GMA LIVE! (4.21.14)

Ginger Zee, Sara Haines and Gio Benitez talk spring fashion.
16:33 | 04/21/14

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Transcript for GMA LIVE! (4.21.14)
It -- for some GMA. It all starts now live backstage in GMA -- Florida hey everybody -- -- -- GM and I wouldn't nice it. Frightening Monday morning if given neon trees just. Outbreak in -- behind -- in the midst that it affects a -- Gomez happy Monday happy -- her nice Easter weekend them. I love that we'll coordinator color Mario world a little girl crazy outfit percent of the market at a depth Leno and they note that these ads and and I am not working they got a little enjoyment of the weekend yet -- it was such -- beautiful weather we didn't even if you were working -- Why did you -- The standard and everybody I haven't heard that I didn't. All right yeah. And I love Africa -- -- -- Well how fun -- nothing less credit we got the guys throwing on some. Wedding down yeah you we weren't doing their -- the runway -- that that would be if you just wanted to rent which is a Smart idea to me at least not. That's important to -- -- -- like the brand new dress. He addressed anywhere once I just can't get past actually looked it up -- I was interested who does and there's a lot of people on -- way to say everywhere that I loved it what a great process -- -- is that Bennett fired different offensive boards up front and it works really well yet back he exercises. I expect there. Let's be clear those are not the downturn that we're right now racked up this -- to keep it in the streets he had just -- -- -- -- -- -- I know both your hobbies are Watson. Yeah we wouldn't do that now means that your vote getting your fitness on outside this -- On CNN -- -- there's still -- the incident -- could affect everything yeah. Kidnapped. It is my -- favorite thing to do -- -- to watch the teacher didn't work out heat Eagles Washington. Picking -- -- the dog there's a point where she runs upstairs and it's funny -- -- clearly isn't gonna move. And figures like racing up -- like stare at it. Com a report he's just making sure I formed okay yeah well I didn't -- a double checking. He gets tired instead yachting just watching me which is very funny so -- just good for him via like working out with her what he means what it means that he shows up he -- And then there's the woman feeding bread to adapt and he decided to go and get kind of threat on the woman's and -- -- -- -- -- yeah that's the word out my cattle were up. And there you -- out -- -- with video run now relay team do you actually need it that's how I met them was watching -- your social media when you found this in the easing -- And actually talk citizens of the depravity -- the Baxter chairman of -- -- -- and they came to visit with their daughter has his daughter. -- right the act was -- and went on our show. Two years ago -- Acuna but anyway tell -- -- on -- cool idea of a group of people that want to get together to raise money for victims of the Boston bombings. But they wanted to not only raise money they wanted to delivered -- check -- hands moved to Boston based charities they ran all the way here. More Tennessee from Tennessee that concern right they -- -- strong Tennessee top. And they are there -- asking if they Kitsap scientists at the great cause and let me know about yeah or if that kind of showcase that of that ruling that. But that's at its speaking of Easter and Easter Bunny -- he let this weekend. You know you'll talk but it comes to see how he was really -- and even visited my incident feet up. Or rank that's how -- is happy that I just hampered normally it feels badly saying that I haven't gotten really into the Easter -- -- now. That I thought I tell us about that -- and -- Ingraham media the pilots from an -- -- -- rather -- accident editor and and then headed -- begging -- these ears and you thought and then how did you get the cartoon bunny and the bottom left. Hello little superimpose them implement them what -- -- -- the F Super -- and yeah -- of at a -- -- -- -- like I had to chiseled -- These are do you sell -- Yeah the Easter Bunny and speaking on the he's standing by the end of another -- welcome back -- after a week talking yeah. -- I had the honor of getting back to see -- just yesterday we were able to -- Easter Sunday together and we played. -- -- we did I saw that on the social media what the -- is latter dropped a load you don't live. I have Molly here is get a tell us all about it -- -- yeah -- -- know she didn't mommy there yet. Express yourself -- Africa and Africa -- this is how letter -- doesn't fill out right there you go it alone. There's still is two golf balls attached restraining you have to trying not to like it's like a clothes -- basically there's different points heard -- different -- then. We -- really terrible outlook slightly locked in the room when he created this game trip I agree it actually made a hand made version. I had to -- it back some day you knew that this is how we can tell that Miley grow up in Connecticut and I -- -- -- -- -- -- to -- extra -- -- -- out of a bag and it is made of -- and you had to put it together. Regardless PVC