GMA LIVE! (6.10.14)

Professional trainer Lacey Stone has some new moves for a workout routine.
13:16 | 06/10/14

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Transcript for GMA LIVE! (6.10.14)
Get ready for some GMA -- it all starts now live backstage at GM. CNN live here on Good Morning America Jack Connelly got Cecily Tynan here with us again from our ABC station and the better it. And Ryan Smith drive that that also frightened I. Our brilliant which makes me feel a million people -- really -- -- tonight. Though the suffering we have a special guest here that his name and men. Okay okay -- is here with his doctor Frankenstein heard her name is actually Jenny Jenny come on and so medicine to start the morning with us -- -- little guy and he has a really important purpose he -- phones that enrichment plant at. Well. Created that it's all about back. We've -- our funds sell much they help us. And so on anybody's breakfast time -- his first time he's not eating at the piano and yet -- -- there -- So but the problem as we get sucked in great sound -- -- I'm iPhone for legitimate reason they get sucked and we noticed our phones are starting to steal -- -- from the moment from the people must know. We need a solution for our family do you think so this is the way to remind you can't -- family members he -- to drop the -- until that it's not a distraction and -- -- him how many can he think three is seen in the heat and how nice it moments yeah I just I love them because look at him he just literally they had. Yeah. -- also can charge downs and. And so there is a hole in the bottom but despite -- -- I don't know yeah house you can actually plug your phone and before you feed the phone monster. Not so -- holiday in our house our kids will say mom -- Hungary and the fact. Path are accused him but the -- -- and focus on our family and see -- -- it gets a lot of texting things. -- exactly at night. Your right -- need to feed the phone monster into my. Focus back on Sunday that they can actually talk and interact the -- used -- -- we had right one of the things that we realize our kids are 97 and five them. So they don't have -- on -- yet but. They're going to really -- and we realize that. The way that we interact with heart devices right now that's how they're going that's how they're learning that is this is the appropriate -- to interact with your I. -- -- -- constantly just on my phone and -- half listening and talking bit paying attention to this and not -- face to face. When I can't have our devices they're gonna think that fat is the appropriately act and act with and this is the latest version of how did you start -- with men -- -- my very first version of me -- -- Kleenex box. Actually you know it's -- along right -- he had thirteen years ago and we just made out of Kleenex box and he sat on our kitchen counter for two years every day. As a visual reminder. To just be present and put the phone -- when it's when it's. Appropriate to be with your handling the phone away and be with your family. Some mountain Nedved is not you can't get -- in the stores yet can't write but you can't believe you need people tell. I anyhow yes I would love to get -- into the hands of families everywhere. But Cox a lot of money to get injection molds made so that we can even start production so if you visit -- the phone It takes it right -- kick start a campaign page you can learn all about -- and help us raise the funds are trying to raise 80000 dollars so that we can get that. Out on the store shelves and in kitchens around all of I like -- when he got speculated that. -- -- -- I've been that romantic restaurants -- -- couples. -- texting other people and and that is why even bother him right that they that they -- -- part of the romance. I loved hockey I just wanted to send it isn't. I can't be with my husband where we both for whatever reason and that being on -- phone because my tax generate wanted to post something on mr. Graham faced that. And before -- -- were not on a date anymore that we're just I'm on a date with my phone doesn't wish you the Bakken library. You should take this to the sharks Alice -- -- think -- You -- -- I really want to have to get it into production and that's my next. I'm loving art and -- dollar and market and then coming every -- and not being ill. Yeah. Yeah. Headed back private yeah. -- -- very little my daughter's two and one of the ultimate she -- very agitated wondered I think you need to make a bigger city is my kids at candles yeah. You know they don't have songs that -- Kindle so I knew you weren't there five months old and I kid you not whenever I get on the phone because you got one and only one -- and -- I didn't know that. I -- they automatically start crying. They know I'm arm. How do you know what I'm doing -- no attention and yeah I -- yeah. Yeah all right well how about some pop. Extra the future king of England has teamed up with sporting a royalty -- and back. For a new wildlife preservation campaign on this is an unlikely duo they look old friends and they've joined forces to campaign and to launch it. In London of the -- championed it could hash -- whose side are you on -- what they're doing they're hoping to use social media. To raise awareness and combat the illegal trade. Of wildlife products I think that's a great -- if you want something go viral. -- David Beckham be -- -- yeah. