Guinness Record Holder Found Dead, Boyfriend Arrested

Darlene Flynn, 58, had more than 15,000 shoe-related items decorating her home.
4:05 | 07/25/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Guinness Record Holder Found Dead, Boyfriend Arrested
the footwear fanatic who ended up a murder victim. A california woman made the guinness book of world records, as robin said, with 15,000-plus shoe-related items. She was featured on reality television. But has now been found dead in her backyard pool. Abc's rob nelson is here with much more on the story. Good morning to you, rob. Reporter: Good morning, josh. Darlene flynn became known for her record-breaking and almost fanatical love of shoes. This morning, police are trying to figure out why her own boyfriend may have been responsible for their death. I am very crazy obsessed with shoes. Reporter: She led an eccentric life. Now, authorities are searching for answers about her mysterious death. That kind of stuff doesn't happen out here. Reporter:58-year-old darlene flynn reportedly had more than 15,000 shoe-related items de decorating her modest california home. Her obsession landing her in the guinness book of world records. And on the reality show "my collection obsession." I work 60 to 80 hours a week. And I barely make my house payment. Reporter: On monday, police found flynn's lifeless body in her backyard pool and have arrested her boyfriend, 29-year-old justin smith, in connection to the alleged murder. Smith also appeared with flynn on tlc. Darlene makes me make her a shoe breakfast. I'll form it into a shoe and serve it. Good morning shoe heart. Reporter: After a fight, police arrived at the home, discovered the body and saw a shirtless smith running away from the backyard. Neighbors said the couple had a rocky past and that tension was sometimes evident on the show. Darlene and I sometimes argue about her shoes. Sometimes I think she gets too many shoes. But I learn to just deal with it. He'd be fighting with her. And he'd take off and come back a couple hours later. They just did not get along real well. Reporter: From reality show fame -- they kind of pop out at me. Hey, here I am. Reporter: To the news. Flynn was found dead in her own swimming pool the other day. Reporter: Police are now left wondering what could have gone so horribly wrong. And smith is set to be arraigned later today. Josh? Thank you for that. We're going to turn to our chief legal affairs anchor, dan abrams. Dan, a volatile relationship. A shirtless boyfriend running away from the scene. Doesn't look good for him. When you find a dead body like this in the pool, blunt force trauma, the first thing you want to know, is who did she kn who were closest to her? Those are the people you will look at first. Then, when you also see her boyfriend running away from the scene without a shirt on. They had to capture him later, following a domestic disturbance in the house, not surprising that he's been arrested. We saw a bit of the reality television program they had been on. And we heard him speaking to the fact that there were fights in their recent past. How might the film we have here be used? You have to think of this almost like any videotaped evidence that authorities might have in connection with the case. If they can demonstrate some sort of motive. If they can demonstrate a consistency of real problems and violence, for example. Again, we don't know if there was violence. The they could on that video, on that show, that would certainly being something they could use in connection with this trial. If you don't think of it as can they use the reality show video and say, wow, look at all this potential video and audio evidence that they have, they could have something there. What's next in the investigation? He's going to be arraigned. We're going to learn a little more I think about why the authorities arrested him, apart from the fact he was seen running away from the scene without a shirt on. I thin that they're going to have -- they're probably going to present something else. Do they have a murder weapon? Do they have an idea of how this occurred? Et cetera. Dan abrams, thank you very much.

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{"duration":"4:05","description":"Darlene Flynn, 58, had more than 15,000 shoe-related items decorating her home.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"19768642","title":"Guinness Record Holder Found Dead, Boyfriend Arrested","url":"/GMA/video/guiness-book-world-records-holder-flynn-found-dead-19768642"}