'Haligator' Faces Jail Time for Close Encounters With Deadly Alligators

Wildlife officials charge the man known as the "Gator Whisperer" for his risky behavior with the animals.
2:51 | 11/08/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'Haligator' Faces Jail Time for Close Encounters With Deadly Alligators
gator whisperer. Getting oddly intimate with creatures who could kill him in a nanosecond. No thank you. Now the authorities are after him. Saying he put more than just himself at risk. And Linzie Janis has the story. Reporter: He's hall and calls himself the hal-igator. He's been interacting with the gators, filming it all, allowing the tourists to get up close to. This morning he is facing federal prison time for videos like this one. The 51-year-old self-pro claimed alligator whisperer plants a kiss right on the nose of one of the ferocious predators. Rubs its chin and grabs its tail. The former chiropractor is not on $2500 bail. He was caught in a sting after they saw one of his Facebook videos showing his ability to get up close with the reptiles. They are more afraid of us than we are of them. Reporter: According to investigators he was charging $250 for bringing tourists along for one of these literally face-to-face encounters. I don't charge anybody to touch an alligator. I never took a penny from anybody. Reporter: He's pleaded not guilty of touching and illegally chasing an alligator. He said the excursions are strictly free of charge. What's wrong with bringing people out to get the best shots they're going to get. That's a safari. Reporter: They say it was not just illegal, but extremely dangerous for everyone. Not only is a person going to be hurt, but the animal will be killed also. Reporter: The ex-body builder is staying out of the water. He fears jail more than one of these guys. When they arrested him, wildlife officials found a cooler of meat, probably gator bait, it's illegal to feed alligators. They don't want to humans to associate them with food and get comfortable. He was conditioning them to not be afraid of humans. This is a recipe for disaster. They are unpredictable with the brain the size of a walnut. Bad news for the Hal igator. Paula calls me Dan imal. But your brain is much larger than a walnut. He actually intimidates me on a daily basis because he's so smart. Coming up on "Good morning America," we're going to take you inside the most expensive house for sale in the country.

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{"duration":"2:51","description":"Wildlife officials charge the man known as the \"Gator Whisperer\" for his risky behavior with the animals. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"26777356","title":"'Haligator' Faces Jail Time for Close Encounters With Deadly Alligators","url":"/GMA/video/haligator-faces-jail-time-close-encounters-deadly-alligators-26777356"}