GMA LIVE! (4.1.14)

Ginger Zee with a prank for Sara Haines on April Fools' Day.
3:00 | 04/01/14

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Transcript for GMA LIVE! (4.1.14)
Ready for some G and they love it all starts now live backstage at GM and yeah. And no matter -- -- if buffalo. Tighter helmet which I completely fell for I'm trying right now live in the whole show. -- -- -- -- -- I can't think yeah -- drafted you in the evening -- script -- -- like really helmet like you know you got a Google glasses at watching his back with I would like this is going to be the this could be -- -- a little weird but OK I went with that you don't worry that with with the weather what this this is like it's only Doolittle park blast but because if you wanna see your Swedish -- -- it isn't it. It's a defeat prototype and -- keeping. Yeah yeah I think it -- really skinny watch what happens -- Terry got a little behind the east. That's an embarrassing moments on my part for sure and then we want to take you behind the scenes on our frank and so many people on death I don't know about you guys I have actually read the note. So it didn't work for me you know but well and we have some of the videos that you show. Working -- it okay. And at tech and I heard there was a special guest on the -- yesterday at a Warren girl who could have. But -- -- I think that yes. I think the fact that this moment thank you wanna do this can be seen anything even how many out clarity we'll get -- again yeah. -- -- -- All right it's time for Sonia. -- I love this cake pan am flight sporting goods like. Well -- -- could pick up. Yeah. -- -- -- Okay. Yeah. This yeah. We didn't really that it is and I. This is much more than you -- and this is the tree -- yeah. The bush and let's look -- but this is well you've got your -- did you hear some pretty interesting colorful expletives I mean I -- But was astounded how quickly people can let those words fly he had earlier in the morning on those were blue yeah. Yeah good luck dinners a group of men standing not and I I knew what was coming it read -- -- but I -- -- -- making this street and all the American worker advocate. Keep the. Seattle's a lot of -- Carolina no word from the staff -- -- you'll have fun with it I'd had a great time but I think he'll be a miracle -- have a job to Arnold as a resident. Scared all of my -- is -- you know got your favorite. George was the best sport first serie he he you know he saw him shake my hand he is really nice about it. My favorite was probably area -- who was the longest -- Yeah. A reasonably if you could cutest little girls like this tall she's blonde and she just didn't let -- you did your mom with a -- that. Yeah that's it she was she is -- what we've just happened a couple of different things for this is not even the weirdest thing I've worn on this. I haven't gotten critical as to admit out loud you know but he just didn't want to let -- definitely lost some and we have more outtakes live we have a few more coming to see come yet and he's young talent and it is likely -- Still it continuing at 3 AM oh yeah. -- -- -- Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. -- thinking yeah. CNN yeah we'll. Mills has done he can't get a little guy you. Okay yeah. I love that some people are even awake enough to be shocked to deny anything about it and I think I said. I said I just kept walking that -- well. It was totally -- that -- on. Yes -- found out later that I was supposed to -- John Sina and Hulk Hogan yet know which guys I'm not kidding I've never been more nervous than anything in my entire life a few million I didn't do a replay their biceps are as big as my -- -- They could pick me up and thrown it at Times Square -- -- -- I mean I did it but you know -- It was they were there were cool about it. Now little bush is not -- -- than he needed -- I now I don't should've invested in some stilts in the event -- street this morning and it literally right. Kathleen I get that video we need to get the whole criminal pulled them more than once a year. -- -- -- John seems like you're shaking and I was like she's -- Sunday. Yeah -- -- And windy yeah exactly yeah foliage. If you wanna thank you for being the yeah. -- -- -- yes we did that lead back to hear an article. Like. Yeah ideas and thank. I wasn't -- -- night. Has left alone in the house now front like two seconds I actually -- for a lot longer than I am not when the first. He is the Google glasses assumed and that's -- so when it first came up I thought. Really that's good evening people in her -- tax -- island at the Google glasses if barely tell it's but about lie about it you got most of the right there not like we've had that's like apparently. Slid it onto a construction -- And pleading now feeling another hurt yourself when you follow me to my Michael get -- I'm -- -- -- awesome. -- -- See here's the real red -- yeah. Iceland a country country we can't write a book. Yeah. Yeah I didn't -- -- OK Yankee well here's some more people hadn't been all of his head two does that with the ground well. And that's a look good Houston home to mom and dad thinks for tuition and all the credit thanks. They can't let me if you wanted to -- when it is little Sharon let -- -- And then let's let's look seed mystery guest on the -- -- Any -- -- -- Three Mile Island you are we are making had -- tell -- behind the -- access so that and we're -- here in the run through him and have a it was still spicy peanut have turned and no one had tasted. Carla and I this entire show were sweating again. Because of heavy snow and ice -- Beverly shot back in she -- like one that's what takes off and you're doing it happens all the -- we start with Pederson and we couldn't stop sweating. Weddings but this is so much fun loving on the show where there's talk about a family just like they actually made they have -- -- -- The producers -- -- on here folks and worked with Clinton Kelly like something it plans to sell it so I'm expecting some snacks here who know yet and a I don't know that he'd be advised her not to -- that recipe each -- -- write about -- than supposed to drink -- and trying to go along with what you're doing and do some sort of Clinton saying would have hasn't yet you're working out alive and let's talk about what to put their work outs in mr. Graham. -- people and why are you are their lifestyles on others. Like this person let's take a look at how awesome they are -- and everyone -- Meet you no -- my fiance and I follow her on her into their -- but it could evolve and you have got out where it really really -- -- it. Yeah. I love your fiance is overseeing your progress and yet. