GMA LIVE! (6.12.14)

Gio Benitez, Sara Haines and Adam Joseph celebrate National Strawberry Shortcake Day.
15:27 | 06/12/14

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Transcript for GMA LIVE! (6.12.14)
Ready for some GMA live -- it all starts now. Live -- stated GMA. Welcome CMA lives there are -- -- -- from Philadelphia here -- I think that my best out there -- -- drizzling on a few people. About that rain especially for you you know yes they -- them upgrades on -- wedding days of the good luck on the day -- today it was freezing. Yes they wanna get there I'm yeah. Traffic took a -- -- there but this is the best man which has been a part of that it is Henry either. We're gonna -- hook up but could not. Hey. Let's say -- -- there my -- you might not do that morning. Thinking -- it's what I love my players that we have the audience and then more audience if they can't get them out there. Yeah yeah -- will -- that's happened after the today in the data -- soccer fans have been waiting for they kick up to the World Cup and speaking of taking sports. -- -- -- -- -- For the holidays yeah no I don't I told you read anything in the prompter setup baseball I -- if soccer balls to commemorate the occasion check these out. These are pretty cool. -- -- -- -- What country do you want got the -- one -- -- -- do in the US and -- go I think getting you know what I would I would actually cheer Brazil on tonight the brother in -- -- kind of and park Brazilian. Not really -- like what tonight is an engine -- I know I I'm definitely have to -- -- -- Simon Hanna to back. -- affairs is having people personal digital cameras strategically -- -- ever find him and Johnny was beautiful and the biggest battle she had just keep your parents for her. I know -- I wrote real nice off our bill Acheson. The hair's flying in my -- -- -- real -- -- not voted on tomorrow she was on the big screen knowing she was taking what look look at the ER yes and I said you write like this citing its healthy she didn't know and thinning of the -- and the kids at all as people -- -- renewal again. Normal artsy remember that infamous puppy bowl that Animal Planet has -- year -- that the dog eat dog world when Animal Planet does it again turning bit. World -- been -- yeah well. Away from death of the first ever World Cup competition where -- have been handled the salon who'll be true champion and top dog of the planet. Kind of like the -- If they picked up today on Animal -- that are on the band will get everything -- -- -- I think people -- honey do well. -- -- -- -- -- I don't plan to dot com go their vote -- thing and and you'll find the best the best book may the best way back -- or wrong. And now I'm a fan I was an -- soccer and it helps involved and in many parts of the comparable. Can you what digital tracks like you're -- -- no idea volleyball -- off the navy is soccer at this duo had but it's like you. They're messing up this little worried -- the -- -- why they they have a photo aboard two entrants for the the puppy bullets look. -- -- -- I'll. Add up quite well having. This hair Aaron and I -- I don't. A great from the tiny -- that it -- ending up. -- -- -- -- -- It's always once you think you for not letting us get that thing wrong is undoubtedly watching me I'm always looking up for the Pope CN snout you know what's -- or -- this weekend problems. -- -- and we -- ahead and let's say one we got fathers and hear anyone yeah ads -- -- got a few film that's well we have in this. Steel cans where the dad and his can't exactly it. I would only one of you he's got he's got three -- we've got to allow it didn't really light on father's. Yeah -- -- get a clear that they're coming out of the woodwork now now the life of one famous dad is speaking out about a sensitive issue for families all over the country so take a look at this. I'm Sarah -- about my professional football coach and former star quarterback Jim Harbaugh. I'd like to talk about a serious condition affecting countless men and our country. -- talking of course. About tan pants. To shapeless pleaded tragedy that too many men find themselves in every day who. I was there. My hands and by a -- successful football coach of -- husband. Suddenly look -- -- behind the curtains from his pals since Sims started wearing dockers he's a whole new man. -- this report. That's your dad. -- use what we have a model yeah. Yeah. That can't -- -- -- -- today and we can't the end of our model but you know. Can't -- -- data entry. Yeah I love how clueless and wrangling and you come out here the book. He walked out eagerly -- -- can get food and he's just -- model and -- -- -- segment well he grabs the Mike and that he's watching the commercial you just see his plays -- ago. Welcome the government Kagan Anderson and we can bring this guy over here is he has he's right kind of -- essence we can't back there in the great. Those that -- the had Internet -- -- Yeah and Angela Wright thing parents that a comments and -- enough that only comes hearing on the. -- auto number my -- You know this is trending on Twitter that hasek stopped dad -- and you can you can vote on Animal Planet -- -- yeah. We did when you guys coming up. As we clearly need a second place -- -- news about. Hilarious Christian wing of bridesmaids and SNL -- Now set to direct her first film in -- new comedy when he gets even better she's pairing up with her bridesmaids co writer any normal that's a great need for this new project making an official must see it's describe the story of best friends who find themselves in over their heads. Typical in her class and out of their death they both released a statement saying how excited they are to be writing. -- mentioned how she -- wanted to direct for some time so a huge. Congratulations to her she is one of my all time favorites. Sat in who doesn't love that movie night I could watch that -- re at probably watch it fifteen times -- yes. I mean line the toward every article pause rewind have you watch ATM afraid to drop even -- -- and you guys is if you -- it and it -- right -- Almost seriously who invited -- Ratings and a World Cup athletes aren't the only ones getting a workout today are adorable pet of the day despite -- try out. So workout techniques this cat has a fascinating -- -- its owners could you speak a word out. Yeah is that she. An owner didn't academy captivated by the machine and I wonder why whenever someone -- to -- -- at this time 81 and he didn't -- Yeah. Well I did benefit. -- -- You don't have helped Iran Saddam -- you how how does not like her dad is doing L I guess -- bigger -- -- would rather glad my mother back here she. -- mom we're