'GMA LIVE!' (7.15.14)

It's "Tech Time" with Ginger Zee and Dan Harris on GMA LIVE!
8:55 | 07/15/14

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Transcript for 'GMA LIVE!' (7.15.14)
Get ready for some GMA live it all starts now live -- -- -- And where that warning America that come. And absolutely there is more GMA all day doing then as you -- -- -- finally come home and join me well you didn't know there -- food when I saw that I think. Al and let's not just food but it is not from our friends -- -- by -- non -- popular throughout into the bread and -- does not chips. Citing him and others visiting Italy I was joking that -- we are presently kids -- these sad -- salaries street cinnamon and yet none glad it is later none vignette. You can make different you know topping -- and nine. It's awful lot of -- And we I love it. That sounds funnier the more recent -- -- I'm I'm not so how -- clinical deodorant today from. Do you aren't having -- and I'm -- -- media center and -- now. Profits -- transit and -- -- thing to do it what we're going at once and now I want to welcome him yesterday on the air he said that. And nineties and again and it as a hideout its clinical deodorant time -- on the subway. -- the PSA there was an accident salute you -- for the people along the East Coast people from Boston route means people in Washington DC and we all have someplace to major health issue. Yet it -- factory medley of their. I'm so glad you're here this week -- -- the ninth and they stretch Kellan aquarium it's good you know sleep is overrated. Sure and I'm learning the value of -- do you wanna come -- world news with me this evening. No I don't. I -- nominee you I would not do whirled news tonight but guess what Kate did and did you know what time to time as it picks tech time -- That it. Bryant but you don't have to read it and cheesy like that says it's gonna say cat and in the -- it. -- An -- -- with a single sales telling young angle rocketing up at Ross once -- Where's my pan -- but the -- -- -- you get your hands looked who. Okay I'll -- that I would have I have a serious stomach until -- -- -- and -- tonight and we really need it while unlocking. But -- dances questioned me how cool is your -- it. I don't have a -- Visit the -- listen. Probably not but soon enough Kennedy. That's because that list is one of the hottest new products ever to be funded through kick starter so yes it says the coolest of the portable party disguised as a cooler. If your entry into. You're not the only one of the campaign which set a funding goal of 50000 dollars has not only met that but it -- it. What a whopping four point six million dollars pledged so far people -- how to blend -- dollars. Yes well I think there are expected to be number one most funded. Out within a couple weeks and here's why yes it features. Cover charge of Oakland are not waterproof glue to and you journalism cellphone on there yes you can -- and they -- -- charge -- yet it's everything everybody has ever wanted I went and use that as a man purse from now on his character yeah. Then you're gonna need the clinical effect. Even going to be heavy without ladylike right so -- -- -- get started of course all of sports bottle opener that really see it. They're gonna retail for about and it blasts you can pledge a 185 Alex now and have -- it's time for next summer and it's on the number one -- starter. I did not think it would be at -- -- needed I think welcomed the enhance -- -- tech item is something that many. Sensitivity -- Kerry and -- our next tech. -- is. Something that many commuters would appreciate rather than bringing your through -- with the for the ride your suitcase he's actually -- ride. That's brilliant I travel -- -- That's really romance just Chinese farmer. It's been -- yeah. Is developing a motorized -- -- it hit speeds of twelve miles an hour that's actually surprising and travel up to 37 miles from not one but two passengers on board. -- that would UPS. And a burglar -- for alarm just in case I don't know why we save this for him alive we should put this on -- and I really great story. And that's -- because Jimmy liked it brings story Nancy Adler -- Yeah I don't -- hear us saying that if this is the next batter at a charter item I would -- terror attack. From a guy who stands at his desk with the ergonomically correct that's standard at -- that I think that's what it's called. Do you think that this suitcase would be legitimate way to get around -- -- -- -- -- -- out again and likely pool and and into the door. That's doing attack capable being -- so. Hence your Star Wars references this morning let's move on an extra -- he gets early will be -- -- Cuba and that -- about that takes to get ready if I had. That I didn't and it's been interesting -- on television. You know how you see this guy and a weekend a lot of people Wear jeans that just haven't worn in distressed -- major religions have all the ribs and a lot of -- got. Well if you've ever wondered how the genes got that look. Some Obama as humans doing of course in -- factory but some people thought when we let's -- -- that. -- -- And there -- yes I should have to do that would magazine chattering teeth. -- -- -- -- -- -- Sure they you can't leave Sunday and you don't -- -- the -- the song makes cents. I think that gives you some good is that it's a Japanese -- think they wrapped the tires -- influence on -- rather. Large animals play with them they're auctioning them off only three -- though so -- exclusive. Dan. And one of them though designed solely by lions against another solely by the tigers -- the -- -- again the terms designed loosely penalty any of those yet anyway. And the proceeds readily do -- to the World Wildlife Fund and I should say I'm the export of the World Wildlife Fund their checking. Beautiful animals all over the world and I've actually -- a lot of traveling with them to places like. The ball lands and property Republican seen amazing animals up close and so they're doing great stuff and I think at this where expanded its ability wife imagine. People -- -- -- -- -- with like Abercrombie is something I still would never Wear the jeans as much as islanders he would have gotten those yet -- ten out of fifteen again sandy I think there -- now running on now -- an incredible video that was captured by two divers -- -- -- -- Mexico they noticed that it -- had become entangled in -- -- broke. And they stopped helped set it free luckily they capture the whole thing on their -- broke cameras and I loved her -- They -- able to pick right into the -- at sea turtle with -- and AM got that went on his merry way I love care health. Your -- and Eddie hasn't been viral video of the look tenth Latin I love -- -- -- you don't you know I don't know you. And we'll all these people are so Vickie good likelihood. It was a very funny video where a child that doesn't interview -- news and -- since gotten up to me like you have a the parent can -- -- like -- Oh yeah it there. It sounds a lot like that's -- -- -- let's spend helped save down on this one and myself -- -- are able to see -- grandparents. It's 100 years old so that's why when -- Cleveland's. His grandmother reached that amazing milestone he made the ultimate sacrifice for -- He shaved his beard. -- hardly contain -- this out loser of the staff typical for big day. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Clapping and that's an up hundreds that's not yet -- never losing viewers. At this century of living and keeping. -- -- Blood is on the way out and -- holding your fiance now husband have a -- for like 75 years. Candidates and their allies of big point of contention for his grandmother and his dad to let you hear that -- wearing -- -- -- London police into the last -- My name that -- I've -- look great with a -- I like it too and I said that -- multiple times he kept shady things like Adam my dad doesn't love it rather traffic sent to him keep the beard. He has kept the -- more often than not really. Robin power our continent conference. It is stock we have not. -- yeah. And -- yeah. This isn't so much fun -- you -- we're dissent when everything's on these segments OK and apparently it's means Blair and blatant being just let me tell you know what it regulates. That's the -- live has come to so we're so glad you're part of it today and took -- all of you here. Lots of right here it's so -- at 9 AME stands. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --

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