'GMA LIVE!' Rings in Summer with New Drink Samples

The Rabbits Pamela Wiznitzer has some creative ideas for an ice cream float.
4:34 | 06/16/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'GMA LIVE!' Rings in Summer with New Drink Samples
This morning we're going to be -- newsprint and classic ice cream floats just in time all summer with the help of bartender mixed all of this from the death rather have a lot. -- The trick to it is. Good guys do down right hot linking -- Having an ice cream have collecting German there's -- -- I. Yeah. Having an extremely young nanny I don't really popular right now holiday barbecues in the backyard it's getting hot wheel mounted on York city at least 31 -- -- -- and -- -- you have to root -- Vanilla -- didn't get a bit more -- okay. -- sit -- and are prepared you read right now -- like to talk like really good classic areas of flavors. So -- series and chocolate doesn't like that -- as are doing black cherry soda with a dark chocolate suffice it. And -- -- -- SRC assault on top the suddenly love and meaning. -- ready you guys like senior sample them appeal of the stood in. Who apparently -- the abdomen and also another great idea for a floats is actually taking out on the hot so that you really like. So what I did I took the book classic -- they have down didn't need and what actually heard it but there like Terry just cherry color yet black cherry -- eat. -- to listen in the first -- little. -- -- and I'm. Look at habits now yeah yeah yeah yeah. I didn't put anything into the Oklahoma which is a good -- -- comfortable we need an silvers and silly sense of grapefruit soda and to the land survey he made a ramp of I believe he's the salt and sugar. Two -- and -- yeah and you're out there and you get in their thinking yeah. He had really really isn't really -- private. Only then yes it isn't going to be a lot more records so especially for people who may be lactose intolerant of this -- isn't really very idea. -- -- -- The Ramadan the premise -- yeah. This violence in. -- -- -- -- -- -- of home. Saddam I didn't get the machines -- still -- -- -- -- that that -- -- incidentally. Will only make these yes. They did -- -- then it's actually again making a cocktail as a not tell the -- a lot of would've like in its frozen in a lot in the summertime is right up. And -- got my house. -- -- -- -- -- here and it -- you really like doing. Cunningham company digging -- at least they -- today to -- -- The benefits so what we're going to do it actually added how much so that's a little bit Anwar a little bit more livable gaveled out of ice to taste fresh challenges and -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I'm and that heat up well this is -- when -- I have been of the soda -- actually. That you're gonna -- -- -- on the ice cream then a bit more the soda to get back to that you. That's what that's like -- party. We have a really nice coconut -- here that's when my favorite brands FYI I have yet Jessica -- and later you're in an area that is planned toll lanes and better. At least eighteen years packaging so many of these numbers everyday yeah shortly and we'll play while. Did any day -- give -- a lot -- using coconut ice cream soda to -- the -- element and -- -- -- -- China gets an -- that. If you want to build without a little bit of both its -- disability -- every -- to -- is like. Give it to Amy -- didn't -- now here's the fun part sometimes for brunch in the mornings or don't have like a little bit of business -- having to put you over too much rates so we have definitely up the party here which is an -- -- -- coming from Italy but -- -- forward. Really wonderful and it's low proof so it's not going so we can go crazy too early in the morning and this isn't actually wonderful clips. I have never had not I'll -- fast and I don't think -- -- stands -- for so we're gonna answer -- during talks how -- it. -- you're working that's important as our example perhaps a wonderful fruit nuts especially -- -- -- he's saying it was part of the talons an amplifier that we're gonna actually accident or soda. A little bit Ecuadorean. -- -- who learned anything Q. Good partners really nicely with Vanilla so we're topping off what some really nice and easy and -- -- even -- have -- pardon us again. On a reference. And then again what I didn't put it the -- incident at a little bit more sat on top -- CBS and I didn't like music not too much. Just not so it may not so much for sharing all these amazing streak that he is gonna try home this weekend have been. Pamela -- hits -- I said your name rank eight I didn't the first evidence got on first eyes as.

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{"id":24156115,"title":"'GMA LIVE!' Rings in Summer with New Drink Samples","duration":"4:34","description":"The Rabbits Pamela Wiznitzer has some creative ideas for an ice cream float.","url":"/GMA/video/gma-live-rings-summer-drink-samples-24156115","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}