GMA LIVE! (5.22.14)

Ginger Zee and Mara Schiavocampo sample Memorial Day treats from NYC's 'Delicatessen.'
16:46 | 05/22/14

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Transcript for GMA LIVE! (5.22.14)
Get ready for some GMA lives. It all starts now live -- stated she. That time yeah. Then -- -- Good Morning America we now deal. Much more fun GMA live -- veterans service. I hear more. -- the day because. They can't come -- and do you have gone earlier this week -- Moore Oklahoma think some fantastic reporting on the anniversary of the terrible storms there wouldn't have life you know I was there right. The storm chasing that day to day of the more Oklahoma tornado I was just wondering sell sell -- -- -- falcons not their right after. I have never in my career seen such fresh damage. And such raw emotion. -- it's -- for that stuck with me that always stick it means had to go back and see how far they've come. It was so special speaking of service to people who have gotten them back on their feet the teachers that day. That protected the students and students that protect another student who had ended up passing. The stories just I'm not so it actually is very special to be there and Hank Moore and Newcastle announce tough. If you're right after more in their face threw for a month and then depending -- the way and it was nice comeback. Am really amazing stories of heroism -- and it was fantastic reporting why do away with much lighter but events taking place here you missed one of your favorite performers Phillip Phillips. -- and let them. I was so happy to be there but the -- that the dates I thought he was out on Monday and then Samantha my producer said. She did not tell me ask you know I was -- it. Whatever -- -- quite -- and all of the all of the people tend to -- and -- Phillips is now one he's the one that I want to -- seeing it turns out years. He didn't fully miss him. He had a little surprised it's not a hair however you know even method behind every bit -- -- -- -- of the -- Happy yeah same today interns heads into thank you I don't really they'll find -- you but I'll love you thank you mean -- -- I'd probably like this album Leggett said if you don't just give it to your kids I don't have whoever it is yeah. I don't know yeah. Thank you I don't think they'll -- though you but -- love you think it's. And I did and album that didn't like talking right now it's like we're having -- coming into look at -- -- and other you thought yeah keeps knocking on -- but she sang I'll make it makes sense if -- done the best out of all of -- at the end of the year and I love you. Let me tell you think when you again let's hear it again except the part that yet about the today yeah I love you don't think you have you. Yeah -- think you. Thank yeah. -- thought yeah. Let that yeah. Yeah. It created itself up on the camera appropriate. But here -- -- -- it and -- this is the next best thing. Special Ross knows from day one he has been listening to me a -- a little left of the desire. I think that they haven't that your money that yeah. -- -- -- -- But thank you Ross think you I love you guys think the world and you really important work that -- real life -- you have the right that message to Phillip wants to go back. Tim Moore and do a concert there they went out with me no pressure thank you Tyler come back here to see you yet I -- welcome. My goodness that was great at -- It's so we asked you how you start today now I've started my perfectly and you -- -- using hash tag. Start my day GMA so let's see how -- -- and that. We begin with Deborah Brooks in Virginia she's -- today with the best group of friends and she runs. Everywhere and her pregnancy about how good -- to south east Texas -- -- this morning and you have and I friend's dog is visiting jumped -- the bed this morning kicked him out that's how I started. I think an excellent and much more similar to that started -- -- because my dog was scared but look. -- -- -- our daily coffee watching GMA along with her fair look at is it. Proving so nicely that -- -- -- that what do you make us think that yeah. Wake up. But -- honestly we have the thunderstorms coming fairly notice as he gets older he just deer dogs get scared of the -- there. He's not about like that he and mr. stormed and this morning to land -- -- -- My feeling is if undershirt that they have I have 14 does it work he hates it so much -- think. Well let me put anatomy to think that the I tried -- -- my dog and she's not to say they don't work for some dog didn't work for my diet but the big -- -- yes that's a hug them and make them comfortable and does work for comics I think for. Sega I don't mind the fact that's something I think -- very secure credit comfortable puppet. Well we move on to our top extra this morning it's a mystery. That the entire town of -- Tennessee searching for the maker of a bargain down yes and -- but it's not just any garden out its heat -- -- Who -- -- over 8000 FaceBook likes to pick the Wyeth he's so special. Well -- -- -- dropped heat and smashed him her friend and given him to -- as a joke they found inside this beautifully carved detailed sculpture it wasn't just like placed in the air was fused inside. And a lot of people are wondering what the heck it's doing there and how -- -- upstairs to some people are saying. Maybe it's an Angel others are