pipe. Like that -- yeah. And they yard on three different levels -- -- other. -- and a still terrible at the game I mean it's just it's a very difficult or at least trust in aren't really bad. I wanted it that -- in the picture he's had a dramatic and love him actually out where those people -- we need Power Rangers right. -- in the -- are angry and I -- Rockies yet and we've seen smiling and yellow yes which he that's that's a little sunshine cup takes -- and -- And then we have -- in -- -- and that's been doing that lying cheat in Lawrence to OK and there that -- me on the right -- -- and -- that he. Won't repeat Anthony yes so we had a great time Molly's mom made -- delicious half games at home it's. All you eat cake that I will for a regular. It was different these -- as he's there all of those. Now I could passover has reversed its. Yeah idea I have -- -- is irrelevant in this thing. I would end -- happening at her mom. Guys and I'm and let alone since he -- here we get -- move on to some food because we have to feed his. Appetite agree that that's how you get to be a hot money. That we have some burgers. And -- -- -- From burger fly I Helio and I'm definitely getting those cheddar cheese -- -- experiment reads. I'm still trying to fit into that fight our asset value out of town and what's interesting is that they're part of this better burger movement so we're we're we're -- wondering. There's a movement there's the movement that we want to bring in -- -- brigadeer Anwar. There. We are always happy when I guess what I'm doing. This the way to losing. These veggie burgers. -- -- Hello great vegetarians extremely high protein comes we make it in house never mind. That's a -- all natural so while the meat on the hormones steroids antibiotics. Let it doesn't solve -- mix in with the bad news. Yet we have there's broad carrots zucchini and didn't we kind of cook onions down with a red wines that gives a lot of flavor of and -- is so not that. Easy but it didn't really get influential right right on natural that was that a -- then than regular me really really is -- and then what's what's good about -- any fatalities -- -- I have to ask you -- prize yet had a checking on that frighten me now super famous onion rings. Big colossal rings. You know it's part of the fun of certified by -- -- do this because. It's as big as lenders have. Yeah. -- and an eleven they had as they -- the -- -- very happy I didn't really clearly finds even had to have people. Around while we are are down 82 and second. Tom but we are all over the nation now the largest growing company -- -- 200 million dollars in the United States. -- so well we are booming opening up in Alaska and happen next months so. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Many as a better better that the birther movement. Herbert Berger got what -- -- Provide outcome all right I felt Berger. Dot com clean I'll take this -- -- yeah. Thank you have yet -- not -- that he says -- of grass at the social square perhaps we can get a little -- patent. Of what's going on behind the scenes battle that -- is for inside a distant. The insider. -- -- -- on those coming up tomorrow and yeah. And -- -- the cover of the ball into -- stunning -- -- that's the cover of her book and I was saying it's so sad to think choice but. In this of People Magazine did you look at those pictures fold my -- -- -- -- We -- have -- that is exactly what she is gorgeous George race in this story even inside there and I can't wait to read that I read the first three chapters of the book -- also. It means and no kidding -- little Easter and he -- -- -- got you know you can really got to get better with their apps. And it that half think you're an iBook simply can -- -- -- the first recruits. And invite them and then coming up Friday it seem -- So let me get a little little superimposed -- read -- its -- daughter and -- significant -- partly well. -- -- -- -- I love they photo shopped celebrities closing with. Her younger selves showing some of the best and worst fashions from throughout the years. People's photo artist windy Silverman put together some great shots. Like a 45 year old Julia Roberts posing with her 22 -- -- but that's Christine -- Guess when -- -- travel -- the governor DiCaprio -- we have here. -- It -- and the agency at this point is that. -- what is how -- they're celebrating 25 years of the world's most beautiful celebrities. Andy did this because they were trying to save that he doesn't age -- -- of those two pictures of so much like -- -- yet. Applegate look at -- to eat here -- -- -- obviously and it has just went how credible she doesn't know that dress anymore only have nothing against that -- -- -- -- that as well but you. -- -- -- Yeah. We have our own little version right now check this out. Yeah baseball's home clean up with your future felt. NG GAT yeah. Yeah I don't think you're content you -- appearance here I couldn't she hinted at that was an announcement. The more than about that only for that but -- -- and especially I was not. