GMA LIVE! (6.30.14)

Ryan Smith and Gio Benitez highlight the dog vs. dog showdown.
9:51 | 06/30/14

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Transcript for GMA LIVE! (6.30.14)
Ready for some GMA live and it all starts now. Live backstage at GMA. Fat. A month -- the GMA live otherwise -- today of the brochure. Yeah. Bryant's local club and has tried not too -- -- Gonzales here in Volgograd a runoff. We waited until Gonzales G -- -- -- -- up up up up up all night. -- -- I did this isn't that -- -- really given its yeah. The GO great to see agenda had a -- so as you need and then move since we were gonna happen we're gonna have fun and you were doing a little free with the -- earlier it. -- -- -- Who doesn't do -- to go on the big to look at him there half half half. -- got a there and and a -- you -- the drug companies they know not elect. But did not expect -- -- an animal treatment but you still Sesame Street and but. -- -- -- he had the courage to do it on national TV and Good Morning America. -- -- -- -- -- -- a few seconds ago they were all with Lucy -- over here at the now we are gonna have an audience but thanks for come and it did get over your guns commence her throat yeah. -- -- -- -- Join him. So throughout the past few weeks we've seen soccer fans go crazy when they get their chance to sign on the big screen at that big game but today we have a little baseball fan. Who showed that soccer fans aren't the only ones getting a little crazy take a look the maniacal moment for all -- it has captured on vine right. Yeah. It's. I didn't -- -- -- -- -- learn -- -- I want to -- steady inexorable death. The captain and here's the caption good luck to your mother. -- -- Million dollar that there does little to lose the handle. I think that's what Ryan looks like -- Don that's what I look like when I'm on the Jumbotron -- -- -- what do you have you been on the Jumbotron -- the F. Really what -- tell me of an album -- the nets sit in the July Iran during the show what do you expect out of saying -- -- -- event ever. I -- not -- -- -- late today we kicked off our big. Vs dog so down the -- -- here with the field guys it's co owner of the dog walker take a look at this. This is accused the -- of the -- Look at this he -- his little buddy climb. OK. Yeah. He walked into the field with flowers crossing the Haaretz that audience the -- walks him. Through the -- at a -- time and he walks him. Come on video Jessica it was as if he walked into the mountain song blocks and everywhere but the right now they're in Korea. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The master of the -- -- -- Barriers that love it when a dog has attracted publicity but that vote -- more hoping to do it again guys bring him. I know he's got a -- -- but that's okay. But don't deal with he's attending he was not news keep Hughes walked into the office okay blogs here all of that and rolls over you -- know -- he -- he's done a good look he says his prayers. How did that -- -- -- it. I I think he was throwing himself into like -- -- -- Kerry goes he also drive the car. -- -- -- -- I have about us as we received so many entries from some of the very talented -- that we saw we wanted to share some of the honorable mentions it didn't quite make final cut to the big dance but we're still -- president since its money Monday. And cold. Boston -- Texas and -- -- Clearly man's best friend -- five. But what they bring back. You know. Yeah. -- -- yeah. -- -- Good training did you have to go through -- the dad had a drink at least 75 here. But that's. -- met a lot he says -- -- again all right so this I mean this dog is so alive. And what would you be here if it's about that it will penetrate to the -- -- to. Item as a good question and get a beer and slowly become not only -- what does that -- Korea. What -- -- argued about a Catholic. The little reluctant because maybe not hitting the -- and expect. But I'm just a few years -- power he comes back wit and -- -- And that. No cold cuts. -- -- what do little a saliva they are from the dog had threatened. -- -- -- And I -- now. -- look at that. See the video hit the -- going to be you know house. All right make certain to vote for today's head to head battle and continue to -- in each day this weekend vote here. -- Good Morning America dot com for the dog that you think should -- -- top -- to cool down on video. Unfortunately we can't have beer here on the air but you know we have some guys are -- -- all the time. From our from our props -- Person's well the total number here are some -- what what can you bring us I don't know what would really whatever you want what we're about a rubber chicken chicken covered ticket. Nice to see this is great this -- what we do it can we get. When you get this job they just tell you can go tell people to bring stuff to -- Thank you for the that I -- we got -- -- other words what -- also got. And asked what what else what do we want what else have a dinosaur. That's -- -- -- I know I'm thinking is that reading and doing tonight is lose again this morning and left its resident I think it's right here look at Atlanta I hear them. But reluctant. To you know the dinosaurs week. One yeah. That I. Nice to persuade how to jump into the squeak for me with. Populous area -- into the -- that's it sets up an all right rob what what about a sore. From us now Ryan air got to take about the sword. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Hoffman thanks to this is -- since the all right let's rounded out with a crown please grow as we have a battle with our honeymoon. -- -- -- And I. That might not have drawn -- lagoon. -- -- Oh my goodness I'm sitting over here to guy you've declared. And Colorado feel like your crown spokesman and -- -- the pop news buddies that Mozilla five. How about who need the World Cup when you've got the high stakes game of egg throwing. The eighth annual world like throwing championship was held this weekend take a look at this video happening out of England. Were competitors go head to head. And -- -- dagger against Spain and number of of the hits including let them except -- didn't -- roulette where contestants take their chances smashing eggs on their heads. That could be cooked. Or for the unlucky few they're just wrong. The players also launched -- up into the 150 feet up in there for their fearless opponents to catch. Or at least attempt to in this organized sport of egg throwing his ads actually thought to date all the way back to thirteen to what do you do wow at the foot when -- Yeah a good age that -- servants its effects and with the flight Waverly road Eumig used to make run through Canada -- -- regulator will start got a decimate broad market but understandably doesn't think so yeah we got them -- so I know I I why don't we play that game. Brian. What -- coming our producer Brian yes. You know pick one and let's see if all raw parts of it Macedonia had the Russian roulette that see that it wants 100. This is great as a the Internet got there how many of these are hard boiled there's most of them and then just maybe a couple of them -- I don't know I don't know the -- rebel -- up doing let's that I do it. Do it forward. For the record yeah. I think this is a real -- all right. Oh and a long way to -- -- -- Like you do it again likes -- there are no wonder our -- there could barely get out the hard boiled with them and he -- with some salt pepper. Amounts that hurt. Not only can't hurt you know outside. It's fully it and really picked up over -- it got equity -- that you guys trying to resume. -- and then -- you do -- yeah. About 85 dollar. Five dollars -- -- give you ten dollars at the -- they hit the ground that -- -- street. All right I think that does that they'll clean O'Brien Ray Odierno gave up five dollars and 5050 bet that. Let's -- nobody else is like noon. Salmonella I think that the -- at Nagano affinia by Pedro Rodriguez dear dear man alive the -- so we've got dinosaurs and stub dad I -- --

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