GMA LIVE! (4.7.14)

Gio, Sara, and Ginger discuss Live Below the Line and how to survive on only $1.50 a day.
3:00 | 04/07/14

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Transcript for GMA LIVE! (4.7.14)
Get ready for some GMA live. It all starts now live -- stated GMA. -- -- -- -- That means and the beautiful crowd that it. Well our. You know everything you behind the scenes they like to go back and look at a couple of things that we and that would be GM dancing can we see that again. -- -- -- -- We just haven't -- anything and -- -- kids. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- yeah. Yeah. I'm don't have. -- yeah. Do you realize your dancing with colleagues yeah. -- -- -- -- -- Accident well it reminds me slightly of the Carlson -- like that -- that counts in the -- literally. A little more cool in there and asked if anything -- -- Thank you -- happy. -- -- we where have we were happy -- -- so -- Great weather outside a -- -- that someone tiny Inglis for around when he did the song and how happy makes everyone of one what you really he doesn't he's coming at least not this early. What are the first time he appears on the show I'm watching it look up nearly got. Your president. -- -- it might be the first thing -- can't infinitely is they have the confetti -- keep its units and you probably couldn't hear about how do you view the show is so loud -- and -- -- warned us but I don't think anybody warned that route and right into that that but even cross that was really -- for us. And we're still talking about there is exploding K April fool's prank. Oh yeah what an amazing it was amazing I think we have together -- the -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- would have the audience away at one point some of those did you know it was coming eagle -- was convinced that they need like up -- OK -- -- headed east big major something in hand I'm so proud that I came -- that I -- I didn't know we've ever -- at the same Kelly allegedly -- a special. They got -- my dream is like Taylor something that I thought it was another friendly none of us. An update you don't know -- we don't. And need not that had -- could be here but we were so wrong -- hero of Marco Scutaro I think amaru tomorrow with -- had top had been posting pictures. On Twitter -- if he's -- -- pieces. I mean talk about it all wrong. Range of emotions -- here you can be anyone you want. Tomorrow -- -- that it was about one. So we have around I got an aggressive going to -- hungry yeah. I'm angry right now I didn't and now he's I have to. Only ashes into you need dental work yeah -- it isn't just an effort that would. Yeah. Did you do your hand on her that this is the handlebars because -- -- -- he'd never grow there must -- they would never happen. Politely apparently it's I'm -- yet here it. That I sent to Wear one minute just and you know that he's ready version as you need dad so yeah. He -- any of them I tell you need dental work and I I think as well -- wouldn't have some fun with -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah and -- of -- read this we have a few pretty amazing -- of the day these trained dogs faced off an Atlanta youth basketball players does. Part of the of Purina pro plan incredible dog challenge. And they really have some serious skills the -- that video right now. Purina Ross. You -- anytime now share -- Video on mount I don't know lots -- very -- out. Whole deal. Then Tencent run kind of training course. The the city is always me me so sad as the dominant tonight -- does nothing I mean even he's he's. Yeah this is this day -- it all happened early -- don't get a lot of I'd have to tell you you should the other hand you know Kentucky and you -- now if he can do that with the fall. Out hope well I'll end. There you know -- -- -- need to step up to -- they're dropping the ball big time when he picked their political. And you didn't have given that he didn't -- the yet it's I don't have rolled their eyes at each. That's not -- -- I love this story that we get with this guy because I can't wait this is okay okay got. Since this is he thinks Sarah last week and a couple of students at its finest college in Grand Rapids, Michigan -- -- -- the and yeah yeah ten. Look -- then that teacher at its finest -- fast there hasn't ruled that if a cell phone rings and class the student must answer it. Who -- pretty -- over the policy backfires. With this amazingly awkward and let her free fall. You -- you -- And mountain. The merry -- -- pranksters who thought all of that up from a minus college in Grand Rapids Press hi everybody. I'm. Wow so so how did come up with that it was just something that -- that we have to deal with this because this is a policy. Well really can't and it came up with idea because -- back there would be against -- -- -- Apparently Gerald sending -- constant rain that. And you can. And -- you guys you are you boarding Klaas that her how to how to. Yeah. Yeah I think he's a nice number but so that we knew that he be -- Hannity -- I'll be able to release them -- doesn't want a little did he looks like he might have an uncomfortable. And and is that Paul -- little influence. Yeah. I'm not until the policy. -- -- And so how did you know less and teachers here yeah moment teaching moment that -- so what's next what's next cranking out at all conjured up. The plan. That's I don't trust you know. So no reprimanded at around then. And it could. Let's say -- Google's nano and and they actually thinking about it brackets for me I I grew up in Oxford -- of the road so yeah. Now. And the home -- Yeah -- was -- bank. How are full of good to have his antidepressant that had taken. I