thinking oh -- -- the head of -- -- fused onto the walls of the body you can tell -- is I think so a lot of -- -- reading into it. Frankly am a little creeped -- -- to think you never really know what's inside your known. Do you -- that's that's that's something on the -- you know exactly what's -- little -- little. -- and kissing and well I think that's just didn't like and are acting community and like different sculpture and about as an artist when he would try to turn -- start trying again. News and an -- like and love -- -- -- that a sudden death Kagan Oman and Batman yet but it makes you wonder weapon inside a lot of people have these -- -- him. Makes you wonder what it's cracked them open let's. Particular treasure. I looked into the social square because we untouched beauty. Judy is that ten year at -- speaking out but before we can get over that I had a photo saying yesterday and they wanted to do like natural. Comfortable for me. Actually I had I am I'm with you I love this I love Maine what I love a glam face and you eat at me the right folks talking about that is from adults say an online -- from -- that that people and this is kind of become a very big trend people getting their beauty tips. But you -- here to discuss. How this has become so -- especially for adults say and also. We're we're going next like what that -- in the beauty -- We -- coming this is like you that's so who wants to start with let's talk about -- I'm sure. We're here -- -- -- -- first annual consumer facing the -- -- -- and we basically get together all the top incident prayers YouTube where -- Tumblr sort of personalities and icons that weekend fans of brands involved to convince voters get to -- -- -- -- and you're the CEO of knowledge triumph that was not as -- -- we -- it is because this is like I'm not sure which one. Flat end and that's -- that's it truly is like any other con but now we're bringing it together and it's not that popcorn its expanding into -- digital Rob Portman a fan club so we're really excited and we just where. Huge fans and advocates of the spades -- -- needed to be the place forever and get together and just look for water and and don't think you have over one point six million YouTube subscribers -- frightening -- massive number is pretty -- did you -- think that. Beauty blogging making those videos would rise to this level. I never thought it would turn into what it is today I started -- as a hockey. Cell I'm just so grateful that actually turn into a career -- -- -- -- every morning and doing what I love remedying. And it just feels amazing -- a great opportunity in a great -- point I'm so excited to be here. Some tell some people can see if they subscribe to unit volume what will they get online and make its -- else let's spend less at how to get like the latest celebrity luck. I have a lot of step by step you know here tutorials. And also inspirational sentence that is a platform -- Inspire attic or else -- beautiful today on the celebrity and channeling today and and I just I don't you know whatever -- get comfortable with that thing yeah Monday. -- Linda Lopez. In written middle Jonathan bathroom and you aren't going to. Help us. To showcase my guess is just a few items from our gift bags for the event we have some -- -- from physicians formula. Some different eye shadows from next cosmetics. These are UConn officials sunglasses that we designed for the event and in just a compact from from -- Conference so this is just all of this when you've got to be yet -- And I wanted to -- -- in terms of Rodrigo summer's coming up people want to look like they'd been in the sun had been on the beach. Get tips for -- or that the way to get it right yes because I think I need them from their anonymous -- And ask how can I do ask now is written very very simple I think into the Desmarais -- And -- Yeah. And I didn't -- -- Yankee fan I am not I'm glad that big beauty through Santa -- -- way to go I actually saw her living room earlier and I was like playing my gloves and might run doesn't need to look good for marriage of the may department whom and it really -- -- really badly to Bryant invited you to that. So that's. -- main question is how do you bit like the good runs there at the end blush look like I don't know where to -- the -- -- -- -- the floods of Russian. T news yeah but have -- staff OK so let's the second -- OK so. This is my bronze at us -- this is my blush -- Kate and this is my bronze and MacBooks. Sit out every single off all you need is two different kinds of bronze -- the floods and also the breakfast have a lot to do with it. On this one is that you know -- little bit more it's easier to did point out the. Colors -- what I like to distance grabbed -- This -- brash and -- -- I don't hollow parts of your cheeks than you want to make it look like you know years. Like a shout out yet you also want to give your face absolutely natural sun kissed look. -- to do -- start. Friday. Up my -- on the temples and then -- -- down there. The -- -- my -- examined him and that flattened the breasts like -- I think that's going to happen happened -- I'm trying to begin until it failed to get -- and why didn't yeah -- nevertheless. To stick with a bit of last and the disappointments -- on the cheek and -- -- it to Wendy's to colors together and it really likes his -- also this really. You