GMA LIVE! (5.29.14)

Gio Benitez and Ginger Zee check out some old-fashioned barber shop trends.
11:42 | 05/29/14

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Transcript for GMA LIVE! (5.29.14)
Get ready for some GMA lives. It all starts now live backstage at GMA. Declining Galileo will -- -- -- Isn't there this is Brian and -- he is the if the unit do you really think that -- -- think an athletic event. And exactly Iraq we're gonna get a special -- -- open. Also -- -- and that you know. Spend a great show a fun morning it is beautiful out there the crowd it. A lot of them coming in this morning -- -- to say hello to. I -- good idea good challenge it is just a couple people -- quickly behind Chris the -- -- Stanley just coming up over oh Christen the -- one of our favorites he was an intern with me as an intern with twelve news and this is his mother and his pants. He just graduated how -- -- you. Very yes he's so excited to be here we are so say they have and then and what are we need to know but now Chris is working here he got a -- -- and it's the and -- They're -- -- so faded you. Really excited I can't believe. For years happened erratic again either and he would drive isn't so great he would drive from Albany -- talk about dedication -- -- -- wanting to get into the business. This is it this is the prime example. I'm putting a label out there that's been there back in terribly got a job editor -- again that's actually. My goodness I was so excited for you are thinking that. Even in America that apparently I'm behind -- A little puppies acts are -- This Miami Heat fan grandma is she's -- she's posted this video online and it's by her son our grandson Jonny videotaping her she's a huge Miami Heat -- Miami. Let's take a look we got that video let's see what happens. Well I'm but you. Houston. -- -- My game. The -- days. Recorded in secret I have no idea. Being reported. Harry well -- academy. But yeah. -- London since she's so into. Look at our grandma Mary and all -- -- faithful to be glad the heat are ahead in the NBA series three to two. And will face the pacers in game six on Friday. That's so that have loved her -- Adam that we do have a play of the day today if that is -- video that's been below one up all over the Internet in it you're going to -- young man. We'll feel bad for. Why he's -- -- a problem the loading time is that he has. From -- girlfriends and as you'll see here he's having a difficult time bouncing back up at different. You -- have three girlfriends. Who -- and tiny. You can't have children school. I don't want free. To the stress -- -- have a -- girlfriends. -- They're great I I don't think and wonder. I don't know Ronald. Curry had decided to give up. -- do. True there are probably -- -- thinking -- -- there. It's more distrust -- anti business. -- -- -- -- -- Yeah. That's the solution to -- again and what if you -- -- you if you do it near Philadelphia weather. A boy forget that at a clip that -- went there and that's not an option other than being Ford. Still I think that is very stressful and -- -- -- Palestine myself that is a little embarrassing but at one point when -- dating lately in days. And so is just out of college and I got three sets of filers. Because I was celebrating graduating at -- time that's right. And who -- what and they all I'm my mother was like what -- what is going on there. Really really really been very very. PC everything that was going on in the day and it was stressful life helium and yet -- -- -- hearts anyway yet that they didn't stick around a picture -- remember that if he. Bad. Flowers on a long way Indiana -- Sharing stories this morning Anita in -- -- that that's another heartbreaker for you guys are -- of the day a mini pig and can ring appropriately named Ramon. And -- from Sao Paulo Brazil parent happens to Graham right now. The unity and over 65000. Followers of the those fears poses with the other -- -- -- And all -- -- about -- of course come on apparently wears the clothes to blend in with the big city. And you may just mistaken for a puppy but could -- a particular kind of -- Holden. -- and then this is actually true so I don't have and then there I don't know if you have -- this part of Brazil. But it must be very interesting for him to have to do that to Glendon but -- -- but -- hit. A. -- -- -- And I -- Thanks hormone which by the way is Spanish for hand yep that's -- -- -- -- They've got all right so finally on this show you know. We do a lot of segments are -- yes we you know we got nails but make upon the you know -- -- it's all over Google. But now we gotta do inside the headquarters surgeons and old school barber shops across the country and they're giving a modern update on traditional -- and -- so we've got. -- -- is over here with. Guys from virile barber shops wears on -- event. But added that the big setup we gotta go and all that guys we know in the terribly. So little time -- in his view Islam so. I start with the uproar they're saying at this such a nice gift for people tend to be at the panicked residents