'GMA LIVE!' (7.21.14)

Ginger Zee and Gio Benitez talk to a young woman who took a selfie every day for six years.
10:22 | 07/21/14

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Transcript for 'GMA LIVE!' (7.21.14)
Get ready for some GMA live. It all starts now a lot of -- stated she. I -- and he says fresh off -- San Fran trip. -- -- -- It's funny funny -- that's been a. Tony Tony special top secret and top secret rules they about a coming up hopefully this fall. Good morning it's Monday how everybody. I feel like everybody here -- you like I am now -- unit team reunited. -- -- up kind of let it we -- -- do you think son Brian in that. -- -- about -- yeah we're gonna have a -- -- -- as we always do. They're Mary the how loving -- heading pick up -- -- -- zen moment that's hunting me down on Monday that check out this video from Taiwan. At some movers that we're using a forklift. For this piece of furniture they went and then it's so big that they had to call and a second -- -- Still pork plants the -- has made credit health problem -- the university's response such as the easiest answer obviously. What -- -- -- needs is another forklifts. -- inspiring. The -- -- of the book the little O little town in front of -- it is. Now he warned -- is getting picked up -- -- I know I know I'm really -- with one foot -- this friends helping friends what the heck they picked up an outlook that that's really the headline here at the I -- about it. All right Aaron Kelly. -- -- Fired from that we go to you know we're lovers of all things -- -- on -- -- -- so this next bit of news caught our attention off this week. In a new study researchers found that we've developed the concept of Hughes at a very very young it to the university of Lincoln in England school psychology showed children as young as three. Images of humans dogs and cats that contain varying degrees of what's called baby scheme of the traits that we know tell us of something -- Larger rise smaller -- higher foreheads. And what they found was that not only that these kids in the studies were more responsive to be baby animals being the most cute but -- -- there are movements and soft. That they were drawn to those infantile features of the study will in turn lead to further research into how these characteristics of keep this affect animals and perhaps even though. So when we -- -- She noticed we are also seeing here that -- -- -- say this just didn't know me breaking it is we're not get a hold of one of the images that they apparently used and shot down the study. There -- boy. -- -- -- Here. Until the kids -- just sent them -- start I mean the study broke they have yeah. I -- I mean you're nodding and smiling -- imaginable. Imagine the universe I don't -- I didn't have a -- from the higher forehead then listened to big guys. That's the start doing and insert it like that. I brought it had -- -- dust Americans announced I mean can you imagine -- full blown full wattage smile and fifth. Well let's let's gunmen. Guns that the mother -- let's listen. Did they did this. They did not a lot option -- it comes to communicating with profanity out of a but in the city a little one abandons the usual trying method and final something different. It. -- -- -- that you. Don't like. Equipment. And so decisions in the comedic approach because that need mom -- yeah and eating Ebola. I'm doing lingered on all and then goes back. He has -- he puts him on YouTube and you've got to -- What. Turned back into it. Back and start -- -- what's in her Mo. We wanted to add up you can maybe it's just think -- some sort of now. I'm sort of milk. Leave it there what is she Q -- -- -- -- hadn't. I guess that is. -- -- more babies how about a baby that's a little easier to -- -- this little three month olds who can't stop laughing when he sees. Spraying water fountain. -- -- -- Yeah. Like I'm really I'm I. -- -- -- -- clearly having lived can you imagine what you. Skirted the of that contraption. That exists only for the invitation -- almost too much to bear credible. Our most precious resource laughing -- -- movie presents nothing. Oh yeah all I wrote that news drew -- And worked out at -- look at -- people the crap out of the period. You know and how they call them the Butler I think that the front a couple of athletic all of the water fountain butler's Cunningham who is healthy is as we now are all the rage we've done. Self here to GO and I hung myself wondered does the do you think you have the tenacity to take one of yourself -- three day. For over sixty years yes. Optional up tonight at -- time -- to. Other but I next get a Rebecca brown did just that -- took a picture of herself and every day from ages fourteen to twenty miles. And putting them together -- -- month -- -- in the last couple of months has received five and a half million views. The most incredible part about all of this is that she's bravely sharing the most difficult times in her life through these pictures because she was battling depression. And was diagnosed with trick until a mania the compulsion to pull out one's own -- cellular have to see. In some point she shaves her head. Where she would have to Wear away multiple times in the video. And -- so happy to say that Rebecca is doing fantastic -- -- buy and -- many others and is joining us now Rebecca brown live via Skype Hyderabad -- The beautiful land back Cabrera ended -- two today. -- panic and what we love your smile when these pictures but you know Sosa was still -- -- -- start. Well I'm a festive time. That's important because doing not setting as for about two or three people that had -- an inch. And being -- fourteen -- in spite because it was fascinating and I just wanted to have a better myself. -- sounds it was just wants to document myself growing up Clinton I had no I did any of this. I -- -- -- sold his -- happened to senator. It's sort of the polls but about -- -- that -- -- So then you were diagnosed. And that obviously have started being picked up. And how did this involve then front -- and how did you allow yourself to share that. But he is I've been looking a -- for a second yes so I -- just in this project works it was quite natural to -- that this lying. -- the FC it to begin with I had knowing I didn't even know the name of -- -- -- a -- I went to -- -- my hat -- it is just happens. -- planning. I think we're on a tangent -- right now that's that's what -- I mean there's so many questions I think because so many candidates Aaron. And as people are starting to come out like you more people are learning that that's what they have and they may be never again bright and I wonder who did this help you through it sort of see yourself in all these stages. Yes it's been. Pretty scary to me in -- yet the cause. I sort of seeing myself announce the front darkness because when I was completely seem to depression it was like but at what could she was thought to why everything around -- -- stopped. -- -- didn't believe it was a licensing into the tunnel where is now is seeing myself get accessing the small comeback. I sort of -- there there is among us and if like there is down again -- -- -- the -- and shield -- and -- their I will come back house eventually. She might get -- as -- who got -- center. It helps his -- in many ways and that's what's so -- You Rebecca because we see that and go from a very serious phase to this very very natural smile -- via. He. I'm very very stared at -- A 10% it's -- they somehow got loose and they only -- -- felt that there aren't that I'm sorry that blue steel look. -- full benefit -- Now it's beautiful and I think this is the other thing is and do you know and you now that a -- from. And you know where it kind of just came out awards you have no idea and that helps you kind of go back and pinpoint. See some people say that the public should timing here is that those very national recess and lunch to say that some say it's genetic some say that we're missing -- and I mean -- assets -- people say -- a child control last -- nice to me. I've always been linked across as a boys and being quite -- it has been a youth can quakes and trauma -- me. I have just reached heights where it just explain it says -- in played -- -- -- -- I was -- -- my childhood trauma. That's. Look at well it is a disorder obviously like you are saying yeah in and then not known too much about the hopefully this will help people -- -- -- -- thank you so much for joining us -- immutable and that we're so glad that you're sharing your story. Thinking. I would look -- -- -- pictures. And again and that is that the graduated and I think that's so true I mean -- guess that wouldn't think that when you look back -- can -- see coming out and and seeing that things can get at the threat and her fame for. -- pretty astounding. And that hasn't shown everybody thank you so much frank and his promising for the tomorrow's that you shouldn't have -- at 9 AME's standards in the meantime I don't you -- without. That's right yeah.

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{"id":24645426,"title":"'GMA LIVE!' (7.21.14)","duration":"10:22","description":"Ginger Zee and Gio Benitez talk to a young woman who took a selfie every day for six years.","url":"/GMA/video/gma-live-72114-24645426","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}