4 US Families Believe 'Gypsy Girl' Is Theirs

Families around the world hold out hope after a Greek couple was accused of kidnapping a young girl.
4:14 | 10/22/13

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Transcript for 4 US Families Believe 'Gypsy Girl' Is Theirs
Now, to the mystery of the identity of little maria. American parents of baby lisa irwin, the little girl who disappeared in the u.S. A few years ago, now asking if their missing child could be maria. A global search is under way for her parents. Alex perez is in greece and has the latest for us. Good morning, alex. Reporter: Good morning, robin. The irwins are 1 of 8,000 calls and leads that greek authorities have received from around the world. Now, the roma couple appeared at the courthouse behind me. They are both headed to jail. While police continue hunting for maria's real parents. The roma couple maria was with when police discovered her in last week's raid, are now behind bars. Awaiting charges on abduction and forgery charges. Back in kansas city, the family of baby lisa irwin, who fannished in 2011, when she was a year old, they have contacted authorities. Baby lisa would be 3 years old next month. The irwins are one of four american inquiries about maria. The couple told the judge they adopted maria after her mother gave her to them. Our clients are claiming we never abduct this child. We just adopted. With a way nonlegal, that's where we confess. Reporter: But investigators aren't buying it. They say he has a criminal record and has given conflicting accounts. And she was discovered with two different identities and claims to have given birth to 6 of their 14 children in the last 10 mon months. That has officials investigating whether the couple is part of a child trafficking ring. Their neighbor says their own children played with maria. And calls the roma couple good parents. Saying they always cared for the little girl. Dna tests confirm maria is not related to the roma couple. A pathologist concludes she's between 5 and 6 years old. And despite reports she could have ties to the u.S., She's believed to possibly be from northern europe. I'm not aware of contacts she's american. Reporter: This morning, maria is being cared for in a hospital. She communicates. And she's playing with toys. Reporter: Now, the irwin family attorney tells abc news they have reached out to the fbi for help, as well. Now, as for maria, we're told she is in good spirits and playing with toys. If here real family is not found in the next six months, prosecutors tell us the formal adoption process to find her a new home could begin. Let's get more on this from abc's chief legal analyst, dan abrams. The state department saying no evidence this is an american. But the irwins coming forward. So many families hoping against hope this could be their baby. This has given hope, now, to families around the world, who have missing children about this age. When it comes to the irwins, i remember when I interviewed them, when this case started, they were holding out hope that somehow, something would come forward. They get some sort of tip, et cetera. The issues, number one, this child, maria, seems to be ages 4 to 5. Baby lisa would be closer to 3. You have the state department coming out and saying, no indications that this is an american. But that doesn't rule it out. And I think all the families out there, including the irwins who have missing children, are going to hold out hope that maybe this is their child. And the crime of trafficking children, very serious. And this couple being charged with abduction. And the question's going to be, did they abduct this child? Or did they take in a child that they say -- maybe engage in what is effectively welfare fraud. Trying to get government aid they wouldn't have been entitled to. Were they involved in actually taking this child? The authorities are charging them with abducting a child. So, the authorities clearly don't believe their account. They gave numerous accounts about what happened here. Up to five different accounts. So, they're in big legal trouble right now.

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{"duration":"4:14","description":"Families around the world hold out hope after a Greek couple was accused of kidnapping a young girl.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"20643107","title":"4 US Families Believe 'Gypsy Girl' Is Theirs","url":"/GMA/video/gypsy-girl-allegedly-kidnapped-greek-couple-claimed-us-20643107"}