'GMA' Workout Wednesday With Julianne Hough

The "Dancing With the Stars" judge joins Body by Simone trainer Alice Ramshaw in a high-energy workout mixing dance with conditioning moves.
45:10 | 01/04/17

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Transcript for 'GMA' Workout Wednesday With Julianne Hough
This is my body by Simone. I didn't get a tax. Everybody against. Juliet. We all know and love Dancing With The Stars increased at nine. America's national treasure if you. That it is now they are kicking up very well that's when I don't know that the bar. Adds that it. Adults and nine cents and eyes. And I. Kelly. You guys saw them just the second leg on GMA they're going to be leading through an amazing work out right now here on FaceBook and on abcnews.com. So absolutely taken away. And also we encourage everyone who's watching on FaceBook to ask lest it. Be. In between like high Carpio every game. Don't get doesn't yeah I can't. Take a brief. Scholastic tennis classic. And speaking of excuses I didn't Wear my workout clothes. And I was a big accident. Body but. Here is it's guys get started and don't forget to ask questions everybody how. Or. Al really didn't need leading us often work and I'm. It. Yeah. Buddy aren't white and not under our armor around. In other arm. And they. Nellie aren't hard head they work out and everything and very quiet rats. It this state following among the best. Get my friend. Calling. All three. But I've spent fighting. Let us. It and I'm. I'm fat fast. Thank felt. The rate paid site is not. Roma that if it. And the angles. And a lot of high something so it's really important. We get those ankle long down. And I thought and playing games. All this down at me I'm. You make up and. And it's not. And I don't I'm lawyer Scott Sullivan and you're back and you getting into the loan lack. Time. I can't all if he asked the officers aren't wrapped I had. I can only one Elop all free press. And I thought did not point three. Q on the other night. Seven some imagined we'd like to say about its right cookies are costs Eleanor and it is yet to make ranging. Don't want to Paula. Mark. Can't tell you that the them. It let's like make them. What McCain calls. Seven I think it now partly out but ending it. I'm if I. May so let me current climate they're not knocked in line. Adding what Aladdin. Apple crap and stepping. Around ten freak out and Kidman yeah without all that well. I. Hates to think. That. Below are three. At me and talent feeling it acts. Collins up first adds I can't company. Rick and write down. That's. You can always just let that could jumping Jack I mean. Are they got the next morning. Let's not let me me 121. He looked at packed. What team but team. He ought to get it. It like Andy irons and it. He'll. Crimes the NB plug. They are now like after they just made me well pretty suit fun. Yeah I'm. There aren't. Agnelli had gotten let. 188. Every they can't. Unlock. Like an add on just hate me us. Me up and down. And I can't. It adds. Five. I don't know. Yeah practice and we twin. And feedback. Ending that. Like I'm not saying that. I'm Beth. I've run out. How we feeling then and I didn't see green yeah isn't. We want. Thank you really can't comment on the buffalo yeah. And pulling hundred. My. Start peeling back an ad on here. I want it hit the impact and dumping. I can't even answer. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. The fire. I. Am pop. Oh he got through it. That accident happened threats looking. High impact. On the ball at eight. Really important. That. They tighten up than if you're joining half time. Heat stretching and that during the day. It. Doesn't upper body. And hell up court. Ads have flat fall it. App I. And all the cops. It's. Been like an element act selling out a lot of hot and then. About I don't and it's another. Public. The rate. And and it's. Oh. Down. Yeah I. Gas. We're doing with military and it's certainly wanted to find and want yeah. The yeah. You doing this week when this came under your fitness level. We always say it's had released one day ready week embodiment how to act and a bit of balancing our lives. I'm not fitness level that did not command I'm it alternating Sunday night aren't you ask some time he might. Having yeah. I'm every student and I and we'll move ruined yeah. And. Yeah all of that you know in my neck back arms. That means that we. And I. Can't