'GMA's' Transformation Tuesday: How to Stay Fit for the Holidays

Former professional volleyball player Gabby Reece shows the best workout moves for staying fit during the holidays.
3:42 | 11/29/16

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Transcript for 'GMA's' Transformation Tuesday: How to Stay Fit for the Holidays
swapping cookies for crunches to make this your healthiest holiday ever. Mother of three gabby Reece has been live streaming all morning. You've been putting everything through the work. They've been working hard. I saw it. They worked really hard. He did. My guy over there is sweating -- I haven't seen a person sweat like that so much on demonstration in my life. You've been sharing your tips. This time of the year, it is rough because this is when the midsection starts to pile on. It's more than your die sdmret first of all it's cold, it's stressful. You know, people's schedules get crazy, parties, eating, drinking. Can we keep it moving during the holidays but on the actual days let's enjoy ourselves so it's an easy way to go. And you can judge from the reaction, everybody here enjoyed themselves on Thanksgiving? They're like, whoo. You're an ambassador of fitbit and one of our sponsors here. And what can you do to be both fit and relaxed at the same time. This is something that's important. So, for example, ladies are doing squats and you'll see everybody here has a teammate. None can be successful on our own, not even you, not even me. We need somebody to check in with. Using the fitbit you can track your progress and check your heartrate. They were doing something getting the heartrate up, cardio and put them in recovery mode and check, how high did my heart rate go and they can log it so they can check your progress, their resting heart rate. The relax part is critical. For example, this one I'm wearing, the charge 2 has an app for breathing. So let's say you're sitting Ott your desk. Ding, you just breathe with it because think about it, we can go three days without water, 30 days without food and three minutes without air. We need to breathe and relax and let's face it, family, holidays, stressful stuff. That's what we forget to do. Breathe, take it in. Take our time. You've had them doing squat, lunges. They're working on their butts, their glutes, but simultaneous let's go back to squat jacks and get cardio so now they're burring calories, get the heart rate up but you don't want to stay there but recover and get them to recover into the lunges. Go ahead and evacuate and lunge and put their airports up. Stretching and open the body. All of you at home in chairs and cars all day long. We've got to get opened up. Let's try our abs here. What do we got here? A lot of times people say to me, oh, I want to get six-pack abs. Okay. I think we all want them. It's sort of a myth. It's an abdominal move will get it. It's food and think about this. Look, Emily, for example, if you touched underneath here their abs are on. But they're working on balance ech as we age, one of the most important things, walk around on our own two legs. He's firing his glutes. Back to the fwluts. Don't kill yourselves. And back so now they're doing four things at one time. So it's about saving time and getting as much done as you can. Now in the beefcake section. Our arms here. This is what Michael wanted to do. Three-quarters of your arm. Will stand up. Bicep curl so now you're incorporating all these moves in one time and get things done in 30 minute, 45 minutes, about consistency, not about long workouts but get a teammate. Get through these holidays so when you get into the new year, you've got it. 35, 40 minutes with a teammate. Do it at home. Thanks 20 gabby Reece and our

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{"id":43834573,"title":"'GMA's' Transformation Tuesday: How to Stay Fit for the Holidays ","duration":"3:42","description":"Former professional volleyball player Gabby Reece shows the best workout moves for staying fit during the holidays.","url":"/GMA/video/gmas-transformation-tuesday-stay-fit-holidays-43834573","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}