GMA LIVE! (5.15.14)

Things get hot and spicy when Gio and Sara try Sriracha-flavored popcorn.
9:47 | 05/15/14

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Transcript for GMA LIVE! (5.15.14)
Ready for some G -- -- -- it all starts now live backstage at GM. Good morning good morning won't let you know -- Nobody's really love to hear -- I could -- -- after Brian there aren't aren't hearing behind him. -- up here. So on our audioblog no injuries here and I'm convinced him and you need seventy cents and -- held hostage. Legendary comments from -- and -- last night. Was amazing. Last night that Barbara Walters celebration of course is retiring this week and there's the photo we've posted all kind of an awesome photo I think my only goal that night was -- go and get this vote -- -- diet and -- I was and I think just trying to leave and I was like he does just whatever -- did you get this guy running -- And this silly you know just recently have become obsessed with Russia once upon by -- say that the press didn't -- need. It's amazing it's an amazing show and -- I started watching from the beginning on Netflix I have to catch up by the time the new season starts here on ABC. But that is if that's learn -- their she is off. This evil queen has nothing evil about -- And she's amazing she's an amazing actress. And and so there she was up as sorting out a little totally. I told and I -- so sympathetic and -- out of equity they're really great night for you creeped out Barbara Walters and the they would pick -- but apple app. On your radar -- I don't think she could spot in line up now you're that -- got a follow her around them right right. We have some delicious snacks angered unknowns no no I'm enemy UT sat on his the kind -- -- and watch out it's really hot. Pacific and there are happy and we -- -- -- the only candidate to ratchet flavored popcorn the idea of getting it -- -- yeah -- tell me what you think of this be careful it's hot. Can anyone warn you -- -- for now but like bedroom. -- just and you guys in first. Health knowledge about oh it's getting hot and -- -- is getting hot rocks -- like on the I -- rule means -- low level that Muhammad has slighted no 1 morning. It just figured out that (%expletive) like that that's what it's not you -- We're not prevent -- a little but look -- well no it's a bigger nightmare getting under its growing really filled room. This is not limited editions -- rack gently Bernanke that the limited because there's all the talk about. I'm getting to and I actually don't know the background I just know it's Iraq it was hard to come by for a while. Fifteen dollar and until -- meanwhile while hearing a lot fewer nibbling they'll have another think that took effect for our pop extra turning hot pools from a problem into a pleasure. There's lots here in New York city's artists at a media group of artists in Scranton Pennsylvania began re imagining of many -- as works of art. Well look and god cannot help Honduran bucket I wouldn't stress eating out of that hole but I mean -- I probably would. When did eat -- someone weight went we have breaking news someone -- -- It's probably tasted like attractive but there was an accident flavoring and right right right -- controller and tell us more about the smoking yet I don't know let's. Barbie David -- people who are there any Barnicle what could I. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- that the Pentagon that is that the -- oysters tides oysters yeah I see them there yet but that is. More yes. But now is Diana like it that's what a couple should be ways oh yeah see them I mean there aren't enough public restrooms and let your commitment here. That didn't know. If it. Still -- only if you think of that as like you know not a good things have to see some actually making the most of them. Are having to humor about the fact that if you bring in our New York City but if that's -- ever try to drink hot coffee and I had gotten that down my arms and once you will run -- you hold it in the -- -- -- couple have you really helping. You can do better know I know but it's not even that hot and I did in and I even leave room not for milk but for potholes -- definitely have. A name for bottles every time we get to work my wrist is sticky from all of that coffee this past. Have you stopped drinking coffee -- and I -- I Wil Wheaton and what we have therefore it will happen. And another pop -- for -- now enough. Whole new way of celebrating the movies and all you really need is a few cardboard boxes and your imagination let's check out these cardboard box office. Projects. -- was set up by some very cool parents. They decided to get creative when they had a bunch of boxes left over after moving in having their first child. And sort of tossing those boxes they use them to recreate famous movie scenes with their help. The adorable babies created. People make me feel inadequate look at apparently -- are currently -- -- -- that order every day. This what you have to do to keep them busy what happened just newly -- -- -- understand what I'm talking -- Says I -- man. Who likes the potholes. -- all right so what does all that is not panic I can't. Please physicist -- -- I think that healthy yet at the -- costs -- -- beaten up the battle of little baby in the from unaware of the cardboard box. Is there someone that's cardboard and yeah I could just through that and -- not the -- effect after a currently there were no box there -- -- have a significant -- -- -- -- -- -- -- our favorite dance. It's art about him I am not real player you know can we just feel how I -- right here at this sort of -- Course thank you so much photographed -- -- -- -- about that I've got some really exciting things because affect. There is the new craze in Williamsburg with a combined -- off Oklahoma god but I don't ever know creek until fairly well I'm gonna tell formula right now they combined to brunch. And reasoning. Breathing and I didn't hear what -- reading at 98 Berry no no no no no no no this is that this is that the new workout craze that you can dance and he Bryant's. At the same time breathing -- -- the -- But how did you know now we keep reading by definition in in the middle and they had been I don't know -- into the game -- Minnesota Al -- now I know I. I think and here's what I know -- -- Proud of. I've read my heart my -- -- really -- you know I have learned that he was in the car champ -- copies -- buckle another. Minnesota just making them -- -- does something like William Allen -- the Indians. I'm really confused by -- -- -- drop would be a good. I did typical -- -- with that I'm just saying is not real happy to make these big runs and not looking to -- -- -- -- awfully -- clear -- -- And then raving I mean come -- now like get a little rarely -- yeah I'm just at a low hanging lots. -- -- -- -- -- Because if I weren't already launched an -- there's another there's a story Esquire Magazine by Jim Koch -- Sam Adams brewery and he's saying that he found the secret. Do you not getting drunk when you go out drink. But that's the funny how no one not even if you want to drink if you enjoy the -- -- the -- here they -- the kitchen and Cheney Iran. Did they secret at least you -- combine -- stored. And he said yeah east I'm telling you he says the Healy mix is a little bit of active -- in his yogurt before you think as he's drinking and it -- the effect it has so. You won't pay more you consume more calories -- you still don't get -- he'll -- if you weren't a function in the morning come off you know. I think right there is there yeah this is the work with what -- -- -- -- -- -- 'cause like hey you know I don't know I wanna. I want to buy your drinking related write and then you get your yeast -- -- -- -- I think he -- yeah. You yeah that's -- yeah. No got to control you. This thing I like reading their children -- If you want to have. The drink -- -- Monday after work a day -- would you wanted to be that hangover in the morning eating -- -- he says it mixes them with yogurt lake at the bar with his you know little have you tried again. That's what even -- this weekend helped him to -- am -- you know right. Are we what -- Right very big. Hurry hurry to Bradley. Donald might we did is jam packed hundreds and like I don't why Justin Williams for that -- -- It'd be -- agreement. Like Cecil Williams heard let me play there clearly is there are some things are going well just doing Elvis now hopes that it's gonna take principled -- before it's like this location -- -- I'm just saying -- now now. Pat Buchanan tag -- -- Would I you know drive because I don't -- relevant means that -- that let you know I don't I don't disagree you drive but yes those are just a guy -- -- -- -- -- -- Pray for her -- of Iraq this grave this -- That's fantastic guy that's why governor goes through diet -- log of weekend. They don't mind. So we're going braving with -- UC drinks. Out. -- -- -- that a pregnant don't pick up up up.

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{"duration":"9:47","description":"Things get hot and spicy when Gio and Sara try Sriracha-flavored popcorn.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"23730324","title":"GMA LIVE! (5.15.14)","url":"/GMA/video/gma-live-51514-23730324"}