eat and no matter what I'm confident and why all right and wrong down home burn and a. I'm. Yeah. If you condi dining in the early evening telling me hundreds meaning that any I'm yeah. Any time. I. Yes you know what's funny yeah. I. I read that yeah I let you put out because I'm. Going nearly. That evidently you thought okay. Help them break is coming in name. And eat eight I'll let me. Yeah. I. Now. And Paul yeah. I don't you know. They need. Night's screening health. Not affect them hurt. I think if they eat McKinnell. She went back heel. I. Yeah. Up. Can you speculate. And not a happy and all I really here but yeah they tried that on. Likely threats. And aggression are now I'm really. As an active position but don't want lower body. Or any planes. Spain and Italy. Aren't together like we wanna. I. Ate lots N. School. And I class sleazy land men on inning. Transparent plate this I. Legal legs law. Let people. Community. Evil awful lot of the I'm. Really. Look at blue happened. On the economy and only. There's no way. Home the man. It made. Now wants isn't aiming straight line. Yeah while waiting out. I like. Marine. It's going right. Ever let spending your money. Failing like I'm happy. Eight like. But deputy back injury in Atlanta last. Portland but I think. They. Oh yeah see. And then come back unparalleled one. Any act. Bad news or. Things don't look fabulous makes my head I. Now I don't. All the life than a minute aren't happy accident. These new England's and eat in me now. I don't like yeah. Equity. One I. All honey I thought enough they'll. Now he's up. You just doing it don't look back and occasionally yes. Yeah that Elton. Tony. Harvest lasts one hour after the second debate and weep. I think it's leaning. And they always have to do at the curtains on the other side and might. Three. Well our number eight. Yeah. I have nothing but yeah because there might begin. Its track everything and now I'm I don't know exactly clean. Yeah. Yeah. You know. Lunch break even up already and. The combination. Going and white and it's months and something to. Eat that yeah. On the run and hot and we like angry at me I. Boxing. I can't happen just with. Amendment by Nancy. Apple. We'll ask you weren't always this way I'm not about. I thought I was every front but the angry. And I. Yeah. Up up and down. In am happy. I am I've. Yeah I. Please welcome. Here in the UK. Out yet. No impact but you don't. Play. But Harvard is yeah. Examined yeah yeah. Yeah. Yeah. I think in the slightest that you let alone who would not and it. Think it's right just like filthy to a 45 minute workout. I don't know exactly how long he fenced in each target heart rate for example. Yeah yeah. Does Evan. That's serious work there. Like to approach which is great for me right now because I am juror just. We want to come I bought an apartment and hit and pat. And that the pilot after. Partly. Yeah I thought it out this fall and at BorgWarner does. Good evening and AM. Thanks science. And it's something anything to anyone and he understands the needs anything else here maintenance on the race. I directly at Minnesota. In line despite my name. Front backing it up. I can't yeah. I think he got. What makes rocket say or yeah. Yeah. Proud. Yeah I'm working and yeah. And and good and I aren't and it may not. I don't add back write every angle. It. Every. You're gonna pull out all of this not I mean laying carpet and I'm. Right and hate me now I'm and I finally if and I. And not a black thing and made. Point. Me. And now he's probably be excited here. Elaine you don't say arraf C. And timely in light yet. Let's try hadn't. And it parent indicate Monday. Finally I didn't think president's conduct or a little bit like he and Clinton and needed to get up and down. Kate and doubtful and put. I. Yeah. Or. I don't want ads. Finally I'd keep yeah. All right take the opposite audits like him look like you're using empire the Fifth Amendment so we can the other what did he. Good. And tonight right according. I don't we and I'm. Throughout our own way. Yeah. Or 55 minute. Studio we did when I got beat five minutes right. Heart rate at night. Go about. And that its need to take it. Your body what if I had full and he who. Or. Oh what's that. Should be done. Shaking and I. Ask you need to get it. Like yeah. Humana when it comes to grades and the other side. You know around my. Yeah I'm going on. I can't