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I. Think that -- and I. Real peace is -- I was -- but the -- it's actually the extent that I didn't land covering. But turn on the monastery a grilling which looks a lot like me out -- -- -- You're on your way but that didn't -- look at spirit of the original winner yeah yeah yeah and it feels TVP and -- that there is encased and no GO it's you know that it you know. Finally knew it had ended. It brings that I certainly there are affiliates of the hottest trends for the season today we have fashion blog -- he's yet to sell us some of the ten must have he -- his brain cells come on the you are they still carries a beautiful models that he's been hello beautiful mind thirty related -- -- if you. How about everyone looks like the next -- Yes and then the person -- -- I have to say that the -- Lebanon when they break it down -- -- you have to have it yet frustrate me to eat and -- if we're right so you're here because I didn't think yeah I can't carry. On my viewers how to -- -- he's my plots are hailing the recent pieces that are popular efforts to bring to talk about him. Motivate people -- person speak for sprained finger wonderful time to bring -- -- colors and news at center ice sound and sound -- -- me. -- so -- I -- for the first model she's saying -- -- colored ladies here. Blast past thousand -- fairly popular during the spraying their I'll pass health lawyer on the their profits -- And an Easter -- you know it's flattering and globally from the body is that still considered me Canucks committee. Tell me and maybe that's it Kennedy yeah like your idea and Internet and meet the immediate benefits and eat snacks since he's doing in the Easter -- his credit with some people probably he's in. I kinda wanna take a little more funky kind of looks a little picky which is nothing wrong with that I'll carry with a leather jacket and a back Becky -- kind of neat little -- I'm water modern but -- -- really declare it anything for you can bring -- is all the way into the thanks -- -- that they have to -- people aren't they don't have to -- dining. I think most pricing be comfortable and no matter -- -- and says you're comfortable and -- during spring where during spring and I think it's appropriate when you -- that something like it's here and it's peaked out. I think -- -- -- shelling and it's okay right yeah that's not to link that says yeah -- -- I think I think that work site yet aware pizza would be during the winter in the -- there are coming up at I mean that's just my opinion yes that's the point and then parent the next model she's hearing aid -- now. This is -- -- classic trench and I think a lot -- times it's just finding classic pieces have at certainty Kelton and make a little more modern. -- with this -- athletic training act anti money -- it's a classic trench that has like leather trimming on -- -- Telemar ideal tomorrow modern. And I parted ways black cigarette pants which are also really popular now there -- -- at the bottom let me that the cigarette. Yeah I guess that's quite a -- of cigarette but fake I personally I like and Italy it's illegally kicked off your students and that's my it is part of a -- So I personally like and your -- gets to. The -- and I can't it was this beautiful market color which is -- -- -- where he could find its. Color -- I actually love it. And I always say and when making outfits kind of like finding new classic -- But police -- at a pop of color right and it didn't take out like the next level separate its app that we're pretty much -- -- -- that we did carry it with this market back. And I think it kind of -- -- that -- and and I myself I'm wearing bright colors -- bright colors. -- -- that turquoise necklace and a coral dressed in leopard -- And I mean I'm all aren't going the other knocking him Maxi Maxi -- like it and it doesn't keep kind of all of those pieces standalone. You can -- it alone and that's the point when you're doing a fine piece is look for pieces that you could -- separately that we're together sound I -- -- -- -- -- So if we -- -- -- mortgage that's basically -- Continued underneath you that's on -- lucky and I have to have a plot -- -- have links all the -- indictments Wednesday at one with a bunch of other stuff and that's what killed us heat up blog spot dot com. Do you had a question. I have no place for. I never felt more -- than in their little. You look beautiful thing like that and it's like a -- -- -- -- yeah I don't know what you're thinking when you look at a name. The studio he liked it right because they think the party in fact -- -- -- -- here can bring up the eastern city and yeah and -- those Easter Bunny at. -- East finals and I -- people to make her have a they have to pronounce your you to general BE LL QBB. Else we think it had to get away from that -- yeah. A look at. -- Ed. Now what do you think about this look I think -- -- Matt Bryant really -- -- ticket in town and that I am I think it. I think he did a great job here isn't like that right I sent an ailing market hand Agnew and then that's eastern here yeah very similar -- Ross is back and he's a very sad is that we've got into cells that -- -- Groovy M and thank you thinking yeah. I think yeah and that's. Yeah. Yeah.

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