GMA LIVE! (6.24.14)

“Girl Meets World” cast plays charades with Ginger Zee.
7:23 | 06/24/14

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Transcript for GMA LIVE! (6.24.14)
Ready for some GMA live. It all starts now live backstage at GM -- That's the same time here this morning have. Not only on the show -- we get the stars of girl -- well but we get them here and social square. And you get after them your questions -- like -- pretty excited about this news at lunch on the -- and -- Boy Meets World loving. People when -- in that age group. We were just talking I said yesterday got about the budget questions about 1988 it and got it -- -- -- I just hit it I I just missed it. Sound negative -- -- -- sounds coming out you loan accounts people started seeing it and the reactions -- far. Let me when it's angry yet came out on the watch CAC app so actually comes on TV Friday -- the reaction to the -- is very. You know August has -- here we weren't learned about any -- you -- that -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah. And I didn't look. And class -- yeah I live now. So some welcome you haven't played against great play years of -- -- kids and are you finding ourselves have resembling -- already. Oh yeah I think you know -- isn't the perfect snakes to -- getting quarry -- She think that the series that he shares a lot of qualities in common with Koreans. I'm not stop asking my questions -- it's time. Freer when it and immediately right -- -- whether we get our men and we have one here from then I. This according thing of let's turn out the way that you thought they would. Pot excellent question weakness. We're -- look at this -- An excellent question. I don't think anyone knew how their lives would turn out for saying but. I think that we start this the show right on -- -- -- a fourteen years later and they have to lovely kids. Quarries that teacher with the pain as a lawyer and their living in new York and -- they're very happy and I think -- are going to be -- with -- Up right let's gone the next -- I want to see another because that girl is obviously very into -- that he had you had read he's got a letter that. Says how would you describe your character in three words let's go ahead and this bad -- -- -- -- he's over the top -- the units this X click. Yeah. And -- Trouble. -- -- -- Yeah. You -- Polite. But Hillary caring good. Six gentlemen. I did this yesterday and they don't -- awkward. -- -- -- And it is. The topic here -- Malia -- -- you -- -- and I just whatever you want anything. Could pick -- by a mile yeah. Have absolutely yeah. He's very Smart cars get Smart. It's my yeah. That they weren't so yeah. -- -- days and I didn't feel little bit and you're seeing our panel we check -- a -- -- -- -- -- And at your school of course yes and we're gonna learn about more about -- -- take it. So for tonight's science. I'd like it -- -- a repeat as they aren't anything anything at all that you guys believe -- so strongly. -- fight sports -- I'd -- for no homework. Yeah every day why can't you teach me everything -- need to know why I'm here. -- we don't. Since we want to come back and playing the game -- -- every -- to see their favorite out NN you know getting a little charade and here come in and heavily -- it. -- and yeah. Please. It seems we found have a look the in the ninety's and overlay. I'm with the enemy -- and you can bet on how to think for split up but they'll have it at any. Where pet is like Lara Carl Cannon yeah undecided is who's acting press. Yeah. I can't say -- I think. Yes you did brilliant creation -- new England and Canada -- Canada. -- -- Okay this part wow. Wow -- it. Think of what they do you go. Yeah. And see. -- and all. Me sounds play out -- hand up and no sounds my -- Anything else but -- know. That doesn't like what -- Yeah. You can tell us Annie template Fannie and -- -- yeah yeah and any. I don't know why did. -- Colleen. And little mountain man I -- but I got my dad. That's why I really don't like this bad guys. -- and anything not even I think he didn't -- this -- -- new. -- I think -- okay. Look at that -- In nine words. In -- 9988990. -- you want to know. And I promise -- I think it's okay see another and the parent pray that this is the one that's -- okay. And -- Can I talk a moment she -- and -- -- -- rules. Relations are on the show the and yeah. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I he's in Alaska's premier -- -- -- -- Friday the 27 at nine point five the end of the. -- -- -- Good morning -- yeah. Hey did you live every -- 9 AME. Of the event.

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{"id":24278699,"title":"GMA LIVE! (6.24.14)","duration":"7:23","description":"“Girl Meets World” cast plays charades with Ginger Zee.","url":"/GMA/video/gma-live-62414-24278699","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}