Ford on New Thriller, 'Bromance' With Oldman

"Paranoia" star Harrison Ford discusses his role as a ruthless high-tech billionaire.
3:47 | 08/15/13

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Transcript for Ford on New Thriller, 'Bromance' With Oldman
Harris and forests are the brand new thriller paranoia. Plays a ruthless and brilliant high tech billionaire determined to launch the ultimate iPhone take a lot. People know the car and win. This harness this thing people really want all personal information under one roof. -- matters. So. And people are so distracted -- -- -- armed with a -- but we -- -- -- home letters and -- now. Now look at look at the same thing. Yeah -- back there came back never done -- before. Not quite all of this it's it's very very short contract hardball -- quite -- you play -- daughter who is this so high tech billionaire and. He does it's it's it's a pretty important -- which he teased that right there your character says at one -- privacy is an absolute -- There's no such thing -- this movie proves it will help. The news proves that there is no such thing as privacy and any any activity that you commit them. On the Internet or on your phone is of course it's somewhere out there you stay off the -- you're -- creeped out by social media. Well I'm not I'm not creeped out by that I just don't do it not to do about interest not I don't want to be in touch I don't want have. People like me with a push of a -- And be friends. I just. It was small circle of very good friends and we don't. -- on the phone. One of the points this movie makes -- is that you really can't escape with their cameras everywhere everybody's watching you everywhere and I think this is the first time I've seen you play. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Kind of the bad guy. He's. He's that he's cities BSE today. He's a bad -- and that was the front of -- for -- -- it is rare for me to have in the afternoon play of Baghdad. And this is it that you get this far with someone -- played a bad -- an awful lot -- -- a real pro -- being a bad guy is Gary -- And I have worked with -- students Air Force One Air Force One which is probably morning. Five years -- twenty years ago. And and I was looking forward to it. He's really from the work he could tell that you get there have been a lot of fun as well and pretty intense performance as -- from the Lillian Helmsley. Yeah I mean I think he's he's very talented it's it's a it's a big. It's a big challenge to play the character that he plays and in this film I think and I think he did a very good job he sure did it live and work. A few movies back and -- the tightly it's had a right morning glory you played. Later on a -- your -- took on morning television. As an anchor now isn't sure -- kind of common back anchorman until. I haven't seen it -- -- -- I went down there to -- to work with those guys and I have not seen anchorman one it is -- -- -- -- for I had no idea of 1004. There was a lot of fun but I have no idea whether any of it is usable. Well that's a good teeth I hope we'll see and -- also thinks he's in a little bit Indiana Jones may -- that. Hi it's not up to me really -- I know George is working on not jurors were working on an idea or two and if it comes. Fruition the I'd love to play here now. That she would it would be -- for all of us through this -- fantastic itself paranoia Harrison Ford thanks very much -- opens all across the country this Friday.

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{"duration":"3:47","description":"\"Paranoia\" star Harrison Ford discusses his role as a ruthless high-tech billionaire.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"19968071","title":"Ford on New Thriller, 'Bromance' With Oldman","url":"/GMA/video/harrison-ford-interview-paranoia-bromance-gary-oldman-19968071"}