Heavy snow, thick ice hit parts of Midwest, Southeast US

The treacherous road conditions are responsible for at least 10 deaths, according to police, as people from Louisiana to Texas lost power due to the cold temperatures.
3:24 | 01/18/18

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Transcript for Heavy snow, thick ice hit parts of Midwest, Southeast US
Winter is hitting so hard right now. Record-breaking cold and snow across the south. You usually don't see scenes like that in North Carolina. No, you don't. In January. It's pretty, but it can be dangerous out there. Take a look at this from Dale Earnhardt Jr. Helping people who drove off the road in north Carolina then says minutes later he actually crashed into a tree. Ooh, but thankful he's okay. If somebody like that can control a car the way he can, it can happen to anybody. There's what the roads look like in North Carolina. What he was dealing W. The snow, ice, cold temperatures could lead to yet more trouble. Ginger, it's getting dangerous out there in is it ever. Just uncomfortable. Baton Rouge, Louisiana, dropped to 14. That is the coldest in 29 years. You're looking at a frozen fountain in New Orleans and check this out, guys. Destin, Florida, the gulf of Mexico with sea smoke coming off. That's how cold it was. Now, this morning, Tampa has dropped subfreezing for the first time in seven years. So it does not happen every single winter. Certainly doesn't always feel like zero in Atlanta or Greensboro, North Carolina, at 1. The windchill is 1 where you are, Marcus Moore. And we are so grateful you are out there for us this morning. Reporter: Good to be here, ginger. Good morning to you. The effects of this winter storm are expected to impact travel again today here in this part of the country, and look at this. This storm dumped several inches of snow here in Greensboro, North Carolina. Look how it's all around us and it has piled up high on the bushes, an incredible sight to see this morning and also packed along the roadways here and the highway patrol here in north Carolina says they responded to nearly 1,600 crashes on Wednesday. But this winter storm caused chaos across several states. This morning, heavy snow and thick ice to blame for hundreds of accidents across the midwest to the southeast. In Ohio, a truck flipping and plunging into an icy pond. Firefighters rushing to pull the driver from the water. They had to actually slide down the bank into the edge of the water and force open the door. Reporter: And in Georgia, watch closely as this car slides across the highway during a live report from our Atlanta affiliate. Police say treacherous conditions responsible for at least ten eddies including a Louisiana fire chief and an infant who was riding in a car when it slid off a bridge. If we can use this as a lesson, a reminder to stay out of the weather. Reporter: From Louisiana to Tennessee to Texas, homes in the dark and in the cold. Officials saying excess draw from heaters proving too much for power grids. The temperatures plugging so low fountains turned to ice sculptures and streets were completely frozen over. This officer losing his footing not once but twice during a traffic stop and these four pickup trucks had to tow a semi up a hill. And Dale Earnhardt Jr. Couldn't escape these winter woes tweeting that he crashed after helping others who were stranded. And officials expect there to be some melting today here in this part of the country as the temperatures are expected to rise above freezing but only for a short time, robin, because those temperatures will then dip right back below freezing tonight so the threat of lot of this snow melting and turing into ice is still a real concern today. Refreezing, okay, Marcus, thanks so much.

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{"duration":"3:24","description":"The treacherous road conditions are responsible for at least 10 deaths, according to police, as people from Louisiana to Texas lost power due to the cold temperatures.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"52429857","title":"Heavy snow, thick ice hit parts of Midwest, Southeast US","url":"/GMA/video/heavy-snow-thick-ice-hit-parts-midwest-southeast-52429857"}