Mario Batali's Polenta With Mushroom Ragu

'The Chew' co-host serves up a delicious dish to dazzle any holiday party.
2:49 | 12/12/12

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Transcript for Mario Batali's Polenta With Mushroom Ragu
Test Text1 plain Mario, in the studio. We're counting down to christmas. And by the way, in honor of being -- having mario here, the 12 days of cooking. You're counting friday, too. That's right. You're like our partridge in a pear tree. That's better than being two french hens. Superchef, co-host of "the chew." And our guest co-host. We welcome and wish everybody, a happy and merry christmas, america. What are we whipping up. Today, we're making something traditionally made in italy. Polenta, in place of a pasta course. We're going to make it with a mushroom ragu, which is easy to do. Onions. And mushrooms. It smells amazing. I actually cook here. A lot of people have food stylists. Karen is here, who makes me look like a star. I cook for real. We season it a little bit. And we stir it around. You simmer that for 25 to 30 minutes. And it looks like this ragu. Now, polenta, corn meal -- you want to know the difference between polenta and grits? Yeah. About $20. They could be -- it depends on how fine they grind them. The polenta is very finely ground. Five cups of water. One cup of polenta. Add a little bit of salt. We take this stracchino cheese. You can substitute a soft and creamy farmer's cheese. And season it with a pinch of salt. And toake it a cool presentation, what I like to do, is take it like that. Yes. And pour it right on the board. Go for it. You pile it out like that. And whatever ragu you like. I have this beautiful mushroom ragu I just made. And you serve it as what's a primo in italian, a simple first course. Everyone digs in? And everyone digs in. Sam, I know I'm blocking you here. What do we need to know about mariobatali.Com? We have something called holly-daize. Sign up for the stuff. And you can see the delicious dishes. And all about my family, including the "gma" family. This is incredible to eat. Tell us quickly. That's carla hall. One of my co-hosts on "the chew." She makes a pumpkin cake with chocolate ganache. All of these recipes, goodmorningamerica.Com on yahoo! "The chew," every day with mario.

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{"id":17943046,"title":"Mario Batali's Polenta With Mushroom Ragu","duration":"2:49","description":"'The Chew' co-host serves up a delicious dish to dazzle any holiday party.","url":"/GMA/video/gma-yahoo-recipes-holidays-mario-batalis-polenta-mushroom-17943046","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}