Happy Returning: Cashing in on Unwanted Gifts

Retail expert shares the secrets for making money off of returning Christmas presents.
3:00 | 01/06/14

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Transcript for Happy Returning: Cashing in on Unwanted Gifts
The holidays and -- -- Leaving most of us exhaust it. But even with a major snowstorm and freezing temperatures blasting in the country. Don't -- in your house -- spring January is the best time of the year to take all those unwanted -- and turned them into cash. Last year retailers had 264. Billion dollars worth of merchandise returns and for 2013. Into 2014. It's gonna be even bigger. And net 260. Billion is hiding in most of our homes. -- The genie and Jordan comb from freehold New Jersey Jamie is busy as a party planner and stay at home mom to Natalie Jack -- and sweet little patty. Dad works in the software industry what did you get for Christmas to me. And like so many periods over the -- the -- -- in December to make sure Santa delivered on Christmas morning you get this for Christmas. What -- -- anything but you're a busy shopping season the bills can pile up and doesn't need some extra cash. And your term guest post holiday. It's like a mini gold mine sitting in your home. People can't have somewhere between fifteen -- -- 250 dollars worth of merchandise just sitting there -- number one item to be sent back. All -- Christmas sweaters old she she percent of clothing items get returned unless you know that person very well I went pretty much. -- guaranteeing bank at that sweaters in -- is an electronics also get sent back. But the one thing that people hold on to jewelry and watches and that makes sense to people that -- -- -- those diamonds they -- as did indeed any diamonds but Santa did bring them -- -- -- either. Something they really want you to have a nice camera inside. Not very practical not -- I actually get this yeah. Getting -- islands and Iowa won't. And -- Very yeah yeah load reload it became people. Still running technique is to banister and from the Wall Street Journal to help the -- in their Christmas and household goods into cold hard cash. -- if you get cash for old kids clothes without ever leaving your home. Threat up we'll give you don't pretend to use died -- in the bag all you do is loaded up. That. They -- dollars and sixty cents to six Dark -- And over -- But the time -- eldest turned seventeen the failing Willis spent some 141000. Dollars on her wardrobe alone. Multiply that by four kids -- you're talking about 56000. Dollars. Santa may have gotten kids being close but mom and dad got eighty dollars brother old -- Already half of what they'll need for that camera next go -- for diving for hidden treasure every three EBS the -- -- -- don't need an -- the last Barry we can trade them in on Amazon and next worth dot com. But if you money on the spot -- target that's for you can -- -- -- video games and electronics you have just -- three at home. 99 dollars and fifty cents what I wanted to trade in my act. I know it's well. Every it. A 190 contract that if it comes -- rooms down 218 dollars but we keep digging and we striking gold with those Christmas gift cards it's. -- I keep color green dot com -- -- -- 46 dollars for the fifty dollar in -- -- gift cards and dead gift card rescue dot com another 46 for sixty -- accords and noble cards. If you decide to hold on -- gift card be sure you don't leave money on it and a -- about it. Make sure that you have an account of how much money -- on those gift cards you'd be surprised if you look at the gift -- that you've gotten. Over the years how much you've actually left on their kid and that totalling to over 75 -- hundred dollars. -- since 2005. There has been an estimated forty billion dollars left and gift cards money down the drain. And even though you may be shopped out January is the best time to be here. Sales a lot of these retailers when -- get rid of their old merchandise to make room for the neo. And electronics. Clothing which -- clothing bedding and home items can go on sale for between sixty to 80% off. Giving you extra bang for your buck and that gift -- Looking or even bigger discounts shop pillars for big ticket items many of them and -- -- house is like this can be CS. Second deputy dot com study asked him to their warehouse mountains of -- -- unwanted presents. Scooters slides -- fans and games I've feeling Santa might want -- shop here next year second deputy resells them on their website at discounts up to 80%. For the people who didn't like what was under the tree this here a lot of us gets you come back here if it's out of the box. They can't they camps -- And it's where we found -- -- camera for a fraction of the cost -- Jamie and her and the whole reason we're here -- with some real money. In your hands. And we got enough money to get you can't. Sony cyber shot. Actually enough or to -- and becomes uncovered 375. Dollars and household goods. Now goal instead of garbage so for the rest of -- viewers steering at a mile and one in Christmas -- Experts -- -- get organized and hit the stores the main point is to get motivated and get out there and get what you desire. Which is the president that you boys -- it. It worked for the -- -- -- happily capturing a photo album full of family memories. For Nightline I'm -- appearance in freehold New Jersey.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Retail expert shares the secrets for making money off of returning Christmas presents.","mediaType":"yahoo only","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"21435018","title":"Happy Returning: Cashing in on Unwanted Gifts","url":"/GMA/video/happy-returning-cashing-unwanted-gifts-21435018"}