Healing the Mind, Body and Spirit After Cancer Treatment

Jeff Keith, founder of the Center for Survivorship, is trying to provide cancer survivors a roadmap post-care.
4:02 | 06/19/14

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Transcript for Healing the Mind, Body and Spirit After Cancer Treatment
A special celebration month for cancer survivors like the ones surrounding me right according to the American cancer society. There are 14.5 million cancer survivors in the U.S. A day and by 2024 you know what that number will be, it's going to be a rapidly growing number and this is a community that needs help. Moving beyond the illness and treatment. I recently had the pleasure of visiting a unique center dedicated to helping survivors become more than that, thrivers. ? What people need is a road map. This he need a life path to follow. Reporter: Jeff Keith, founder for the center of for survivorship is helping to pave that path for cancer survivors. You have chemotherapy and radiation. There's no post-care. Survivors will tell you that they feel like they're dropped off a cliff when they're done with treatment. Reporter: A survivor himself Jeff lost his leg to cancer when he was just 12 years old? My parents got me a skiing six weeks later. That was unheard of. Six weeks later. Yeah, 1974 and set the tone for the rest of my life. Reporter: For Jeff and the tipped 14.5 million cancer survivors in the U.S., learning to live and thrive with a new Normal is the key to moving forward. Last one. Oh, did I miscount? Yes. I miscounted. Reporter: 12-year-old Ryan tucker's top priority is to ride his bike again. Is this a result from treatment. He had surgery in the brain stem in the cerebellum so that throws off his balance so that's one of the big things we're working on is the balance. One of his goals is to ride ray bike. Yes. Reporter: The center focuses on healing the mind, body and spirit. Hello, everyone. We look at the whole person so I don't let them get away with high blood pressure or cholesterol. What do you get out of a class like this? What is it that you're looking for and what is it that you get out of it? I think when I go to the store now and I pick things up and I want to purchase them, I flip it, look at the label, I look at the salt content, sodium, added sugars. I'm much more conscious. ? Reporter: It's not just the exercise and nutrition classes but also the sense of community that has helped members like Cecile Galvin recover. When you're done you have anxiety of is it going to come back or not so the cancer center has been great for that because we all have the same unspoken goal, we can talk about it if we want to but we don't have to. Reporter: Invaluable life lessons. You know what's great about this place, there are many wonderful aspects of it. It's not in a hospital. 90% of all survivors that I've talked to over the last 30 years, they don't want to go back to the hospital but make no mistake, you come in here and you're a survive, we don't baby you. We treat you like a Normal person and what we want to do is raise your bar. Reporter: 19-year-old Aaron gaborman who battled cancer as a child says that's just what he needs. You have said all along you want to be known as a fighter. Yeah. And is does this place allow you to live that out. Exactly. I did fight and I did overcome cancer and I did overcome this disease and now I can work out to build my body back from what it destroyed. So it's great. What's your ultimate goal. Really at the end of the day we're selling hope. Selling hope. It's priceless. It sure is and studies have shown that exercise does have a positive effect on recovery and in some cases might even help prevent recurrence. Next month there will be a fund-raiser to benefit the center for survivorship, the tenth annual ct challenge will be held July 25th and 26th that has helped over 54,000 cancer survivors impacted last year alone so my thanks again for my

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{"id":24208995,"title":"Healing the Mind, Body and Spirit After Cancer Treatment","duration":"4:02","description":"Jeff Keith, founder of the Center for Survivorship, is trying to provide cancer survivors a roadmap post-care.","url":"/GMA/video/healing-mind-body-spirit-cancer-treatment-24208995","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}