pampering -- resolutely it definitely is I mean. Any any guy comes -- that often the chaired the greeted with smiled a whiskey beer. Get the hang out and just decompress. It sounds like heaven heaven and that that except my fiance. Why don't you do that somebody was telling him to China and he's talking to her fifth was not -- right. You know so long as they have done right right exactly you know we have that we ask anybody's -- -- -- -- -- have at least three to four days worth of your -- on the comment. And it really is pleasurable experience in -- two passes with straight razor stimulants massage hot towels it's really reluctant. The only time it won't it will hurt is that if you don't use the towels some really. Prepare your face and stuff like that's about what you have to do the precisely yet but he this team really -- -- -- of the -- -- here is the same -- and with this copper wire. So that's the really and you know gets -- nice and soft so that we can cut -- tough act. So that they knew Carson got his got played I loved the -- thank -- -- -- they're pretty old so we'll listen what 1850 one's 18958. This chair there actually kind of an order. This one was the first hydraulic pump chair of its kind this model. And then this -- -- mechanical from 1891. And then this -- over here is from 1901. We'll have been hair had met a -- video right there yeah. Hello. Without. The longer -- But if -- culturally there yeah rational plan their tomorrow morning -- Com yet so we're we're -- of -- wolf -- New Jersey and downtown Jersey City excellence elements that out of the way you're not as a real and demonstrate some of these -- -- this would be the first -- he had gotten out appreciate applied hot towel and now -- the -- Google all the way to that -- and he's got quite -- -- absolutely you know we took him by the time gets and intentionally and that's when you know world. Could pick them -- tremors. Good shape but that the Bentley we usually the longer the better now now looks great pianist and certainly it do you think it it -- it go away for awhile and then. You know why there's definitely. I think. It depends on the tree you know for awhile there it is you know salons guys that we had to get -- to -- -- -- -- Some -- Monica and complacent in the craft itself with the trends spot -- now it's definitely in the resurgence is pretty strong -- -- been doing all right there's a lot of -- and barbershop scene of pompano all of the nation's school to be part of it. You know my grandfather was a barber in the and he did feasible to the united has barbershop and in Miami it was like that -- the old school he only would charge five bucks for a -- by the saying Israel build schools Anderson let's settle. -- the -- -- -- -- that you the first wife and then and then after that. -- -- move on to doing the second paths which you know -- -- apply appreciate. And it's club in hot talent. And then Genesis there yesterday and down there so. Someone they do that they can apply another warm towel. Get all that shaped green and everything off of an -- -- Program. And -- -- previously. -- -- -- an amendment going on here so we have plan that shape bomb and they get good -- massage could face massage. They really get and then it does everything else must realize that -- -- -- the shape right now. But I can another massive it not cool so vocal training and -- we -- you my time this -- know what with New Jersey and now. And and that's to thirty founding and then in downtown Jersey City. So right up some of them. -- -- -- And regrets because the other new line of products -- right yes absolutely we're going to be launching an August -- of -- heritage so systems except for us you know. I started out. Making products in my shop and -- -- when I first opened up. -- that many clients and had a lot of free time for. -- -- -- Afghan experiment didn't it was fun and we just stick it to the next level and -- trying to really -- chances to a -- more people you know and imperial. In the home so that they can get that barbershop quality experience. Also wanted to go there just to get your fashion advice Saudi -- applied here. I am and what I -- on -- -- -- and -- -- -- -- let us then yeah you wanna read a little when we say goodbye and others have gone way off equipment but -- here. This is star we've been communicating for how lives. -- sorry to hear from over here and what she is doing in your -- as well all right wetland center yes. And I just -- have everybody needed to think -- yen in morning. Let me you know you can now you know they got -- warm -- really in there like I didn't really. Yes it's changed the game. Play -- daddy gotta get up ahead I believe that says look I think we wanna leave with that that night president the night as of -- behind the camera. Does that -- and on GO. The shaved because he oh that's like five oh my goodness Agassi. Aaron crap -- -- F Ed Ed thank you so much that you can't think they've got to be and congratulations. -- every day CNN live right here in --

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