Government Set for Shutdown With No Deal in Sight

Halls of Congress are empty hours ahead of a looming government shutdown.
3:02 | 09/30/13

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Transcript for Government Set for Shutdown With No Deal in Sight
Starting with the major confrontation on capitol hill. Right now, no solution in sight. You see the countdown clock ticking right there. Tick, tick, tick, tick. Thousands of jobs on the line right now. Wide-rangs effects for millions of americans. The same time the new health care laws go into effect at md night. We have full coverage of both. Let's start with jon karl at the white house with the latest on the shutdown. Good morning, jon. Reporter: Good morning, george. A deadline of midnight tonight. A shutdown seems all but certain. The government is about to shut the lights. Barring a last-minute breakthrough, here's what happens at the stroke of midnight. About 800,000 federal workers deemed nonessential will be told not to show up for work tomorrow. All national parks and monuments will be closed. If you need to get your passport renewed, do it today. Many passport offices will be closed. Many in the military, including the more than 1.3 million on active duty are considered essential and will remain on the job. They likely won't get paychecks until an agreement is reached. The department of homeland security will furlough about 14% of employees. It's not a complete shutdown. The social security administration will continue the write checks to requitirees. The checks will get to you normally. So will your bills. Medicare and medicaid ben fish qulars be covered. The department of health and human services will furlough almost half of their employees. Members of congress and the president and vice president get paid during shutdowns. All of this at a hefty price tag to takes payers. The white house estimates the overall cost of the shutdown will be at least $2 billion. The senate took the day off yesterday. Hay don't come back to work until 2:00 this afternoon, leaving just ten hours to find a solution before the government partially shuts down. When they come down, all signs are that the senate will pass back to the house a government funding resolution without any of the add-on that the house had. What happens next? Reporter: There is one path out of this. That will go back to the house. The house would have to axwrgree to what the senate has said. They would be willing to fund the government partially. Nothing about obama care. That would require the speaker of the house to go against many of the conservatives in his party and say, enough is enough. Right now, no indication he'll do that. Jon karl, thank you very much.

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{"id":20416957,"title":"Government Set for Shutdown With No Deal in Sight","duration":"3:02","description":"Halls of Congress are empty hours ahead of a looming government shutdown.","url":"/GMA/video/government-set-shutdown-deal-sight-20416957","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}