Couple Finds Hidden Treasures in Their Home

"GMA" and "Hardcore Pawn" help a family find unknown valuables among their possessions.
5:53 | 01/16/13

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Transcript for Couple Finds Hidden Treasures in Their Home
The newlyweds inherited this house from mike's parents, along with all of the stuff they left behind. We don't know what it's worth. We want to find out. Reporter: We brought in two eagle-eyed experts to separate the treasure from the trash. Les gold and ashley broad are the father and daughter stars behind the reality show, "hardcore pawn." Every corner has value. We're going to find stuff they never knew they had. Three, two, one. Let's go. Let's see what we have in this room. Reporter: Les and ashley tackle every room. Rummage through every box. Peered into each nook and cranny. Nothing. Reporter: To find the hidden gems that can be turned into cold, hard cash. The garage yielded plentiful bo unty. BASEBALL CARDS FROM THE '60s. This is worth about 250 bucks. This is an antique train set. There's huge demand for things like this. Reporter: In the bedroom, who doesn't have a stash of comic books hidden away? This whole box, what do you think? About 300 bucks. Reporter: Mike has hopes for these heirlooms. I was hoping they were worth $1,000 or more each. They're worth about 1 hundred bu bucks. Just because it's old, doesn't mean it's valuable. Reporter: There were big hits. Au autographed sports gear. The signature is crucial. And in the kitchen, more surprises. Look at the bottom of it. That's where you find the most value. Reporter: This set of js china can bold on like replacements.Com. When it come to unloading your loot, les and ashley say finding the right buyer is crucial. Look beyond the internet to specialty dealers and mom and pop stores. Go to the places that give you money on the spot. Reporter: Speaking of cash, these gold canes are a windfall. Two worth $170 each. The grand total of cash hiding in this house is? The grand total is $17,028. Whoa. Reporter: For "good morning america," tanya rivero, abc news, new york. We are so happy to have the stars of true tv's hit, "hardcore pawn" les gold and ashley broad here this morning. We're going to do two live app appraisals. That was amazing. 17,000 they didn't know where to have. Where to look? Look in all of the corners of your house. The basement, the cupboards. Everywhere you can think of. All of the old boxes you haven't opened in years, that's where you find treasure. Pretty tremendous. I know -- do you have something for us? I have the -- scottie, our stage manager brought in something you found in the corner of your place. This was my father's, in his garage for many years. That's copper. I believe it to be copper. This is copbrass. It's a vintage fire exting extinguisher. Keep it the way it is. Polish it up. In the condition it is right now, $150. Polish it, it will increase in value. You have a treasure right here. Charlie's going to buy it. I've seen these converted into lamps and sold for over $1,000. So, you have a real treasure here. Charlie will buy it. Yeah. 1930s. Thank you very much. Love it. We're finding money everywhere. In charlie's pockets. We have live appraisals. We do. 1,000 bucks. Nice to meet you. Nice to meet you. This ring my mom got years ago. She gave it to me for my 21st birthday. 500? Yeah. Probably $30. That's okay. What are you looking at? I'm looking at the letters inside to see what the metal's made of. It says plat. That's platinum. And you think your mom paid 500 bucks. What it is, is a rhodes cut diamond. Two-carat diamond. And this ring your mom paid 500 bucks is over $6,500 right now. This is an absolutely fabulous -- check that out. It's a fabulous piece. Maybe I shouldn't have said it. Your mom might want it. Your mom had no idea. No. She bought it years ago at an estate sale. I always wanted it. There's some real heaft to that, too. There is. How do you feel? I need to take better care of it. Get it polished. Come to the store. We'll polish it for you. Congratulations. We see the surprises. Is this something you see every day, when people bring stuff in? They have no idea. We see all kinds. People come in. Like we went to the house and appraised all the things. People are always surprised. What we offer at our website, for what it's worth, you can find out the value of stuff. You don't have to bring it in. You can send us pictures. We'll evaluate it for you. We surprise people on lar basis. We're very excited when we can bring joy to people. Yeah. Ashley, les, so good to see

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{"id":18227894,"title":"Couple Finds Hidden Treasures in Their Home","duration":"5:53","description":"\"GMA\" and \"Hardcore Pawn\" help a family find unknown valuables among their possessions.","url":"/GMA/video/hardcore-pawn-stars-couple-find-hidden-treasures-home-18227894","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}