Oscar Winner's Recipes to Look Good, Feel Great

Gwyneth Paltrow prepares sugar-, dairy- and gluten-free recipes from her new cookbook.
6:18 | 04/10/13

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Transcript for Oscar Winner's Recipes to Look Good, Feel Great
What would it -- throw it so great and yeah. I cut and we're gonna talk all about that it in fact. You said that a couple of months ago a short time ago or that you would actually gotten. This drafts had made you so sick and you with your Doctor -- -- you need to eliminate practically everything from your diaper time is sort of clan that your system yet happened to you. I just -- traveling a lot working a lot I wasn't looking after myself I was eating. You know a lot of cheese and mine French Fries Mario battalion I'm -- And you know when you have young children and you're working you know you never -- -- mean -- -- -- racing to get home and so I just kind of my body just sort of went could put a little bit and so my doctor said you really need to clean up your diet and we'll change all this blood work and that it really work so what is sure to eliminate it for how long so well this isn't indicative of the book the book you write you know got Turkey chili which we actually pathetic thing here yeah. I had to eliminate you know corn soy dairy weeks just for three -- alcohol coffee. How but you know I ended up feeling so amazing -- last week and I had so much energy. That I thought you know I'd love to make a book that this is not as restrictive as that but that is a little bit healthier like really really good comfort food -- -- feel like you're cutting anything -- but you know that makes you feel better lose weight and have more energy Fella that's how the book organically started out of my own. So the book is called it's all good and you you yourself don't eat red meat I don't you read me know what else do you not. Eat -- drink. From pretty much I eat and drink everything. -- came back yeah yeah I don't could not you know -- try to eat. Pretty health believe my son has Maxima and he's allergic to gluten so. This book is gluten -- I did it for him but I -- in a way that you know you really can't -- -- gluten free -- comic -- -- you know meatballs and -- and stuff like that so people are getting all worried that oh my gosh -- -- -- -- I was giving -- kids some weird diet everywhere they can't eat anything you know like grilled cheese sandwiches tomato -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- OK so I don't know where they're getting I think there's that I say I like honey like raw honey. Then the jars -- five dollar but it lasts for two years so they were just being sensationalist you know people there's a lot of inches of column that people need to fill also a lot of time they'd just trying to get attention and thinking that aren't true unfortunate and Natalie you don't have to buy the most expensive thing that you happen to let you tell us plenty of it cheaper option and we need it absolutely let's look at it like sonic chicken for example I'd like to use organic chicken but -- -- -- you don't have to have great so first they got chicken and waking -- -- that this isn't it that I really like to make on Sunday when everybody's kind of playing in busy I like to happening in the fridge all week that is you know good just after school snack or something and this is really easy. I can't very little fat lots of -- they can't take me through at least the basically what I do is just put in some all of -- on the pants -- And then I like to -- -- -- is a little bit just to kind of -- Lieberman I get them a little bit -- And you've got a -- here salt pepper yes and -- -- which -- paprika basically. So once it starts up. Smell fragrant smell all those beautiful off this -- is coming out how. Thank you OK -- can't -- this so freaked which is on hand. -- -- And it's. Pepper and her YouTube if you look at cook for about ten minutes you don't want it to brown but you wanted to get sweet and harmonize and that puts you right back. Which you have yeah have left on too -- -- I don't want it -- brown. -- -- you have your house. Aaron you know it would not be yeah our friends in -- and -- anything on tomatoes and I'd like to cut them down for and a long time like about 45 minutes to really bring -- -- -- And then -- the chicken are basically fifth I think in the oven for 25 minutes on the -- with salt and pepper that's fact that and then when it cools you rip it up you. He put it in in the tomatoes you got your -- keynesian. You let it happen very else that maybe had been legally sound here with what is this may go out. Really easy found it feels really luggage area it's so easy -- about -- call home. It's both comic it's a little bit sweet and it's not abide -- Bob comic and other I don't. -- Catholic and finally -- and candy bars -- -- critics yes isn't limited us anti tobacco. The -- -- healthy candy bar the court that they're real trochmann and I and I think that. At Beverly helping baker friend of mine who is amazing with -- To make them their very healthy and very bad thing that you have you -- hook up and the airport. Loud but yeah it tribute that -- take a look at -- so highly of tilting your ad and now now you got it. So fresh anybody who housing the most comfortable sweater I've ever -- -- -- fire. -- now only -- -- and she was standing and and let's see as an airport lounge and I've seen contagion like ten pounds. So I was like oh god I -- -- how to -- company. I leave on her -- -- I have. I got them -- Yeah an exciting because my daughter actually introduce -- that he's in the but music and now we're all big hands and and so I have to thank you take the big -- my daughter who is irrelevant and then -- to an apple look so yeah I'm releasing my album -- -- bird that. Yeah. Content and he would have right out of all this it's not great except that it's a good it's great it is actually a well angle it in stores now and you can get these recipes plus witnessed recipe for -- -- chicken burgers. Paula Good Morning America dot com this is fantastic and I can't wait to try that -- going to get better evacuation for having it.

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{"id":18923265,"title":"Oscar Winner's Recipes to Look Good, Feel Great","duration":"6:18","description":"Gwyneth Paltrow prepares sugar-, dairy- and gluten-free recipes from her new cookbook.","url":"/GMA/video/gwyneth-paltrow-recipes-cookbook-all-good-18923265","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}