GMA LIVE! (5.20.14)

Gio Benitez and Amy Robach get ready for barbecue season with Arby's.
8:41 | 05/20/14

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Transcript for GMA LIVE! (5.20.14)
Get ready for some GMA life. It all starts now live -- stated GMA. Okay. Good morning season opener for except. Yeah. I don't even -- Greece just poured out on July spent that's pretty disgusting and other. Really and I'm not even making but that was. Oh my gosh do -- in -- -- -- -- Juan -- properly that's like you know we have to heat got -- because it's. Little surprise at the -- -- the show I know I know many hunky show together -- this is very exciting and momentous BC tweet about it -- Salt and speaking of tweeting now speaking tweeting we should mention using and hash -- start my day GMA. The -- that we go out and and other people have -- us how they start their day Amy -- start today every morning with her little. Baby boy and little -- law that how the prosecutors don't even -- -- aren't except and really got this shot from DeVon the outer banks starting her day with a gorgeous sunrise and yes that is a beautiful Atlantic Ocean and in the distance that would be nice when I'll be -- you don't have that you know you look at Miami. Oh yeah well used to you now idea in Times Square to understand where in the -- -- Hello everybody. -- of the lightning round with a vote -- the votes are really professional -- -- I'm not live in the united the latest -- all the grants out there for another we have Mississippi I Mississippi right ahead Iraq mystified Mississippi. -- Mississippi. -- Thanks for being here are right so we want to know what you do when you can't. -- out of work early to catch your kids eaten in an ambulance kind of rush around and -- -- going to -- track meet later today. Well you bring your boss with you that's one way to write him. Take a look white house Press Secretary Jay Carney. Brought his boss that would be be president of the United States President Obama to his daughter's Little League game surprising. All the players the two appeared on the field and including parties daughter. -- the president -- photos with all the little leaguers he deluxe high -- and even -- if you baseball's. She is definitely going to be the most popular -- in school today the that the -- and apparently a warm not because -- I was expected to visit the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown New York. Later in the week but that was one lucky little lady that's right exactly a look -- coming back from war are. You know I I have yeah like -- -- -- -- annual -- and Aguilera did yeah Barry go on and Graham right now. She didn't want anybody but my opinion -- in and out of rice started. It is funny -- -- sneaking in their right out of the sand. Picked up close lights were off the I SR. At that time now for some -- extra and it's official cell three is now real work. Along with a 150 other trendy words that made it into the eleventh edition of Merriam Webster's collegiate dictionary. Words are chosen for the addition by a network of observers who track word usage and then are sent to senior editors -- make the right final cut. So what other words have officially join -- as staples in the English language. We'll -- check this an upturn Duckett -- done for yeah if I've never so I said he yesterday for the first time in my life turned docking -- docket. Yes the Thanksgiving mix between a Turkey a duck and expected. You don't have -- thanks but. But it apparently has got there and at a clinic in new Miriam -- and right. Crowd funding this is another on the practice of soliciting financial contributions. From a large number of people specially from the online community and isn't -- -- don't know this one's theme park Hong. Science fiction dealing with the nineteenth century -- is dominated by historical. Or. Imagine steam powered technology why we have a picture doing what. We don't do it who uses -- here is -- -- steam punk to -- and no one. I mean apparently yeah. Here's the photo. Elizabeth Bryant -- you -- -- from over what is really looking a man with steam and despite what. There. Is some sort of in couldn't contraption on his back there thanks you aren't yet but -- That's very specific insurance I don't know I think they're -- in interest -- in turn of the century industrial factions. If that was that they I don't know how can industrial fashion yeah wow also wearing some sort of machinery a lot of machinery they -- a lot of machinery a lot of -- that's basically. Centers around you're an excellent idea but it would look good. That centered around a steam technology. You do that dated and -- let you know that sounds like the next the next up for for the extreme team publishing her now alone. Aren't Communist and apparently it's right contact -- the perennially getting married out there I would not recommend esteemed honking their wedding gift but that. -- isn't very big shoes -- -- after this play of the day entertainment reporter -- really what's his last name. Michelle can't details. It looks like -- -- -- charge -- now and it what I can definitely out of Anchorage Alaska an eyewitness are. Are you surprised to -- to -- by getting all of the stars this is incredible that he recently interviewed. Media should -- his name to wish her a happy marriage check it out. Hey Jenny congratulations. You picked the -- Yeah. Congratulations. Jenny you can cash donations -- Did you spend the rest your life that this guy home pushed back -- people. Janine congratulations. On your marriage piggy I'm getting married in May. Alone. Yeah. It's guys that you know I would drop -- in the second instance if he -- marry me think. -- not just that on television. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- But others aren't good messages for -- -- -- Samuel L. Jackson ended. Also and half way Hugh Jackman Kate Winslet Arnold Schwarzenegger out -- he interviewed everyone just surprises private video on her wedding day. And can be credited with raising the bar just more for all of you -- out there to really. Go big or go home when it comes -- the proposal or apparently the wedding I feel like. -- when it comes to anniversary gets. -- really put yourself -- yeah everybody gonna do you know -- -- -- -- you know and it's and it's pretty easy for -- at the end of the interview probably that they can make a difference I mean that is laying down right who's gonna say especially mistake yet. And especially here. While there have been a lot of shake -- in the world of fast food McDonald's also unveiled its new mascot named happy which is scary a little scary -- of the -- of an annoying. -- -- -- You'll have yet there's this huge mouth and it -- and how little you know I don't know I don't know -- supposed to be like a happy meal with them. Burger -- is changing its forty year old having your way slogan to be. You -- way to be your way. Having your way -- your way your way. Why might this be happening now Walt Crawley because that's national barbecue month -- -- Celebrex I don't know how does not tie together. -- -- -- and that's hard to keep water is over America smoke house brisket failed to bring in the rural. And yeah. This is what you had. And that's within the house Pena Popper was fantastic but apparently -- one another you know why not -- -- -- -- and then we had and that's why I busted. Lara coming over here eating some -- what it was a half from now looks like hash brown yes this looks like mozzarella -- and these are. The famed curly Fries that I ate every day not directly into the took umbrage at its auditors it's probably wanted to -- -- for the through. What does -- business isn't -- so this is the brisket sandwich. Why don't you allow money to guarded by an Halloween week we have to happy now do you want to see that the crazy. Happy meal -- various wall and this is exactly Jews and look like after he -- looks pretty good. Don't make him -- sometimes and. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It doesn't look like. You didn't think you can pick out I think we're morons who weren't alone I don't think we'll be doing this again things are -- -- arrived here on Good Morning America dot com -- As we enjoy our food here have a great day everyone -- -- --

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{"id":23792940,"title":"GMA LIVE! (5.20.14)","duration":"8:41","description":"Gio Benitez and Amy Robach get ready for barbecue season with Arby's.","url":"/GMA/video/gma-live-52014-23792940","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}