Gulf Coast Tornadoes: Over 30 Christmas Twisters

From Texas to Alabama, killer storms spawn 34 tornadoes on Christmas day.
3:19 | 12/26/12

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Transcript for Gulf Coast Tornadoes: Over 30 Christmas Twisters
It's rough weather that impacted so many millions over the week and the south was certainly prepared for they were warned in advance but what a night of storms 34 tornadoes rock that area on Christmas Day. The previous record had Christmas tornadoes have been twelve in 1969 so when we tell you this was an epic event it truly was take a look at some of the damage ABC station Birmingham's and he has some pictures from mobile area and then watch these tornadoes light up the deep south. All the way from Dallas well the -- -- of Montgomery. -- involved in this outside New Orleans tornado warnings flying all over the deep south. Last night on Twitter your pictures were just all I mean just sending us all the damage -- gotten and was landing -- mobile just about the time that those storms. Got into that -- -- Matt what's it like in mobile this morning. It's pretty dark here -- it was a terrifying Christmas for a lot of folks here the breadth of the damage here is staggering still right now they're nearly 300000 people without power that tornado came right through here this is. A main street in midtown mobile snapping hundred year old -- It took out a school a short right over their knocked out power to hospital few blocks away goes -- like this for block after block. But when it overnight dozens of Christmas tornadoes terrorizing the -- eyewitness is watching this monster trampled through Mobile, Alabama. Christmas Day tornadoes is going to kill oh my god look that's tornadoes and how well. -- close look at that tornado no -- god that's golden. First this move at least fifteen twisters pounding Texas and then -- down in Louisiana blasting through homes in Mississippi we've got a lot of -- -- people. -- -- -- wreaking Havoc here in mobile world wide funnel cloud was filled barreling across the city lightning flashing inside. Like giant Christmas ornaments -- -- By a snow storm marching all the way from California. The tornadoes triggering these explosions at a midtown area of mobile fully blacked out. Lit only by the lights of police cruisers here -- mobile thousand still blacked out without power and across the region over a quarter of a million people without power. We've had some moderate to minor injuries at this point there have been no deaths were reported judging from some of the damage we've witnessed today that's miracle. Dazed residents picked through the debris is rescue workers checked. For people still trapped in the rubble the -- mangling the graceful -- build homes here picking up cars and ripping through nearly 100 year old high school here in mobile. And it's not over yet semi high wind warning is still in effect -- you know we talked about the breadth of the damage coming in here last night we drove through the only lights. For miles around where those of police -- is at. You know the power crews we -- out last night are still working to try to get some power back to the hospital they haven't even begun to -- main -- In downtown mobile like this -- all this weather's punching routed Georgia the Carolinas and write to you in the northeast Sam. Yeah that's exactly -- about when I saw this first pictures coming out we just -- the casually report was going to be. Much worse than it was thankfully it wasn't that bad now we watch these storms start to push their way east as -- just mention. And that is the target zone for what could be a risk for tornadoes today in the Carolinas generally -- look at that and Virginia coastal area and all the way down to North Carolina just basically touching all of that range from Colombia I take it all the way up toward Richmond during the day today.

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{"id":18065555,"title":"Gulf Coast Tornadoes: Over 30 Christmas Twisters","duration":"3:19","description":"From Texas to Alabama, killer storms spawn 34 tornadoes on Christmas day.","url":"/GMA/video/gulf-coast-tornadoes-30-christmas-twisters-18065555","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}