GMA LIVE! (5.23.14)

Check out the funniest moments of the week from 'GMA' and 'GMA LIVE!'
8:47 | 05/23/14

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Transcript for GMA LIVE! (5.23.14)
We're just so we make. -- -- Things are coming in out in the open field companies like that brilliant mind -- you know that's -- -- -- A mother's tough -- on display watch this video news he had been. -- busy trying to process. Look look good -- You make sure it's okay to -- one. I love how this video was shot yeah. -- That competitive. They've ever. How do you beat this I don't know. -- -- -- -- -- -- BL I remember is one of cinema Leah be viewed failed to try again unto -- what might just -- -- really. I -- parking. That's what got me -- second time. He had passed the test that I am three accidents right away all cool about his dad do you have you -- is now. And finally. We all know that there was noticeable smell wafting out of -- bonds story in the wall and well guess what it's no accident the Wall Street Journal have uncovered the king. Good strategy. And the story is going viral hit lemont police did all of the -- deliberately near the -- this story. And -- only opens doors and getting close locations like malls and airports. The hoods over their options are we continue to -- this knowledge has sucked out. And they actually will heat trees -- brown sugar and cinnamon to keep -- Roma in the air they have these events that deliberately pushed. This is a -- now out anyone under Reagan national airport especially. A lot of now we know why can't walk I -- And then immediately behind my eagerness. You can -- -- kidnapping great grandfather -- okay. Hello my granddaughter -- CC Jackson just gave them. I didn't. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Doctor Jay did mentioned its forty year old daughter who is also expecting a child -- not. Lots of blessings for the next and that's great for him following the death of longtime girlfriend. In March I'm great grandpa will be -- don't belong he's got you. This don't even care for the entire story in no way and that has to be appointed -- -- great grandfather. I agree. I agree make jagr. The ankle -- Good morning to react to either. Not working. Got -- story. Just check in -- and all its U. You know. It's like -- wants everybody looking at me. -- all know and everyone in my report. -- but he's visited. Think the last time that you were here after you finish the interview you. We're doing a little do what what what caused this what I guess you haven't you -- -- you make your true Jackman softness. -- -- -- He'll have a -- you -- and well yeah -- regularly on the. But she didn't want -- Popular in my -- price started. Anybody -- sneaking in there right out of the fifth. -- couple's life were our local I -- here. Self. -- is now in real world. Along with a 150 other -- were debated in the eleventh edition of Merriam Webster's collegiate dictionary. Words are chosen for the industry via a network of track work you -- and then arts center. So what other words this week -- something -- -- Indians would play well. We'll -- technically have turned up different turnout if I never I -- yesterday for the first time in my life or -- turned off. The Thanksgiving mix between Turkey duck and chicken little new on -- I think that's good -- Apparently it -- there at a planet in the -- -- funding is another on the practice of soliciting financial country. The large number of people. And -- implied that don't know -- this one staying home com. Science fiction dealing with the nineteenth century -- is dominated by historical. Or. Imagine steam powered technology. We'll do who uses food here is just -- clean on this day and tomorrow. I mean a -- Okay here's a photo. Of them look like anything that reported. -- amendment. It's the sort of didn't contain. Contraption on this back there thanks -- but I guess. That's very specific insurance I don't know I think they're very intrusive in turn of the century industrial. Actions. If that was that they I don't know how industrial fashion yeah -- -- some sort of machinery a lot of machinery did a lot of machinery a lot of basically. Centers around after next what I. But it would look good. That's centered around steam technology. And -- let you know I don't like the next the next up for the extreme things. I'm getting a -- You have been very evening Susan -- after this play of the -- entertainment reporter -- really must have cost him. That -- can't fix it looks like. -- -- I don't know. And it what I could have done at a degree July Nicholas I can't be -- happy well yeah various wallet and this is that -- -- -- feel like aspirin and vitamins to. Yeah. -- didn't sit down. -- -- -- I think it can be here. Pick out I think Bob why don't. -- -- have to get back on the Flintstones considered you can't. It still again late credit but I can't I don't think maybe now they felt -- that Gilbert caving -- -- -- -- in the morning. Different -- you -- if you want to take her. I don't know anybody like him -- and Philips which is -- -- right right at nineteen ginger we're getting anything. One man has been in the dark but a normal and the dogs found in China maybe you hadn't hadn't -- stairs and out how to vote. Now we also have a red panda that -- -- This isn't -- and -- -- while browsing through pet market facing. It really matter that nothing ever -- and I couldn't -- at a community like. -- -- And ninja turtles don't use that -- coming -- and doesn't have a teenage mutant ninja. I want -- that. There right now yeah crafting these scripts in advance. So anyway it says that hit the mute button then name -- An annual -- different -- on the yeah. Minimally. A lot of red panda have handed dying -- and he wasn't without penalty and even though because I don't hang -- the -- process. Well I guess I elegant hair he got away CN NC got me an example of say the Twitter comment PM -- -- -- that. Head all morning I kept on -- get to treat you Tenet -- -- let me have a different winner on the NASDAQ I want -- ingredient. Have something people that there. And -- a little -- capital incidentally isn't it funny -- -- -- -- --

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