here. -- long to tell my well my come over Hillary here given that might give for the moment and I think probably. Of course you found out she was pregnant with me she was pregnant but she did -- -- on the story you were somewhere and used one of those shake weight things with me for all of. She -- they got wildlife -- Donna that's right. -- -- -- -- -- called glorious Stephenson was Jim get right to -- on -- yet he went around it was a bow and more. Little -- yeah I know I. I look glad that I -- and protect. That's -- day -- yeah -- -- -- -- good line seniors on their Good Morning America don't know where. Look at -- -- like 37 years old. I'm I'm an entity disparities -- how does have a real work cannot assure and he went -- in the past supporters even like fifteen years in the business -- still wants to be moved. Colombia -- walks behind I don't know yeah staying here. Yeah. That's -- you make clothing and make you go back there with your -- -- them. Meantime she sent me in my room with -- yeah. Good to their option here. Yeah. Are we are sitting at -- if you. I'm pat extra of the day take a look at another -- -- from a cat with a mustache. The -- That. And get them out come what -- whatever sophisticated looking sad soul mastering lounging there is got a long -- -- don't like hearing it went apparently changed that sort of with the -- and it's had to guess is that well it's -- World Cup. All soccer ball that -- Yeah it's balancing it pretty good here looks like what did I have heard out of the cat -- different had a cat who doesn't think that it expects to try -- -- -- you have to -- Never been a huge cat person with him when he's viral videos and pictures amount kind of phone -- did you see there were there were that prompted cats. That you have -- there's a video will -- to play for the turned down for what video. With the cats and that is what will put a thought the idea is now in late checking in here I had no clue what he's talking about it also at the un Jim like next -- -- If that's what about -- day we get. -- -- or take -- Saturday let's go over here. Here yeah. Analysts absolutely all the way yet but already. Clinched a and I can be feeling over this latest news amazing this is amazing -- -- telemann -- while you have a cookbook out all about -- tank. No. -- titled hello -- I can't. One day you will one yeah. I was not a mandatory that the -- through the gunman -- is that so where's your shop too fast I don't have one candidate but I have a cookbook. Look at this issue should have a -- you well -- -- -- I give I had many cookbooks and I have a cookbook coming in in the -- -- seeking change want and does have short weeks -- But what I want you to -- -- so much different looking cookies he was shortcake parties and had three -- -- -- feel like. -- -- -- I don't I wanna take one of the tour of the history instructors something about getting North Adams Sharkey. And credit cards to -- a good experience short takes still well short cake comes from nineteen to four. Of course was the styles and actually want to know the preservatives. -- -- This. Kind of short cake that was who ran actually when Driscoll started growing very soon in California so this just for kids get. -- -- strawberries and no whipped cream was gonna say is -- welcome back then -- No -- so -- heavy cream would be poured over who never gotten bigger -- -- except the -- as we discussed tomorrow we weren't Smart okay. Still -- on its operating here is a bad move to came and we can see next check Paulson -- C -- it was different at the -- house and gave us whipped cream. So let's move to the 1950s. This was kind of the style in the fifties model -- chocolate chips and chocolate chips in its -- -- me if there it's a fox biscuit. OK but we've got whipped cream and then he got -- from robots need to from a -- finally -- I don't have I thought talents of this. I'm 1982. And everything was busy doing a -- -- low fat add heat to low fat. Time -- there angel's Matt incoming grenade -- again. Who's going. In million. On sat alone the fact he shouldn't have. Whipped cream and strawberries it's not a shortcake it's just an Angel food -- Franken joins us okay. But -- -- particular thing I don't -- -- -- and we couldn't name for them predicts. Because because it's mind. Italy today at a place in this is I was really excited fiscal -- he -- -- Shortcake discovery -- day on Saturday. And I decided to go a little wild and crazy. Still it's a big -- With the -- insisting. Keeping in near you won't -- it until you -- it. Please strawberry compost with a little bit of -- was Cleveland oh yeah I only had minor ankle and age and it's only just learned. The strawberries and rules are in the -- I'm going. So -- -- a little rose in there. Frank I'm honestly -- of that sweet tooth -- -- -- all this right now. It's offering you accept that went for anything that he wanted to have not -- Thank you can -- it into the Mike good news just you know what and one of them you want to make fun of yourself -- apartment -- in my -- I don't expect eye socket to started. This is the rulers. And -- come I love Turkey pardon after -- degree at the -- and it's a wonderful. Thing and the gore on the answer Lauren -- I'm pleased to work in a bakery so yeah I did. Like six years he doesn't know whether you make -- -- are around and a half. That's not bad -- -- getting married I have. -- -- number I have friends. It's still an Adam just got a date for the -- -- I couldn't short -- wedding that that the hoping planned. Fresh -- on -- Bernie I think you tackle all of these recipes are. Fiscal Scott home on the -- -- fiscal dot com am but let me -- think -- -- you know who I'm manipulate me better. Okay I'm gonna take a little bit of stick this into a candidate take a little bit at all is apparently -- a little -- From history I just went out and -- I'm -- and I normally anything else -- -- eliminate two you wanted to look at this. -- -- -- Magnet to I like we went so linked to back and -- -- thank you -- after -- brandy come down or president they were watching her -- yeah. I already anyway category. Yeah of choice okay -- -- you have choices snappy sound so my happiness. Analysts -- very short -- give us a -- Flanagan yeah Driscoll dot com has. All of the recipes for the short weeks including the double -- -- -- anglers and your book comes out excellent book and had many books but the new one comes out. October 28 that -- birthday. The day before my -- The scorpion human hand me -- -- do we are dependent -- yeah. -- yeah yeah and didn't get a good. -- I -- he's -- -- -- live CNN news yeah. --

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