'GMA' mega Deals and Steals: Exclusive discounts on must-have holiday gifts

Tory Johnson kicks off a two-day mega holiday deals event, bringing discounts of up to 74 percent on unique gifts for everyone on your list.
8:20 | 11/30/17

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Transcript for 'GMA' mega Deals and Steals: Exclusive discounts on must-have holiday gifts
Well, I'm so -- I was so excited coming upstairs about "Deals & steals" that I was doing a little walking, robin said I dare you to walk like that before -- I dare you. I'm going to head over here to see Tory Johnson. We're going to do a supersize "Deals & steals" sales event. That was my walk over because I'm so excited. 25 deals over 2 days. Tory Johnson with great gift ideas and all starting at just 5 bucks. I'm not just going to top with the walk but do it on the way to the commercial. Perfect. Okay. So -- What we got? First up moon and Lola personalized ornaments. Your girls ride horses so you could put names -- Ladybug. Did your research. Robin is from Mississippi so we did this. So you can put any name up to nine characters and tuck it in her stocking, so, animals or kids' silhouettes. Great on the tree because reflective. Mirror, gold or silver. Really great deal and these normally 20 to $22, slashed in half, 10 to $11. Okay. So for lips and tips, nails, nail ol poish as well as all kinds of cosmetics from butter London always a favorite. We have individuals, we decorated our tree like this. You could do the same with a little nail Polish or lipsticks or gift sets. Decorate the tree with nail Polish. Look how cute it looks. Looks fabulous. 18 to $39. All of this assortment slashed in half $9 to $19.50. Yeah. Okay. Then I love this bag. So this is from pietro genuine leather made here in New York. Very rare. So you can wear it over your shoulder, crossbody with a little handle like this or you can flip it over and just carry a little clutch style. Yeah like a clutch. There you go. Four different colors. Lots of zipper compartments. Great versatility with this bag. Normally $160 but this is slashed by 54%, $74, genuine leather made here in New York. You get three styles of bags. There you go. Okay. I love this company. So this company is called top it off. Feel this. This sherpa, sherpa vest or pullover. We actually have help here with Sara and Jonna looking fabulous. These are terrific. There's a variety of colors, four colors. They also come in small to 2x so a variety of sizes just super cozy. Feel so holiday. You want to cuddle up by a fire. Normally $65, slashed in half, $32.50 for either choice. You're laughing at me. It makes me want to snuggle. Okay, something else that will make you sparkle. All that will make you want to snuggle. Everything looks great on you. Those look 401(k) From Lahr Lann Schiff. Neck last, pendant, shimmer hoops. The whole collection, you cannot go wrong. I wore this for you. Did you want me to model that as well. These natural beads and then the little sparkly pave crystals normally $44 to $58 all slashed by at least 57%. So everything in this assortment, $19 to $20. Can you keep that on. I just bought it for you. Merry Christmas. That's it? Here you go. Put these on. Aid through trade. All little glass beads and what I love about these is they're all handmade by artisans in Nepal. You'll get a set of three so they're all color coordinated in gorgeous sets of three so you can feel good about your purchase and look fabulous at the same time. Love that. Normally $38. These are all slashed in half. $19 for a trio. That's really spectacular. That's great. That's a great gift. Okay. Another thing I love is personal personalized. When you can personalize it it adds extra oomph to the gift from rusty cuff. Two pieces. The two-tone mixed metal cuff bracelet with a single initial and beaded bracelet. Several different bead color combination so get to choose a color somebody likes as well as their initial comes in a gorgeous gift box. Can't go wrong with that. Normally big discount, $146. These are slashed by 74%. $38 That's a big oomph. Big oomph. Okay, then some more sparkle. Super sparkle. I love this company called seraphina and what is particularly great about it a ten-strand bracelet so you get ten strands plus little pave crystals that are in here as well. This adds like a whole lot of sparkle and what you see here -- It's like an and stapts stack. Stacked for you and magnetic classsupersize. Easy on, easy off and it's hard to open specifically to ensure that it doesn't fall off so easily. Running out of room. You're running out of room. In always room for bling. Always -- he's taking care of you. There's always room for bling and it's adjustable so you can adjust it to make it tighter. I'm stacked. That is the deal? Normally $58 slashed by 66%. 20 bucks for your choice from seraphina. Eight colors. The nice thing about this whole table is I love a great stocking stuffer. Stocking presents are really fun. But you know what I also love about these, even though a lot are inexpensive this could be the gift itself so -- Oh, absolutely. This is gorgeous. Really great stuff. Your gift. Gift yourself. You know what, you can go our website for the details and get ready. We're not done and have more holiday deals coming up plus "I, Tonya" star Margot Robbie is here live. Your "Gma" moment brought to you by the frame from Samsung. The most beautiful TV you've never seen. Good morning, I'm Antoinette Antonio. Right now firefighters are investigating a large fire in Cambridge. Everybody made it out safely. The fire chief says the sprinkler system inside one of the buildings helped to control the flames. Three buildings total were damaged. A robbery suspect in court today after a bizarre police chase, he's accused of holding up a bank in revere. Police then found Steven% spolidoro hiding in a port-a-potty yesterday afternoon in Boston. He will be arraigned in Chelsea on several charges. Looking live outside across the city. It's blue skies and sunshine, but chilly temperatures. Yeah, reality. Settling back if here after being up close to 60 degrees yesterday, in many spots, and we're right around the freezing mark in Boston with sunshine, and clouds come in, we should top out close to 45 degrees, and overnight, a band of showers is going to work through, this should exit first thing tomorrow morning. It will dry out, sun reappears tomorrow, 40s for the weekend, and another warmup next week with rain coming on Wednesday. Let's go out to the roads. Some trouble spots to watch for here, 95, you are moving well, attleboro up to the, into the share stretch but be careful, Mansfield police reporting a serious crash investigation underway at the intersection of 106 and 140. That roadway is shut down for a time. And 495 northbound, heavy delays up to an earlier rollover crash at 126 and Bellingham and 495 southbound delays, a six-mile backup down to a crash by 290 in that stretch. Antoinette. All right, thank you, and we'll see you back here for another news, weather, and traffic update at Before we start, I just want to say if anyone still doesn't have Fios, please stay out of the way so your lag doesn't get us all killed, Ben. What's so good about Fios anyway? Uh. What's so great about a 100% fiber-optic

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{"id":51477193,"title":"'GMA' mega Deals and Steals: Exclusive discounts on must-have holiday gifts","duration":"8:20","description":"Tory Johnson kicks off a two-day mega holiday deals event, bringing discounts of up to 74 percent on unique gifts for everyone on your list. ","url":"/GMA/video/gma-mega-deals-steals-exclusive-discounts-holiday-gifts-51477193","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}