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I got they think she looks like a little girl attorney -- -- I. It isn't very. That it happens -- that dragon long he the crazy. Hey either you are risks I am sharing it because -- -- I think the trainers would be the -- -- for anybody -- I think he you know needs to get out there -- an. It's because one and motivate myself like -- I have to do it every day at the witness chair as I do get annoyed with people once in awhile but I lovely women's health postings I don't now. Only a couple of you're Q did you you don't -- -- -- shot three particularly at -- -- -- -- like. In the process of doing really -- to make it ridiculous yeah like try to make fun of myself a little like -- to pretend -- one of them hold personal thing. Ginger is looking really did not allow community. Well look -- she let me big event it -- here gravy and a but -- isn't -- -- you know episcopal with got a little gift for USANA. As of Friday's. -- and -- even recommend year round program. You know -- He -- is the end of your thirty day clan like these silly -- celebrate with you I'm not -- yet. Report the theft and it's a -- -- -- -- Dahlia. Stop it really -- -- wow yeah. This is why he had me sit in the middle. -- -- And that's. Let's pick up and you have a little underpants living up. Heating up. And let alone and -- did you agree that could put a bullet but Seattle million miles up the yeah. And apparently they -- didn't actually mean that -- Maybe it's yeah. Cake while eleven news -- -- them. All you yeah yeah primary. Yeah union -- He yeah. Oh okay. Yeah. -- -- everybody yeah. Did you like it iris Siri isn't becoming -- cheaply too early that's Obama and -- the name. Maggie was edited April fool's joke. -- -- -- and he likes -- -- covered investing. We keep that in a -- usually try that it home. Hitler and that does. Hellman and nearly an -- and not look at the -- I have I have yeah I have we do that since then we'll move on and we have a special -- today. Whitney killer she's the star of maybe -- seen at the viral video series titled dancing fat girl. Where -- -- up not just remove that are positive attitude he did self confidence so let's give a GMA live warm welcome. -- -- -- And then there you go yeah. Yeah. Can -- give me that they -- -- -- -- Seat explosion you know what it's totally OK let's really -- -- the video era but no I might get a look at the new look I'm -- you actually doesn't her doesn't mean that -- congratulate -- -- only for me. -- you have your whole campaign and no shame campaign -- -- the nobody shame campaign moved and so wonderful people when they see the videos whether initial reaction yeah the initial reaction has been really positive and I've been really surprised. I think that the climate is changing I think we're going towards acceptance I feel like even two or three years the -- The -- would have been maybe 82 when he negative to positive and now I get thousands of messages from all over the world from people telling me that change their lives and it's it's inspiring to me it's surprising and it's wonderful that it's still amazing it's the -- it's the best feeling I mean. And I'm not just hearing from overweight women I mean -- nobody -- campaign. Reaches the entire spectrum of anyone dealing with shame so I recently got an email from whether -- -- -- a young homosexuals. May and you said that it's illegal to be -- there and I gave him hope. So -- things like that you know that's incredible to me and and. For you when he started to see your videos -- sort of explode on line I -- -- -- I was surprised it happened so fast that I knew very quickly I was I'm getting emails from people and I'm one of ex Pussycat Dolls just contacted me and I really I looked at my dad and I said -- it's happening and I don't. Something happening -- -- -- -- -- what's your deeds back these are not amateur moves and now they're not I am professionally trained at predicting that I was very young. But I didn't quit dancing when I turned eighteen because I gained 200 pounds in just over two years. I'm I was diagnosed at poly cystic experience -- your -- I'm highlight changed overnight and I pretty much was paralyzed this change I quit dancing -- -- living -- could be happy and now almost a decade later I'm back in the game. This has become -- to -- -- that that's the way and that is the perfect where it really is I just feel like. I'm living the way I was supposed to live and I'm not letting other people dictate what I'm allowed to do and I'm not telling. Yeah my body -- -- didn't give me permission to do a lot of things and now I just do what I can't. I have fun doing and. And I love this sure if we could -- this it's no BS for nobody saying. Yes anything -- -- nobody shame dot com to see all about the campaign moves and move them yeah -- about there yeah yeah yeah. So when you that's condensed and you don't tell us and tell us Honolulu medley and he'd take my trusting everybody -- -- -- of them. And I everybody -- it was a quick little company are ahead yeah I'd have contact. We're not doing the -- data on the -- and -- OK we -- sort of -- -- never he never gonna stab at them right. That's left yeah that's right after laughs yeah that's right probably -- that's right here that flat as yet and -- all -- -- -- and yeah. But look I don't let them come and they found that men -- Yeah. And I think Batman paying -- yeah very. And that -- may get what you really. Well and -- yeah. And then yeah. Yes I think you know -- -- wonderful thing about how do you think we don't know could be -- that they did the dance -- you know. Some believe that I got asked crossing the man advantage of it. -- -- eaten much for being here you -- nobody named Matt. That's a great idea but you can do everybody's been doing -- today we'll think about like this. -- -- -- I didn't allow all of you are not -- saying yeah. I am looking I was really late. -- -- -- -- -- --

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