'Guardians of the Galaxy's' Chris Pratt on His Rise to Stardom

Pratt talks about his transition from lovable sitcom goof to action hero.
13:58 | 08/01/14

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Transcript for 'Guardians of the Galaxy's' Chris Pratt on His Rise to Stardom
-- -- moment no problem no problem at all. How do you lose I don't even know what that is just a junker -- out just its checks out blue route to a good job. Who were brought into boxes just hope it -- admit to. We better start -- As Peter will OK dude chill -- We'll even -- -- -- Thing you know what there's another name you might only by. -- Who. Stepped -- -- and legendary outlaw. Guys. -- forget this. Hi everybody I'm Peter Travers and welcome to popcorn when we tell you what is happening at the movies and there's a movie out called guardians of the galaxy which. You know I don't know much about that marvel comic in fact I knew nothing. What is it and it turns out to be the most fun I've had at a movie all summer. And the big reason it's so much fun and that it's also heartfelt. Is the -- that sitting here now -- Thank you and congratulations. Thank you you did it. Yes I get I guess we did yeah yeah lost weight. And you've got into this is the first big giant leading role that -- yeah well tell those poor souls. That had never read comic of the -- -- the galaxy who this -- this Peter Corbett here yet our wars startled. -- -- Well yeah -- my characters Peter quill and he is. A space adventurer. And his origin essentially starts on earth when he's nine years old there's a traumatic thing that happens in his life. And he is immediately after that. Essentially abducted in and -- on the space and we pick up on him twenty years later. He's now this space adventurer and his. Entire character and everything he has become is based on the pop culture references of his young age you know childhood before he -- -- so. There are hints of morning -- fly in there and of Han Solo of Kevin's Bacon's character footloose. You know everything he knows he knows from watching movies and television and so he essentially goes down to the university is and creates start -- he wants people to call -- star -- And nobody does know what takes him seriously until he. You know and -- the elaborately steals the most coveted item in the -- -- Are the org and we call this popcorn I think New York in this -- organized really magical I'll really need hands off. -- you're the human element to this effort else's kind of ailing yet despite that and then plus you've got. -- -- -- Playing group -- tree yes he's this and to sentence. -- be music a muscle is like. A doorman in space made out of wood. And a dream. Voice performance wages and group rights body but it's you know. -- he gives a lot of soul to that line because it's. It is all he is capable of saying but it's not all -- says and in -- rocket. The other animated character voiced growing by Bradley Cooper. Understands grew so there's a bit of and an Abbott & Costello routine it's happening between the two of them -- Poverty and also -- To -- it's yet but who you. This is all green screen and me who what's happening it's not -- risking their elements of green screen and everything that we did we were on very. Real practical sets an expensive sets and we were shooting inside of -- -- -- shooting on strange -- that they had created. And when you're acting when I'm acting opposite. -- or groups there were two -- stood in the entire filming process. On gun played the role rocket really. Lot of what he announced that made it into the final animation. What you have to do to get in actually anti god -- and that. He's not -- -- -- no no no and he's had them. The benefit of not having to be in shape for anything his whole life that's been pretty -- as and accurately that -- a lot of foreign. Well yeah I had to get Andean trade the you know. It would condition even when you do something that the -- -- -- You do in the Oval Office -- and yes that you can just be in their -- -- -- -- but. It was funny because as that was recording. And -- for the Lego movie. I was cast in the role -- doubts. And I see them probably once every three weeks four weeks to do voice recording sessions and it would seem. The new were slimmer version of me every three -- there is a little bit -- And they aim at you must -- -- make every time I saw there arose. Melting down and to star lord shape so lose as pretty neat -- end up losing the weight. Through the course of essentially voicing with -- -- the -- -- to give up eating that was the most painful food. Saddam that would that it. And that resulted ought to kind of liquid is yeah and also no liquids yet no food no liquids that the Clinton's view. You also limit air. So it's. -- I just gave up kind of anything that's -- that you would like anything including it was doing its -- -- its sugar salt. Bread processed foods and -- -- lean meats and vegetables and some some like us started things that sweet potatoes and -- -- writes the rules while. Lot of water fuel alcohol husband. This just -- -- yet scientists are concerned and because I turned into a giant a -- Why it was like god give fatty and your worst of it all the talk about fitness and -- -- -- were likely to the wonderful on the facts. Talks about what she did use them. And now she's she's got our own. Show mom you know she's and she's -- both have this. Going to be to hear all yet we have yes that's right Jack -- two years old -- and a couple weeks here when did you -- see this job. I wasn't him tonight -- seen yet this -- But in interviews on the -- sense I didn't like Chris have a little more media as -- via. Yeah isn't that nice kind of great well she's going to be really happy about three weeks from today -- the I'm done maybe but I do want -- now he. And -- -- you're basically raised in Washington State yet. Yeah I was raised in Washington State didn't know anybody in Hollywood you're not thinking I'm going to be an act. Not wasn't putting too much thought and anything -- And it but how he could have got the job as waiter bubble -- From companies without putting some thought that my friend my -- have a friend Alex. From when my best