'The Goldbergs' Take You Back to the '80s

Wendi McLendon Covey talks about the radical new ABC comedy.
2:02 | 09/23/13

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Transcript for 'The Goldbergs' Take You Back to the '80s
the stars are coming out for premier week on abc. One of them is here with us now. wendi McLendon-covey is here. Mom, they don't zip. Can you help me with this? Oh, look at you. Oh, why go shopping when your sister's jeans fit you so perfectly. Fit me perfectly, they're horrible. I look like brooke shields. And she's beautiful. You need to be thankful I'm here to dress you because some day i won't. When? I'm a smother. Someone who loves their kids so much. With such a fierce intensity that all they want to do is get away from her. They want to run away. IN THE '80s, THIS ALL TAKES PLACE IN THE '80s, IT WAS A LOT Harder to stay on top of the kids than now. Ryou didn't have cell phones. Gps. It was possible to get a busy signal when you called somebody. So it's -- it was a tough time. I remember -- I mean, that's when I -- you were not a mom in the '80s. I'M NOT A MOM IN THE 2000s. But I had a mom. And she -- I mean -- thank god we didn't have the internet and facebook back then. You have a great cast. Jeff garlin, george segal. Jeff garlin plays my sultry husband. The biggest gift in the world is working with that man. I'm not kidding. He is so funny that I wish he would shut up sometimes because he makes me forget my lines. He does it on purpose. He'll make me laugh right before I go on. It all premiers tomorrow night at 9:00, 8:00 central. Thank you for coming in. Thank you.

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{"id":20342768,"title":"'The Goldbergs' Take You Back to the '80s","duration":"2:02","description":"Wendi McLendon Covey talks about the radical new ABC comedy.","url":"/GMA/video/goldbergs-back-80s-20342768","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}