race and I even is that are. Let's affluent. Giving everybody and and is it. And how they like myself and about in Lima that's fine. 800 yeah. She likes being up on your heads for all of this hi I'm mountains like fire on them once you're right. If you've got it back injury and name a hundred and beneath this fanatics I had doesn't work here. And by getting it. Oh I'm on. Everything not from time. Do you. Followed it up there I'll. Alley DeLia I'm glad night filling up by just letting it might that we are. Let already. Failing at the end of the now I'm it. Eight when only. Ever slightly. Getting them they don't curl back a week. Followed it out and think pro wit the only. And what should not eat after this worked out good crafting. We always recommend eating it might mean what an ally of north it is possible after the hour now he wonderfully fueled those and oh yeah. Thursday's high intensity 45 minute 55 minute twenty minute got on the bottom line. I just make sure you hurt yourself. Yeah spun out. I don't want my landlady. Yeah. All right we want on around here. I was working out what we are from body ice time. We got studios in new York and outlay. And see how nice and Alan Mulally client and likely not prior. But you're not one of those cities need not. Seem to be 380 days into the Abbas I don't quite a young or three online deals haven't online subscriptions. I begin TV into the and win when he instead. What happened. Funny bite my dot com. Italian. What we're playing. I can't believe he's red flags and and. Night telling us that Brady wasn't on fire already. When I did not want aren't shortly minute song that he doesn't have finished it off. They think and exiled. That isn't one of my favorite entity we're gonna roll act. And then come on your back. Your feet under your kids. Around that one of I don't think they hit an arm. In line that they now want to do is take and and then. When bidding meet the hands during the ride the bottom of the beauty and now love. How does not meet me up until that area can racked such that every time. After sometime he did wind up yeah. I want after working the berries mall Reagan budget that doesn't. That's far this valley but still that yeah yeah lowered down burdened by vertebrae. Up undoubtedly have opt. Out that they want full range. Julie and doing it perfectly because what we want this is that rocks wrapped. That made it did your headlines and now they are not know her and dropped its staying on the grant fault that. At tiny pop. I had forcibly gonna come and haven't lightning but that means all. And so we're working in that same area we just didn't have table top like serious Wear pants and bleeding may. Yes exactly but that I NEC. And we don't get thumbs up. And then go led 65. But don't want to thank the dates. Bed alone are left low are. It. Localized. It worked out but we're. Ever gonna take a lot out there right answer is that it is just not wits and single and Paul plant. It happens. And have fun that's patently and it. She added it's not about one block party. Why hasn't been activated. At I'm Zealand you know. What it down. Lawyer Gary cheek. Wants low and eaten and loathing thing. And he sat. Okay. I had. Okay okay. Yeah. I. Yeah yeah I had. Great seeing. You eat my. Everything. Yeah yeah. 98. Stressing happen at any. Moment that was. We're gonna need that isn't thanks again be closing and that collect. Yeah. He's back. Case. Ali. And it out. You lions and. Yeah. They're collecting. Harry. Winds high up. Even yeah. Didn't exactly. It's here in our. Setting since fat Fuller skinny teen line and slightly suddenly. And back. Yeah. An opinion on how he. Any go to CNET. Renee. I'm not. An album. I'll. So read. A lot of. Good morning. And yeah yeah. Your economy. You're nothing. Yeah. Yeah. Turning to left and you managed just read its intention not enhancing keeping your Willard gotten flat. Playing a game. Include he. I'm. And you couldn't let. The living room it. Lake. Yeah. And unlike. Okay.

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{"duration":"45:10","description":"The \"Dancing With the Stars\" judge joins Body by Simone trainer Alice Ramshaw in a high-energy workout mixing dance with conditioning moves. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"44548395","title":"'GMA' Workout Wednesday With Julianne Hough","url":"/GMA/video/gma-workout-wednesday-julianne-hough-44548395"}