GMA LIVE! (7.11.14)

Check out the funniest moments of the week from 'GMA' and 'GMA LIVE!'
3:00 | 07/11/14

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Transcript for GMA LIVE! (7.11.14)
As being for Larry -- you -- fair everything. I won't now happen. Yeah -- -- yes can I ask why can't coming I have not what I say don't give a three mile -- please. Is that I looked better. -- have a memory and even if it doesn't take away time and again you meaning me. Yeah no Randall -- familiar annually on. -- the poll showed that. You have my wife seven email thing it's been. I think it is not permanently in the coming here. -- write it puts the lotion -- that switch gears. To talk about my favorite topic. We have seven -- -- lined -- for a -- -- and ended up making an adorable cliff why sales. -- at that physical maintenance battery and -- back. Waved an object in front of the patent while they were for puffing up for a photo -- recorded it I don't know how he got them lined up that is actually amazing. -- -- -- -- -- Pat Knight reflected here and moving in perfect unison and trying to -- -- -- -- to their -- that is unbelievably cute but what's bad. -- move on my computer and never leave. You really -- he two I love all animals. I -- after the victory perfectly. I got that kind of he's not I'm not going to be here letting you all had a list. We all want. OK so that is I understand really. And we doing your premiums should be owners have called 911 true god -- GMA hash tag -- where I got an Afghan. Love cats. Gosh -- -- I'm deeply skeptical at a -- exactly like Betty got fourteen who were -- do you gum even today. I would I've done and I don't want any bad news. Good to -- -- -- walk out here exactly yeah. We have different approaches in the -- those -- -- within. Dropping yeah. What do we -- here I don't -- this is. Have fun of the -- I did I got this -- formula. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- get my legs -- wrong. Well that's what you get here on -- a lot of he had little Robin Roberts to get a little. -- You know we all really know the answer my -- And they have -- training -- going to Kenyan ranch where. Maybe they'll -- a brain little waves. Haven't got style have out of steam your cats have a Otis and KJ. -- don't -- more animals and in New Jersey. KG day in all of our animal friends can start the day with a rigorous round of Potlatch feast on. Not have followed by downward dog got. Don't yeah the day before they are coming -- -- -- -- Marco Polo yeah. Staffers at the animal moving and it's time to relax -- facial I'm not making this up. Designed to wipe away organic food. -- an exercise induced slumber you'll get high. -- why -- candy bars here. Lot of revisionist that you're comparing calories calories as it all calories are people and I'm not sure they are the sugar fat you get candy bars him. Would you guess -- Dan -- We're doing great. -- -- -- It looks like yeah. God -- a woman -- all the -- I -- -- more -- animals. -- -- -- opposite coast of Southern California experts are stunned by this massive. And children and their biggest warm and at least thirty years there are so many of these very literally millions. -- form a long dark bands in the water visible marketing -- right there. It is not clear what prompted them to swim so close in the fourth. Just one man's opinion here but I -- it. -- introduced in the ocean. Speaking of -- it turned out to be a pretty good way to come down angry airline passengers. That belief on the business a -- One of Frontier Airlines flight -- diverted and delayed because of whether the pilot decided to buy pizza for all 160 passengers. That dominoes in Cheyenne Wyoming was about to close tonight when -- entertainment and a manager told his workers back. They delivered 35 pieces -- thirty -- For every row on the plane that was saved via the airline pilot who may be no Sully Sullenberger -- -- He is in mind. -- yeah yeah I was checking my responsibility. And America has always interested in me because usually you look at the -- submit to go to take a lot of MySpace. -- -- -- -- -- -- We could hero. -- -- -- -- I will give you. He will fight -- -- less -- -- -- -- -- -- Like yeah as the Fisher than Neil Diamond wrote -- son George. I thought we were -- -- -- -- Trying to remedy -- that -- Not what you have Michael OK and I -- Here is not the football player anymore whether -- -- hero. -- -- -- He major innovation to tell you about in the delivery. -- -- fans at next week's all star game Minneapolis will be able to serve themselves through to actually install vending machines -- -- four different. Customers will be -- by actual human beings and their in this -- no more than three pints every fifteen minutes. -- -- Yeah that either because I don't think their books and look for evidence today. Hey Casey won't forget where there are now offering something called be handed over murder murder which. Which -- wait for two patties bacon. G is a Friday may help catch up -- Iraq Jack and I'm told -- there will be defibrillators and the fact that the. I'm jobs -- you -- now I love dogs and that on the giant advocate for adoption. Apparently the humane society in New York appreciate my -- -- on what they've named one of their little -- after me. The only known because this -- not -- was actually searching for adults -- -- on the Internet and came across Lara Spencer. The mix created. That's -- -- She's -- -- -- good apparently. Says she's gentle. -- -- -- -- -- Here's. -- -- -- -- -- She apparently also -- in my -- And Tylenol plus he added he -- want a doctor Larry centers of middle. Humane society in New York.

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