friends -- hometown he's the one who bombing I want we ticket out to -- He said. You need to relax and just live in the -- for a little while which it did he I had no money. He bought me a pair of shoes. Her shorts and a bubbling up T shirt. Got -- -- -- me the interview gave me a fake reference. Walked drove me to the restaurant drop me off and I was like. I'm would like to work here please and then you know within. Maybe eight months and working there I've waited on a director who gave me a role in movie in -- was the beginning in my career. That was read on shop radar Chong there she -- the -- Is she packed public option she's eating she's a patron of GW -- -- with for producing partner and eventual Katzenberg. They were making a movie called. -- part three and never saw that no one ever saw it was never released. But it was me it was made when I look at your work work as the critic world cost. Who uses the word. Remind me to look that word -- I -- that -- thank you it would be your body of work. -- -- -- In supporting walls look what -- -- really accomplished in. -- and working with Katherine Nicholas yeah in your doctor -- -- an -- of that. Yeah. As a big turning -- it -- we also the Twitter picture yes when -- first started with us yeah I'm going to. -- the ninety pounds I'm just gonna be lean muscle yeah yeah with the lowest ever got down to Chris com. That was about the lowest at 99. Yes that was just ribbons all rib weight and. The that was a big that was actually it was when -- You know Katherine took a big chance ami Bennett Miller took a chance of me and we -- -- and law that was kind of where it's my career took a turn. In a way towards you know path that I would and fully understood that at the at the point at that time I didn't really know 1004 and in order to do some some something different from Andean decent little more -- those in. -- expand and grow as an actor working with great people around great people. And then captain people saw that role and thought you want me is one of the seals and and hazard or thirty that I saw that when it came out but this is interesting it's different path and I really expect supplies sort of assumed that -- Make -- clear playing the kind of sidekick characters getting care victory rolls. You know it's still work and held beats. As much I loved working a -- of -- company that really did it you know how obsessed -- You'd love it you -- you know all the Tribune gets free -- -- time they have to kick him out of there can be Clinton certainly -- so many apps like it's well known as -- everyone knows that public -- not even allowed an ordinance that -- -- central -- it's like one of those people who count cards in Vegas yes that's right I'm -- I think this is there since India and -- -- Butler for -- It was at the forefront of creating facial recognition software. And they were like listen you have to have a menu down on the table -- -- ninety seconds you have to do trivia if you see this -- Peter Travers no free apps. And I both loving and lemon pepper shrimp included a -- it it's personal to me and -- get emotional because -- to prop. Com and so. I'm sorry we -- costs in -- -- -- company until now I've wandered away from the subject to justice just so wrong that. All right so then this is it season seven of parks and -- yes. The fine since it is final season is unique talents what's happening. With you at an April. We'll have done a few I've got I've got fished a few ideas some make sure our show -- But until this point I don't know why haven't got her -- -- -- we've if you read about ten days or so. And on get a sense of what they're up to but. From what I hear from both face nick offerman and Amy Poehler. A lot of the stories in store I don't know what the area. In the show always ends in song. Everybody that's on it does a little bit that's true -- history. Everybody must admit that -- this trap as Peter quell as the star award he's got his mom's tape deck and that their music yet it's -- -- -- -- -- -- -- So emotionally -- did you grow up with a lot of this did you have a lot of say in what those songs would be I didn't have any -- with the songs have been no that was something that was. Determined pre determined and written into the script and and they were just hoping they can get all the songs and they got every single song and one. Well the collective gardens of the galaxy yet -- the -- -- a -- also like they're not they're a little bit obscure meaning all the songs you know you've heard them. We might not know who sings and in my another name a song but they're familiar you know they are -- and so there. There are they were there are Smart because they they got. Regular party you know. And I was just a little while -- -- to tease us with just a little bit of -- doesn't have to be and child which I also -- yes. I just I want to CD just. -- -- It's it's he's he's gonna -- that's what took took took took. It coming gets you. Who. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Bring Eminem and and -- them and that's that Wright has picked -- -- and -- -- Book. Told -- -- singer. The star lord OU dorm rooms and I'm sure you're seeing -- Jack. I am at home mind my -- is a little different than Peter calls a -- country countryman and yet. That's -- What would be great because we had. -- -- -- -- -- -- And yes me and he would saying but he didn't want -- -- and James Brown would have been really great had used them yet but maybe. People can pass it means. -- don't get it. It would give -- Don't that it -- it. I don't think. I don't don't don't. We don't know what ails them. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I love that -- set. It's so great. And I just -- -- say do say you know -- But usual thinking I could just wanna do. Thank you maintenance -- started a man what great.

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{"id":24810129,"title":"'Guardians of the Galaxy's' Chris Pratt on His Rise to Stardom","duration":"13:58","description":"Pratt talks about his transition from lovable sitcom goof to action hero.","url":"/GMA/video/guardians-galaxys-chris-pratt-rise-stardom-24810129","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}