have never been a mystery he still has a pregnancy clinic -- -- me in the middle class and ready for I would. And and speak here sometimes. So this. Something something so. You know important and such -- -- that we must be a part of over a billion people throughout the world we now living in extreme poverty which is the World Bank stating that someone living on less than one dollar and fifty cents. For everything and that includes food water transportation and healthcare to the global poverty project is now issuing its challenge to live below the line. Eat for less than a dollar fifty each day. For five days it seems pretty and out of this world and I know that we had Mario Vitale on last week doing this with a meal but -- think of doing that wants is one thing to do it every single day. We wanted to talk about it and two ambassadors forests so where are we gonna go to such a square out there they are not. OK so you probably know Bridget. From acting -- -- of course but she's now part of an activist for the S magic went hand and I Hugh Evans Leyland also -- CEO in global -- for global poverty projects. From. Bridgette what drew you to this what what do you -- living below the line well I'm happy skies on the social. -- -- some of it and -- been working with them on them a few of their projects so when -- retarded about living below the line it just seemed like. It's such a unique way to raise awareness -- asking people not just to give money but to actually. Somewhat second the -- of the people there raising money for a section two and live on a dollar fifty day just for food and drink and obviously we're not asking everyone to give up everything else but. It it makes -- -- start paying attention to what people are having to choose. Because. If you have a dollar fifty did it live on everything and then your child gets sick that you kind of making decisions. How even -- the family and how are you gonna get medication he takes your child to a doctor it's it's real life serious questions that -- Having to deal with and what's the toughest part about living on a dollar fifth. Well. -- media I like to snack -- -- EOK yeah video that Sharon what are eating are not eating but making. Healthy choices I think it's really difficult. It's so nobody's heard anything now in America that we actually got him Salam. Yeah it's just shopping paying attention to. How much you're spending what things cost. And just you just become more aware of the choices that you -- -- -- I would even know how to get started because 150 if you eliminate all the other categories of your life just eat on what I'm just trying to -- not even transportation anything else to 150 is nothing. Yet you can't buy coffee in New York for 150 now and eagle -- -- all of that like everything right not going without coffee isn't a sacrifice bringing starting your day you do minds right away. Half we're going to yes if you that you can go for a cup of coffee New York -- -- for something yet. So yeah -- you definitely have to make them. Different choices and them. Audiences and this is really the challenge that we in his face by one point two billion people on this planet and so. What we really -- -- do is challenge people -- across America to step up to this challenge and join with us -- -- not gonna do this challenge together from April 28 through to may second. Would -- you -- to join us GICs that you -- -- guy to -- -- I don't try -- we'll get it didn't convert. Approaching cars now. If if there -- -- don't want anybody. There are want to hang -- it and how do we get involved what's the best late for people to didn't -- the best way to do it is he got into it sought live below the line dot com. And Nissan B -- your and you support file. And then you get you friends and family response seize every single day the U living below the poverty line so obviously -- never again and what's really like to one point two billion people -- this is the small taste of empathy. And challenging people -- around what we want to build a huge movement Madison and Bridget has been you know the most amazing ambassador she's being. Tweeting and FaceBook did you -- so much money your radio the last days and just being just been incredible -- and a challenge before -- across America to get involved. After -- -- you can raise money for the cause while you're living living -- everything it -- -- -- how wonderful. And -- -- -- -- eyewitness changing gears and another movie. Yeah I have a movie coming out help small time it's with Chris Maloney his you know everybody here in New York so it's coming out I think April 18 -- could be wrong about that. But it's a small independent films come by a director first time director. So it's exciting it's really -- So you can check throughout the hour yes and then that's the fourth season of blue bloods but going into our fifth around I don't like two weeks left so -- back and forth going -- -- going to set. That's exciting I now have five seasons of this by now because I've ever been on a show that I left for that long and we got a great -- -- we're all excited. Mary thank you thank -- thank you and I think -- and I think it's not the ads live below the line yes Condit bloodline dot com the place to go all right we're going to be I wanna do it -- Yeah and feeling I consider it. Her time. -- love how much for joining us that lets lets it play out with the idea dancing. It's. I'm fine yeah. Oh I don't know that -- real well but it. God I can't Wear the white -- like he had had many. Is that there and that it may live everybody -- yeah that's tomorrow morning 9 AM -- -- Yeah yeah yeah. --

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