know. Really it's just -- Ramallah to -- that first step with the bronze at almost the vikings to a number three yeah okay that we are doing that's the technique god and that gives you the natural sun -- luck and time -- -- -- on the actually yeah. Yeah. I intend to do you want you I like the sun actually -- Vietnam and won bronze again these things like that over don't know until looks -- And this often of that. And then it is it can he do under the sand and all of that not exactly running back. Yeah yeah. We had to -- you know down here in. Our next contest -- ninth -- through. Yeah I thought hey that's something that's fantastic yeah -- it doesn't we're behind you before we walked away at the Kennedy that we could -- -- -- -- And those that are out Soviet UConn Saturday in Galveston Israelis yet and that's -- people who get these gift -- -- -- every great reason to -- who they're helping me get my true love you look great pulled. Yeah weeding out okay. -- my time doesn't barbecue and barbecue. Love nothing I love how people hanging over the this is yeah. -- -- -- Starting in the wings yeah. In the nothing bad govern life barbecue. Memorial Day is coming up we're here we chef Michael Ferraro -- delicatessen in New York thank you for -- -- -- Some of my. -- -- starting a diet didn't know summer's coming yet a memorial after two action news segment none at all after that segment that. And they just let it -- what do you have here. Well Memorial Day is one of my favorite holidays the cookie need to do so until we actually I wanna -- around if you -- -- -- so I mean we went very traditional kind of barbecue. So here we have been -- -- That I dry rubs. And slow roast them and smoke don't have been implicated to have three different sauces to -- -- -- got talent here. Inside he couldn't did you can spoon -- whatever comfortable with you and -- doesn't work well when -- wanted to let's test your -- -- -- to. See what they are. So three different types and -- we just eat -- and a spot and put every guy's life. That's sweet. Like the Citic. -- de -- -- vinegar base detectives that got them vinegar base barbecue sauce. -- -- -- -- little hint this one's a little fruity a getting -- -- summer. -- Georgia. He speech out. Your -- this and it's not I was kind of looking pretty traditional but there's a little with a twist to it. -- a case that Kentucky. -- per ordinary I'm -- All about it. Yes there -- -- question to you -- did you dry -- yes why do you like that techniques more in this case and when you guys -- ginger -- is. You know. This off -- -- -- get a little bit messing. So in this case everybody -- pedestal in their own it's fun it's interactive I love holiday treat you describe your food and choose what you want. You know that it needs to take more time for relaxing for the -- then the gas just go about helps himself more Alba yeah. Exodus venture with risks such highlights exactly to what we have gone on this Matt -- people are very serious about -- -- -- -- government can solve flight when it comes -- -- -- can tell us a chicken -- here what -- extorted delicatessen I have Matt -- OK so we feature twelve different kind gourmet back and she's stable countries stuff we have. Shoes. That's a -- Colorado men who were all about the -- there who are actually -- delicatessen -- Favre became so popular that it now serve most of the popular flavors in Dallas Texas miles. So popular demand -- -- next door. So here we have a classic but today this is the mind should pull away. So why raise chipotle chicken with Chihuahua cheese -- system Mexican labor is going on there. This is it cheeseburger back from a case all those components of the cheeseburgers yeah. Yeah and this one is that lobster -- kisses. Right in my eyes. Lobster still contains a lot absolutely -- I would yeah oh yeah. Lots of money and because people are so serious about their -- -- -- in negative so much pride in tips. And really mailing it. -- this office. For sure. So. At Mac or delicatessen I mean you -- different types of cheese and a lot of them to. So also with the -- -- You'd you don't want to over -- you -- -- make sure that the water CC and and with the chief's daughter at season's guest at -- -- -- yes -- is -- seasoning with salt. I think that it did of course I -- drink the water -- sad to know well it does change you know the boiling point but you really -- -- to -- -- -- and -- -- -- I think it is estimated -- like the real reason. -- with vegetables. So definitely about the cheese sauce about the new. But we change it up -- -- -- -- -- we're very seasonal. Are saying -- everything from while -- -- chickens and and you think you're changing things up a lot you have a new summer coming up Newsom and he's coming up next week. And -- right and so -- on the corner of prince Lafayette and we actually have all glass garage doors that were tracked. So ultra dining in New York in SoHo it's the thirties debate automatic delicatessen in New York City yet he's somehow thinking yeah thank you how -- -- And we should only happen when you -- have about -- -- to do think you so much for joining us senate session on our beautiful. -- -- Dave can thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you today you you think look. Today. Thank you not love thank you you think I'll love you thank you.

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