Gun-Control Deal in the Works

Compromise Senate bill within sight, would include background checks for gun buyers.
1:32 | 04/10/13

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Transcript for Gun-Control Deal in the Works
Thanks, guys. To the breakthrough on gun control. One day after those emotional visits to congress from newtown families, key senators have reach add a bipartisan deal to expand background checks for all commercial sales and jon karl has more. This is what the families he brought back on air force one were hoping for. Reporter: Not everything they were looking for but a big breakthrough and would expand background checks to all sales, toast at gun shows and over the internet. It's a big deal, and it comes from a compromise worked out between two senators with "a" ratings from the nra, pat too many toomey and joe manchin. It is a big significant breakthrough. It gets you a long way there. On another front, remember that congressman anthony weiner forced to resign two years ago after he posted twitter pictures in his underwear. Back in "the new york times" this morning talking about a possible run for mayor of new york city. Reporter: I don't think I'll forget that interview when he looked at that photograph and said it wasn't him but he tells "the new york times" he is considering a run for mayor. He still has more than $4 million in his campaign war chest. At the time he was the favorite to be the next mayor of new york, so it looks like he may well give it a try. Both he and his wife who work for secretary of state clinton incredibly revealing in that interview this morning. Thanks very much.

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{"id":18921251,"title":"Gun-Control Deal in the Works","duration":"1:32","description":"Compromise Senate bill within sight, would include background checks for gun buyers.","url":"/GMA/video/gun-control-background-checks-breakthrough-senate-negotiations-gun-18921251","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}