yeah I wish we could tell you -- really. Lottery yeah. Play the lottery while we already have seen the Australian series so we -- out that -- and watching the first game and coming back at 10 PM satanic got a small dosage of what the recipe is going to be a licensee is actually our first. Really go for all Martins VA -- saying oh yeah. -- mom slash. What are you the -- -- -- -- -- -- yeah. It's very hard look -- them. Yeah you write it yeah. Yeah -- -- brown yes we all -- hello while it lasts about. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah. Yeah yeah. -- -- -- I -- so he's. -- -- -- -- I can't -- and. Got the guys that's got big -- so much we're believe I didn't. What do you think -- -- -- guys indicated that. Hey everybody I'm pretty happy we will be locker room and I'm like yeah. And that alone of the -- finding -- and he didn't do. Let's get more I'm not eating your thoughts at -- Alan -- and Miller baseball and in yeah. -- -- -- -- -- felt when I came without people some baseball -- -- -- played well here we are luckily we had the editor in chief of taste of home magazine Catherine Cassidy here with us to show us some great you know -- recipe half and -- this season. Does and taste of mom is your headquarters -- -- great tailgate recipes you can make yourself. You know really anyway act that it number of really wonderful recipes and Adam Adams make one of these are you know taste -- -- it's all about. Real food from real home -- so this is all stuff that you can find right. In your supermarket you have to go far these -- called -- packets -- and yet we're gonna have done. Yeah. -- found. Jacket and a bigger yeah well there -- -- little -- we've got some chicken and we've got some -- who. This is really it is a little help a little -- -- looks like it you can -- -- based on the content of foods that you like and then a little bit of Italian dressing -- and and then we -- Is that what makes that is what that is and those those are edible by the way. Andrew as a student of dance sequence that Salmonella and tomatoes and I don't think there's cartons and it's not meant to be scaling you know what is -- Diet -- yeah yeah -- could get that but here's the amount you can really -- this it could be Hayley you know if you wanted to. So -- WW is well obviously the I had no -- a person's opinion. I mean you. Keeping up thought I finally. Excitement yeah yeah. -- our. And then just to make darn well that yet we're gonna take of moved. -- student -- Arizona and a little pat of butter because butter makes everything better yeah. And then we make our mobile packet now house. Just like that -- definitely -- Teradata drill for 20/20 five minutes and me this is what you get. I'll just gonna fund variation on that regular burger god. I also but you can't have the -- have a baseball tailgate without dogs let you know these are just a variation it to John that hasn't -- -- -- -- Yeah. Happy moment. Well the credible -- -- put it thank you. Religious -- you -- your newborn twins and mrs. Eleanor abilities to sloppy -- yeah dad it's just wonderful Americans treats. Put together and then down at the end of there isn't a sausage and peppers -- He said he tried everything nonexistent yeah yeah. Yeah. Realizes we're going to be you know. I'm writing that is the only you don't have not been very quickly yeah -- the same time you -- -- them. But little pennies -- -- came from real people they send us their recipes and we probably. Test that mom make your that they taste delightful man so there you government. The best of all -- yeah and this the holiday opening day exactly they're celebrating thinking -- yeah. Yeah sign that underestimate what went details about dot com and we do have a tailgating -- so just -- on. The search for tailgate and all this wonderful stuff. Often I. Only -- full that this -- they've shared planet where people don't. I'm here and -- alive and you'll have done. We'll see -- --

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