'GMA' Unveils Newly Decorated Holiday Set

Jonathan Adler offers tips to add a jingle to your home this holiday season.
5:14 | 11/26/12

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Transcript for 'GMA' Unveils Newly Decorated Holiday Set
Such an important moment, and we have a christmas decorating spectacular who better than to deck the halls that superstar jonathan adler. A fabulous book. We're going to reveal our merry selves in just a minute. First, take a look at what inspired him. ♪ Reporter: No doubt about it, it is that time of year. Time to deck the halls "gma" style. So, this is our humble abode. Who better to bring holiday bling to our home than extraordinaire jonathan adler. It's something that I want to bring. Reporter: For engineer, jonathan has wowed the world with fabulous designs on everything from throw pillows to lamps. So if he can do this to an ottoman, the question is what can he do with the studio. When you are doing holiday decor, where does one start? The question is where does one end. You can do things from above. On the floor. S there's a lot of opportunities for hanging stuff. Reporter: The newly leased book "jonathan ad letter, 100 ways to chic your life." Who is it for our studio? My main one here is the team, the on-air talent. They're all so sweet and great and fun. Reporter: That's right, for the first time in our lives, the "gma" gang is the muse for jonathan's magic. And his look for our lovely holiday set. Traditional with a decidedly contemporary wink. Forget evergreens. This year is made of boxwood and covered with collections of animals. There are critters sporting stars and more than a few surprises. We're definitely going to use this on the set because it's real. Reporter: And jonathan's advice for "gma" viewers -- I think your holiday should be fun. It should be over the top. More is more at the holidays. All right. So are you ready? Because we sure are. We're going to see what superstar designer jonathan adler has cooked up for us. Welcome to "gma." Thank you, I'm excited to be it looks fantastic in here. We're going to begin with this box. Your theme was inspired by us. We were your muse? You are always my muse, of course. The "gma" theme. My theme is peace which is very important, love and fun. You know, peace and love should be what we all think about at the holidays and it should always be fun like "gma." Oh, thank you. Yes. Let's open gueift number one. And -- oh, I love it! Peace. Let me move this right here. That's great, jonathan. And look at your penguins. The penguins, animals are such a happy thing. I think you should spill your house with animals. Jonathan is a world famous potter. So your pottery is a world thing. I want to talk about boxwood. It's so clean and green. Boxwood is my favorite thing. It's clean, it's green. And year-round. You can make a peace sign wreath. You can make a heart. You can make a heart. In fact, we did. You did? You'll see it. Let's go to the second great reveal. Is this present for justice. This present is for us. Drum roll -- love. Very nice. Again, I'm noticing a theme in terms of white and silver. Not a lot of red and green here. I kind of love how clean it is. Yeah, christmas and the holidays don't need to be about red and green. White is bright. Silver, bling. Your house will be full of bling at the holidays. Bling with the light. I know you were saying to me off camera, pick one, two, three colors go for it. More is better. More is more is more at the holidays. There are no rules but I do love to overload with white and silver and gold and bling. Which works, too, for any denomina denominator. Holiday. Another present, everybody? This is about fun. This is about the fun. Tah-dah! This is a unique christmas tree. Yeah, it's a topiary. I think christmas trees don't need to be christmas trees. I think any greenery is fantastic around the holidays. I like the unique face. It's a multiface. I took something I had around the house. Hopefully, a jonathan adler vase, if not, anything will do. Turn it into a receptacle for a topiary. You can use it year round. I want to show everybody really quick. Hey, guys, look at these great stockings that jonathan did in nontraditional colors, young, super fun. The name of your book? 100 ways for happy chiccing your life. Jonathan adler, everybody, we thank you so much.

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{"id":17811638,"title":"'GMA' Unveils Newly Decorated Holiday Set","duration":"5:14","description":"Jonathan Adler offers tips to add a jingle to your home this holiday season.","url":"/GMA/video/gma-unveils-newly-decorated-holiday-set-17811638","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}