Carrie Underwood Grammy Dress: Designer Reveals Secrets

Don O'Neill reveals how he conceptualized now-famous dress days before awards show.
3:06 | 02/12/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Carrie Underwood Grammy Dress: Designer Reveals Secrets
Reporter: When carrie underwood took to the stage sunday night at the grammy awards, her singing was flawless. ♪ It's not enough rain in homa ♪ Reporter: But it may have been her dress that stole the show. ♪ Meeting for the first time ♪ Reporter: Carrie sang "two black cadillacs," images of stars, roses and butterflies were projected, like magic, on the dress. And more incredibly, the designer, don o'neill, had just days to make it. We got the call on a friday. We need the dress in a week. Carrie wants something unique. And also something that can have a movie projected on it. Reporter: The satin gown had tewell and crinoline o a skirt large enough to project the images. And thousands of crystals, hand-sewn on to the corset, taking a team of 4 80 hours to make. I love the triangle shape. And I wanted something that would be the modern piece. Reporter: How did they project the images on to the dress? Carrie underwood's creative director dreamed up the idea. I thought, wouldn't it be cool if carrie wasn't stuck in the same gown for the who performance? Reporter: Two projectors put the images on the dress. Each one timed perfectly with the song. At the night of the grammys, underwood had to stand in one place. She even sang on an apple crate to elevate her. Don saw the dress, along with the millions, for the first time on sunday night. Can you create what you saw on stage? Beautiful. We have re-created carrie's dress in the studio. We have a beautiful model in a beautiful white dress. And we're projecting the butterfly on to it. Isn't that great? Our technical team -- our technical team is amazing. That is cool. Isn't that cool? We showed the dress at the top of the hour. "The bachelor." We'll see what sam does with that. We're going to put america right there. Oh, they already have it. The weather. On her dress. Will you do your next forecast on her dress? That's good. Think of the fun we could have. I love this idea. That's great. At anyrate, carrie underwood

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{"id":18475201,"title":"Carrie Underwood Grammy Dress: Designer Reveals Secrets","duration":"3:06","description":"Don O'Neill reveals how he conceptualized now-famous dress days before awards show.","url":"/GMA/video/grammys-2013-carrie-underwood-dress-designer-don-oneill-18475201","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}