Deadly MERS Virus Appears in US

The government has identified the second case of the virus in 10 days.
1:07 | 05/13/14

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Transcript for Deadly MERS Virus Appears in US
It's an about a deadly virus hitting the U.S. For the first time. It's called mers. It comes from the middle east. Let's get more on what that means from rich Besser right here now. What's the number one danger here? The number one danger is could this spread from person-to-person? This case, like the one in Indiana was an American health care worker working in Saudi Arabia. On his way back, from Boston, Atlanta, Orlando. He was sick along the whole way. Could he have spread this to anyone else on that plane? What do people do if they have any fear they might have contracted this? The good news is this virus does not spread easily person-to-person. Everyone who has gotten it is a health care worker or a family member taking care of somebody. But if you travel around the globe and you get sick within a few weeks, the first thing you need to do is tell your doctor or nurse I've been traveling. It may not be mers. There's dengue, and all kinds of diseases out there. If you don't tell them that, they won't give you the right treatment and others could get sick. Good advice there. Thanks very much. Now, into the investigation

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{"id":23693075,"title":"Deadly MERS Virus Appears in US","duration":"1:07","description":"The government has identified the second case of the virus in 10 days. ","url":"/GMA/video/health-alert-deadly-mers-virus-appears-us-23693075","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}