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I think at this is a great cause. I also think it would be really Smart to do with the tourism campaign that's where did okay because you put those two men at the pump the gas -- -- math. Yeah but the holiday is the right on the hundred you know -- -- -- -- among them the technical. -- status for Iceland in America doing what -- and speaking of hip hop. No look at that in -- somebody. Thought it could have learned that you are old and an -- -- -- well. What the -- -- does Dave the way -- players are gearing up for battle foot teen USA's captain Clint Dempsey is showing off his skills in battling off. In the freestyle rap field right back did not say here's a deal now -- he's known. For being a little bit of the hip hop -- he loves it and so bleacher report's Adam Medco set did see up with a -- Let's see how we did. And so want to take the VOK maybe instead of Murphy told her make dinner table tennis championships we focus our attention to these numbers -- Got itself Chris Howard and although toward the -- -- these pockets full body control we're playing -- three times. But we've done to better this comes from -- on the ground. World about numbers are gonna win a World Cup this -- the USA that was. We don't get the start of the crowd behind us I want -- -- -- -- -- can't -- that. -- that -- But even is that it that it include -- -- -- That's code for yes you couldn't have happened I don't know. -- promised if you don't stuff for. Around him back to do IRS and -- -- segments I don't know people noticed that on and I don't know -- that -- If you're running out -- give you -- if you didn't you can beat boxing I don't think you can right now. It's that's not really sucks I can't really public finance they'll beat box popped up -- how about a cop out. I don't. As -- yeah. There's no shame in his game maybe Nancy there's -- -- Yeah. And any opponent. And I think -- are right -- -- up the spot here it wouldn't be GMA live without. A little pet of the day so how about this one from Kate rebel in Dorset England she's showing her dog who was having a little trouble. That's a -- there in the doorway that that's. Is keeping him how badly in the other Rome he's sweet and he's obviously not a guard dog. Yeah there is some things out of the way you know I have had something very -- actually -- My dog is afraid of sunglasses. -- -- I mean it's not -- logical that the unfamiliar -- -- Really -- the current -- that there is an -- one perhaps. Let me get back. He's never gotten past. I read Sunday's season that retreats is afraid of you who read this sounds to -- a security -- And and then spread to other big show this morning we -- our doctor restaurant talking about exercise can really give us energy throughout the days of the reason that I'm dressed like it's headed just decided totally and address for the show we have a greater lay these down is yeah. And incorporate some new moves into our work averaging right yeah -- -- fan of the boot camp format. I'm a big fan and watch. Because I feel like now people don't have a lot of time in their lives and it's fast efficient and if you do with me it's fun OK and you get a deal. Anyway what is under the that there are ready and -- -- -- -- -- I don't -- I don't -- yeah definitely gonna. You -- I don't know it added you -- -- and wondering because I don't dancing. They're so -- I love your show where the best let GM may yet. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- What about the boot -- aren't what of them. -- it just means nothing fancy basic exercises have been around for ever but the reason why they've been around forever because -- You know it's not like crazy choreography it's basic squat exercises heading the jump betting scheme is just so yeah monument records and -- -- I I am on Friday. I couldn't take a boot camp -- back in Philadelphia did you and I I play and I love it and it's all -- -- don't have. Special equipment -- saying yes. Korea and string it yeah yes so I have more revenue coming out I haven't -- please don't fitness let's golf yes low body exercises the first move we're gonna do I'll -- you a beginner which. You're gonna do to be okay yeah. But see I -- -- -- you're going to be advancing and he'll now help. Intermediate and and we'll do advance -- Are sure sounded -- this simple you just flooded down mixture is don't know how to disappeared so we're looking your -- I don't know what -- Here let's go over OK so -- down then you're gonna come up just like that -- yeah that's what I'm not bringing up your heels next level. Oh he took -- off that's on -- got a little jump out and gets you ready for next yes you -- some. Oh yeah. I want a guy yeah. -- yeah. Yeah. -- -- -- -- Yeah. -- -- It is not that he took like a -- and -- -- as a -- ridiculous yeah. So and worked -- yeah. -- targeted thinking down to the ground. This woman's -- Yeah. We don't -- -- Pretty that's here now I don't know probably know -- idea coming on here had a happier here hands. Right underneath your shoulders and it's like spending your although. -- -- -- -- Bringing change that the until you make it hard -- looks so cool right now about the and I loved -- sing. So let me have this gentleman worked out blues like we're you don't -- to go to the gym you're gonna -- a man clearly. And -- just going. Just get going just keep going get practice makes perfect I don't -- some -- that inspires you music and new clothes good environmental. And that's -- you do it that's funny elegant and -- -- yeah. Yeah. -- yeah. -- that puts us all know what they're doing. Yeah -- yeah. Write something. -- -- -- -- Well thought and -- -- finding a minor -- you look at your sublease its own fitness not prompt. Are treated me -- system said. Perfect and I don't -- -- and it isn't playing together and -- yeah yeah yeah. Yeah.

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{"id":24070240,"title":"GMA LIVE! (6.10.14)","duration":"13:16","description":"Professional trainer Lacey Stone has some new moves for a workout routine.","url":"/GMA/video/gma-live-61014-24070240","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}