Group Raises Money By Running to the Boston Marathon

A group from Tennessee set out to run for a good cause prior to competing in the marathon.
3:17 | 04/19/14

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Transcript for Group Raises Money By Running to the Boston Marathon
It's hard enough to run a marathon. But this morning, you're going to meet some people who are running thousands of miles before they even get to the starting line of Monday morning's Boston marathon. Why are they doing this? And can ABC's Sara Haines keep up with them? The burning questions this morning from Sara. Absolutely not. I cannot keep up with them. But if there was an example of mind over matter or heart over matter, it's exemplified in this group of runners from Tennessee, who not only wanted to raise money for those affected by the Boston bombings, but deliver it by hand, running all the way. This team of runners from rocky top, Tennessee, is shipping up to Boston, in support of the survivors of last year's Boston marathon bombing. The message is unity. The message is from Boston to east Tennessee, we may talk a little bit different. But we're one. Reporter: They're showing that solidarity by running nonstop for more than 1,000 miles. From Cleveland, Tennessee, to Boston, Massachusetts. 24/7, rain or shine, day and night, they run. Boston strong. We got two more, big man. Reporter: Describe what you're feeling? Everything. Totally mixed emotions. One minute, I'm in tears. One minute, excited. And nervous. Reporter: The events of last year, always on their minds. I remember being at work when I saw what happened. And the closer I get to Boston, the more emotional I get. Reporter: One member is always running. Usually for about six Miamis at a time, before switching off with one of the other 26 runners. That means, by the time they reach Boston, they all will have run nearly 50 miles. And they're feeling every one of them. I'm not going to lie. We're tired. We're hungry. We haven't slept much. And our legs might be a little sore. But it's nothing compared to what Boston felt last year. Reporter: One member of the team, they call him Johnny marathon, is running an equivalent of a marathon each day of the journey. That's before he runs in the marathon on Monday. Never done anything like this before. This is a new experience for me. fun, too. I'm going to run with you. How does this go? Boston strong. Rorter: The team has raised more than $60,000 for boston-based charities. All the while, documenting their experience on social media, using the hash tag, #runtoboston. We're running with the relay team and "Good morning America." Tennessee tough is right. At this moment, the team is between Hartford, Connecticut, and the Massachusetts border. Four of the team members are running in the race on Monday. And we wish them all the best. What an impressive group of people. And you, too. I was in sneaker wedges. You're all in the group. And you break to run, Sara just bolts out to get out in front of everybody. Competitive edge. I knocked two people over in the process. I can't hurt these volunteers. And you were stylish in that sweater. I ran about 20 yards. Really fast, though. Those are good yards. And they looked good. Every step of the way.

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{"duration":"3:17","description":"A group from Tennessee set out to run for a good cause prior to competing in the marathon.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"23391822","title":"Group Raises Money By Running to the Boston Marathon","url":"/GMA/video/group-raises-money-running-boston-marathon-23391822"}